Indian Virgin Goes Thailand (Pattaya)

The following is a Thailand trip report from a YouTube subscriber. – I have added my thoughts & comments at the very bottom.


Hi King Epic,

I used to watch your videos since last February.

I am an Indian guy and a tall and fit guy. I’m good looking.

Me and my childhood friend planned to go to Pattaya and BKK coz we were Virgins and your videos showed that pay 4 play ain’t bad.

It’s just that you have one life and having fun should be on top. Plus I’m not cheating on anyone by going there.

Pattaya Day #1

So we started our trip with Pattaya.

On our first night, we saw 2 girls in our hotel lobby with 2 boys. We were going for a swim and those girls winked at us even when they were going to some other dude’s room.

We came back to our room after the swim and then went out of our rooms to get our first catch. Just as we stepped out, those 2 girls also left the rooms of those guys.

So we waited for the elevator with them. We were quite nervous as how to talk to them.

The lift came and we entered with them.

In the lift the girls asked where are you handsome guys going and from this moment we were sold.

We asked if they could come with us and their price.

Their price was just 500 THB each and they were nice looking. So we went with them to the registration desk and they submitted their IDs.

We stayed at the Bella Express in Pattaya.

We had 1 room so first my friend went and had fun meanwhile I was sitting besides the pool with my girl and after 30 mins I went to the room.

Now I was very nervous and the 30 mins wait didn’t help as I was anticipating so much and thinking so much.

When I went with her she let me kiss her and I touched her tits. I was hard and then she put a condom on me. My foreskin was tight and couldn’t be pulled down.

She gave me blowjob with the condom on. Then she posed for doggy style and asked to fuck her.

I put my dick inside her pussy and started. After 2 minutes I could feel my dick becoming soft and still I hadn’t cummed yet.

So I stopped and she looked at my dick and the condom and said you are soft.

What do you want to do?

I said can we try again so she put another condom on and again gave me a blowjob and I got hard again and fucked her again.

I was so nervous that I could feel my dick get soft again. I was praying to God at that time that please help me. All sorts of weird things were popping in my head.

She again looked at my dick and said can I give you a handjob instead ? I said okay.

So we went to the bathtub where I lied and she let me suck her tit and she started the handjob. I cummed then.

She was very helpful and understanding.

I was so stressed after this. I thought that due to lifelong excessive masturbation, I won’t be able to have sex with a girl.

Pattaya Day #2

The next day we got another girl.

We negotiated 2 shots each for 1000 THB each. My friend went first while I waited outside.

After my friend finished I went in.

That girl took a bath and put on some music. She asked me to get naked. I could sense a bad vibe with her. She was a bit too loud and snobbish.

She then pulled my foreskin down while my dick was soft and then put a condom on and started giving a blowjob.

As I got hard my dick started paining as my foreskin was tight and it got pulled down. She then sat on my dick.

I again couldn’t sustain the erection and got soft. That girl tried giving a blowjob again but by now I was paranoid due to the thoughts in my head.

I was again thinking about the previous night.

Now this girl wasn’t nice and not helpful at all. She then started wearing her clothes and went off. She said that you cannot do 1 shot and are asking for 2.

‘You are wasting my time. I can earn somewhere else.’

The problem was that we paid this girl before having sex as soon as we came into the room. Now she left. We didn’t know what to do.

So we went to the hotel reception and she was waiting for us to sign in the register so she could get her ID.

We said we won’t so she said she will call help and police so we got scared and signed the register and she left. This was a big disappointment.

Pattaya Day #3

The next day I was very demotivated.

I though I won’t be able to fuck ever. I told my friends back at home that it wasn’t fun here. So I went in for an oil massage.

I opted for a lady who was in her 30’s I guess.

She gave me a massage and was very nice to talk to. She then whispered in my ear whether I want extra. I asked about it and she said 1000 THB for boom boom and I agreed.

She was very nice and gave me a blowjob for 5-7 minutes I guess with a condom on.

Then she sat on my dick and bro I finally had fun!

I came and experienced what having sex is. I went to her again the next day and left for Bangkok then.

In Bangkok I got a blowjob at a BJ bar. The main thing I guess is that the latter 2 women were more experienced and caring.

They were not rushing and didn’t try to forcefully pull my foreskin down.

King Epic Comments

Hearing such a story is always great because if you’re in a similar situation, you will know what to expect – and what to do differently.

Let’s look at what he could’ve done differently …

He figured it out the hard way – but taking a stepwise approach is definitely a good choice for any newbie/Virgin, or anyone who feels like sex it too much to handle.

A stepwise approach could look as follows:

  • Day 1 – Get used to the environment. If you feel like it, wander around and explore the Red Light District.
  • Day 2 – Get a regular massage (with or without optional Happy Ending)
  • Day 3 – Try out a Bangkok Nuru Massage
  • Day 4 – Take Thai girl to hotel. There are many ways to do this. Go to a freelancer club (cheapest option), a gogo bar (expensive) or simply hit the streets in any nightlife area. You can also book an escort online or use my list of Thai girls.
  • Day 5+ – Continue meeting Thai girls as you wish; at this point you should feel comfortable taking them to your hotel or apartment.

Don’t book a girl you don’t know for long-time, such as 2 shots or more. Always go for the cheapest option first to get a feel for the girl and what she is like.

As I’ve said many times before, Thailand can do wonders for any man – including one who is lacking experience with women.

This guy has had several sexual encounters within a few days – and went from being terrified of having sex to actually enjoying the experience.

How long would that have taken in his home country?

Months if not years!

Trust me, going to Thailand and doing things this way will save you so much frustration, time and money. Don’t be one of those guys that spends months, even years trying to get laid.


Lastly, in terms of erectile issues, something like Cialis ‘can’ help. The generic brand I am occasionally using is Apcalis (200 Baht per pack). I’ve noticed that it makes it very easy to time the ejaculation.

Keep in mind, if you’re nervous and have zero erection, then generally PDE5 inhibitors (Cialis, Viagra) don’t do much. They will only ‘boost’ an existing erection.

In such a case, taking a stepwise approach and/or spending more time with the girl before sex is the better option.