Smooci Bangkok BKK – Bangkok Escort Ripped Me Off? ($113 for 20 Minutes)

This is my second Smooci review. My first experience with Smooci here.

If you’re thinking about using Smooci, then read this article from start to finish. It will tell you how to spot fake reviews, why the premium membership (IMO) is (not) worth the money and which Smooci alternative I recommend.

Most importantly, I have ACTUALLY used the site. Everything you are about to read is based on real encounters with Bangkok escorts – unlike most Smooci reviews which look like a paid endorsement.

The first time I’ve booked a girl via the Smooci app was roughly 6 months ago.

Yesterday, I was browsing the site again, couldn’t resist the temptation and eventually decided to give it another try.

Here’s the  full story …


  • Smooci Premium – Worth It or Useless?
  • Smooci Fake Reviews
  • Smooci Verifying Booking
  • My Smooci Escort Experience in Bangkok
  • Smooci Verdict
  • Smooci Alternative (Private Contacts)
  • Smooci FAQs

Smooci Premium – Worth It or Useless?

Unlike during my first time, I decided to first upgrade to the premium membership and then pick a girl based on the additional features (reviews, etc.) I have access to.

Smooci offers a number of different membership options.

I decided to opt for the 3 day Premium membership for $9.99 to test which benefits are being offered compared to using the site for free.

Confirmation of the sign up …

Then Smooci sends you an email confirming your membership details.

I clicked on the button to set a password and was ready to go!

In this case, ready to go meant being able to access the Smooci Premium features:

  • Booking Escorts for 1 hour
  • Track your escort
  • See photo and age verification
  • Read customer reviews
  • Offline Searches and Notifications

My goal was to book a Bangkok Escort right now, so all I cared about was being able to see which pictures have been verified and read customer reviews.

Which bring us to the first problem – the discrepancy between a feature in theory and the reality …

1. Smooci Fake Reviews

The idea behind reading reviews on Smooci is to get a better understanding of what the girl and her services ACTUALLY look like.

As is the case with most reviews on most sites on the Internet, it’s really, really difficult to differentiate between fake and legit reviews.

Your best option is to use common sense, disregard anything overly positive and focus on reviews which are more balanced – meaning they also contain something negative.

Even then, you can’t be sure which Smooci reviews are real and which have been posted to boost the girl’s ranking.

When glancing over the reviews, I look for patterns.

For example …

In regards to the Smooci reviews below, does anything stand out to you as odd or unnatural?

To me, that first review looks a bit odd.

I would think that a previous customer left a review complaining about the discrepancy between the girls pictures and her actual looks.

The escort agency (or girl herself) came in and decided to brush up the overall rating by faking a review.

To be clear, this is just my assumption reading such a review.

Let’s continue with our Smooci review analysis.

Do you notice the pattern here?

Two reviews with a similar complaint.

On this girl’s profile, there were actually more reviews stating the same thing. In such a case, I would trust those negative reviews.

The only other logical explanation would be competitors writing fake reviews, but I think that idea might be a bit far-fetched. (Not totally impossible thought, after all, there is a lot of money to be made on Smooci and the rating of a girl matters A LOT.)

Here’s another interesting case.

Meet Merisa. Nice looking girl. Charges 5,000 Baht ($152) for 2 hours.

So far, so good.

That is, until you read her reviews.

Based on the info provided in the customer review, it was clearly the client’s mistake. He should’ve cancelled right when he met the girl and noticed she was very drunk.

It would be great if Smooci were to amend their policy to include circumstances in which the cancellation fee doesn’t apply.

If the girl shows up completely drunk, is that my mistake? Why should I still pay the cancellation fee? It’s absurd.

Granted, that’s probably  rare case, but still …

As you can see, the reviews on Smooci aren’t really useful for finding out which girls are great. They are useful for dissecting which girls AREN’T worth your money.

Reviews on Smooci can easily be faked – either by the agency or the girl herself. All you need is a valid phone number or email address. No actual booking required.

