Many places claim to be a paradise for single men. In reality, most lack infrastructure, First World amenities and are unsafe.

In short, they are not suitable.

As of 2019, there’s only one place that has it all (almost).

  • A place that is safe. (Safer than Western countries.)
  • With thousands of amazing women eager to meet you.
  • Inexpensive accommodation ($10/night; $300/month)
  • Unlimited food options – most meals around $1

You already know that place: Thailand.

First Time Here?

King Epic is all about taking control of your love (sex) life and enjoying the freedom you deserve – in a way that benefits ALL PARTIES involved.

If you are …

  • tired of dating and playing mind games
  • ready to live out your sexual fantasies (at any age)
  • lacking experience with women (Virgin?)

… then you’re at the right place. Keep reading.

I recommend you start by watching my FREE videos and reading the guides I’ve written.

Those will give you a rough overview in regards to what to expect – prices of services, locations, local Thai women.

Travel Guides

Mindset / Strategies

Pay For Play Experiences

Debunking Common Myths

Thailand Online Dating

I am not against traditional dating per se.

What I am against is pretense, wasting time and money.

In my experience and talking to friends/other guys, this is what it’s mostly about: Pretending you’re interesting in the girl, doing things you don’t really want to do (dinner date, etc.) – when really all you want is to get laid.

In most instances pay for play is a more honest way of achieving that. Here are some of my Thailand dating experiences:

What Are You Waiting For?

Here’s a true story …

I told me friend about all my awesome Thailand experiences. He said, he would take time off work and join me in Thailand for a few weeks.

He seemed very excited.

That was over 3 years ago. I still remember the moment we talked about it.

Happy Ending Massage Bangkok

He still hasn’t been to Thailand yet. He said he’d go next year, only to postpone the trip once again. Will he ever go? Probably not …

Just GO. The sooner, the better.

Once you are seriously considering going to Thailand, I can help you plan your tip – start to finish …

… the best time of the year to visit, which hotel(s) to book, where to find YOUR perfect girl (HINT: I also provide contacts of 185 of ‘my Thai girls’.)

All part of my Thailand Guide.

Bangkok Escort LINE ID

Watch the video below to how these private contacts work (only included in the Thailand Guide for a limited time):

Lastly, thanks for the visit/support!