Asian Girls Are Easy? The Myth Debunked.

A handful of my friends know about my Thailand adventures.

They are curious about what I do & I have no problem sharing intimate details because I know they are guys that have already unplugged from the Matrix.

In fact, many of my friends used to be very much against paying for sex.

Once I shared my stories, they started to agree that it’s the most normal thing in the world & have since tried pay for play themselves.

Pay For Play Thailand
Chat conversation with a friend after he went to see a hooker.

Then there are my other ‘friends’ – many of which have no idea that I’m in Thailand.

I don’t share much about what I do because I feel it’s pointless. Trying to make them understand would be too much work.

Those are the same people that would judge,

You go there for sex. You go to Thailand because it’s easier. Thai girls are easy.

Asian girls are easy and Thai girls have zero standards, that’s why they’ll instantly hook up with every guy they meet.

That’s what the average Joe will tell you – despite having never actually been to Thailand himself.

My Experience – Easy Asian Girls …

Look, nobody is going to argue that getting laid in Thailand (for free) isn’t easy. It definitely isn’t a big challenge.

However, getting laid easily doesn’t mean Thai girls are easy.

Sounds like a contradiction, right? Let me explain …

Thai girls are NOT easier than any other girls. Here’s what most guys don’t realize:

Exotic Factor (Falang Bonus)

A lot of the girls guys hook up with are attractive to them because they are exotic/different.

Those girls aren’t really as attractive as the girls they would go after back home = makes it look as if it’s easier while really they’re just lowering their standards.

Semi-Pro Girls

Some girls are willing to get intimate with guys in exchange for small favors. In Thailand, it’s very inexpensive to invite a girl on a trip, buy dinner, etc.

Because no $$$ is exchanged, guys think they got laid for free while in reality the girl was a semi-pro that accepted an alternative form of payment.

I’ve made a video about this …

Easy Girls VS. Easy Lay

Lastly, the #1 reason guys think it’s easier.

They confuse ‘ease of getting laid’ with ‘ease of finding a girl that’s interested them’.

Let me explain.

ANY girl that is interested in you is an easy lay. That’s the case in Thailand and any other country. The difficulty lies in finding a girl that likes you.

In Thailand, it’s simply easier to find a girl that is interested in you for a number of reasons:

  • You are exotic by the mere fact that you’re a foreigner.
  • You speak English and many Thai girls are interested in practicing/improving their English skills.

If you have little to no experience with women and consider going to Thailand, make sure to check out the video below for additional information/tips.