I say, avoid girls with too many negative reviews. Those negative reviews are most likely legit.

2. Smooci Verifying Booking

When booking a Bangkok escort on Smooci, you have 2 options for verifying that booking.

  • Either via phone or email.
  • Email is only an option if you are a premium member.

When I used Smooci for the first time a few months ago, I opted for phone verification. Got a call a few minutes after I had made the booking to confirm all the details.

With the Smooci premium membership, I had assumed email would work the same way.

It did, except that I was also asked to show proof of my address.

Why do I have to provide additional proof of my accommodation if I am a Smooci premium member already?

To be fair, it might just be that this Bangkok escort agency required additional proof and other providers will approve your booking right away, knowing that you are a premium member.

SMOOCI LOCATION TRACKING – As is the case with customer reviews, location tracking sounds like a nice feature. However, if the girl doesn’t use tracking, it’s useless. This was the case with the girl I’ve booked.

3. My Smooci Escort Experience in Bangkok

I made my booking at around 10PM – expecting the girl to arrive roughly one hour later.

Based on the girl’s reviews, I already knew what to expect …

Turns out, those complaints where 100% accurate. The girl did arrive late (~1 hour).

I would say with the right make up on, she looks very much like on her pictures. Body-wise as well. In regards to her age, I would think she’s at least 5-10 years old, but does that really matter if you like what you see?

Anyway, I look outside the window and see her exit the taxi.

I walk downstairs to greet her at the entrance …

Hello, nice to meet you. What’s your name?

I’m King Epic.

I didn’t actually say that, but you get the idea 😉

I’ve recorded audio of the entire Smooci escort experience. Any personal information, I’ve edited out. Watch the video here.

Bangkok Escort enters condo and …

Right away, I notice her English is pretty good. That’s always an advantage.

Can I go to the balcony and smoke?

Not the best start but I don’t mind. If that’s what it takes for the girl to relax a bit and provide a good experience, then so be it.

10 minutes later, she comes inside and goes into the bathroom to put on the sexy nurse outfit I had requested.

She never left the bathroom EVER AGAIN.

… at least, that’s what it felt like.

She must’ve been in there at least 15 minutes. Add to that the 10 minutes of smoking on the balcony and we’re already 25 minutes into our encounter.

Again, I am not banging the girl for the entire 2 hours I had booked, so I don’t really care whether she takes 5, 10 or 15 minutes to get ready.

Finally, she’s ready …

She’s wearing her sexy nurse outfit and coming on my bed. Let the fun begin.

To keep it short, I sum up the main points of that experience.


  • Great body, same as seen on pictures.
  • Nice tits. Flat stomach.
  • Very sensual and into the experience.
  • Offers CIM.
  • Very flexible; can do a full split


  • Smoker (although didn’t notice bad breath).
  • Arrives 1 hour late. Takes 15 minutes in the bathroom to get ready.
  • Leaves after 1 hour (and 1 shot) instead of the booked 2 hours and 2 shots.

Our first round was good already and long enough.

I didn’t even want to go for the 2nd hour and 2nd shot.

That’s why I didn’t even mention it or indicate that I was ready for more. Still, I would’ve expected her to mention that a second round was included.

For me, not a big issue. I would’ve brought it up had I really wanted to go for another round.

The lesson here (at least for myself) is that 1 hour might be enough. Even thought upgrading to 2 hours only costs 700 Baht (with most girls), it’s not really worth it.

I’m satisfied after one session; your experience might be different.

The service itself was good. Overall, the experience wasn’t bad either – just small annoyances (late arrival, etc.) Of course, the price-value was way off. For such an experience a decent price would be 1,500 Baht ($45).

Bangkok Escort left me a souvenir …

Not just one, but three. I am not talking about STDs 😉

The day after, I noticed that she had forgotten these three items in my condo.

The ATM slip shows that she withdrew 1,000 Baht right before we met. I am assuming this was for the 300 Baht taxi ride to my place.

I am not an asshole, so I blurred the details and threw it away afterwards.

Nonetheless, a bit reckless to leave an ATM slip at the customers place given that it shows her full name and bank account number.

4. Smooci Verdict

After my 2nd Smooci experience, what are my thought? Do I recommend you use the service or are there better alternatives?

(Hint: Yes, there’s a better alternative; more about that below.)

First off, I think the problem with booking on Smooci is that the girl doesn’t have a choice.

Yes, she is not forced to do this job but her agency will simply notify her of the booking – she doesn’t even know what you look like.

That means, she might not even like you or find you attractive, yet she still has to render the service booked.

I think that’s a very bad setup and can easily lead to a supbar experience on both sides.

However, let’s assume you are in your hotel room. It’s midnight already. You are too tired to go out and hit the bars or clubs.

In such a scenario, booking an escort on Smooci isn’t the worst thing in the world. You are horny and want to meet a girl, so booking online is an option.

I would assume all reviews on Bangkok escort sites are fake; on Smooci you will at least find some reviews which (look) legitimate. – Especially the negative ones.

If you plan on booking an escort via the Smooci app, I recommend you sign up for the 3 day membership for $9.99 – at the very least you’re able to read (negative) reviews and thus lower chances of a bad experience.

I’d rather spend the additional $10 and have a good experience, then have 4,000+ Baht going down the drain.

Is there a better alternative to Smooci? One that will lead to a better sexual experience with the girl AND is less expensive?

4. Smooci Alternative (Private Contacts)

As mentioned above, the problem with booking on Smooci is that the girl does not see what you look like.

She can’t interact with you and has to make a decision as to whether she’ll accept the booking based on the address/hotel name you provide.

Compare that to chatting with that same girl for a few minutes.

You add her in the Line messenger app (Thai WhatsApp equivalent).

She sees your pictures. You see hers.

You discuss services and price. Maybe you even decide to do a video call for a few seconds so both of you know what the other really looks like.

Or you simply ask her for additional, recent pictures.

Then she comes over.

She’s feeling at ease because she knew what you looked liked before arrival. You told her where you are from, etc.

It’s pretty much similar to the experience with a ‘normal’ girl.

That’s precisely why I put together the contact list included in my Thailand Guide. You simply message the girl of your choice, get in touch with her and boom – next thing you know she’s in your room.

EXACTLY the girl you expected. NO BAD SURPRISES.

Smooci FAQs

Smooci Thailand – Is it safe?

If you’ve never booked an escort online, you might be a bit concerned. You feel tempted, but at the same time, your mind is racing with thoughts.

Is Smooci legit? What if Smooci is a scam and escorts aren’t reliable?


Using Smooci is probably as safe as it gets when it comes to having a girl come to your condo or hotel room. If you are staying at a guest-friendly hotel, make sure the girl registers with reception (deposits her ID).

Most hotels will give you a call when the girl leaves to make sure everything is okay.

Is Smooci available in Pattaya and Phuket?

Not (yet). Pattaya will be available soon, not sure about Phuket. I would think that in Phuket there’s less of a demand for such services compared to both Bangkok & Pattaya.

How can Smooci be improved?

Not sure if Smooci actually cares about the fake reviews, but if they do, I recommend they crack down on profiles with too many fake reviews. One way would be to show whether or not a review was posted by a premium member.

This makes it a bit more difficult for girls and agencies to post fake reviews – few girls are willing to spend money on fake reviews.

Also, the cancellation fee should not apply if the girl looks nothing like her pictures, is drunk or generally under the influence of drugs and as such unable to provide the service you booked.

Should you trust Smooci reviews/reports on other blogs?

I personally wouldn’t.

Before I put together this article, I was checking out reviews of Smooci on other sites. It’s very obvious to me that these reviews were written by someone who has never actually used Smooci Premium, let alone booked an escort on the site.

It looks like they just went on the site to see what the features are, then put together a few screenshots and re-hashed the content from someone else’s site.

Sadly, this is the case with many Thailand nightlife blogs. They are not written by guys with actual experience but are simply a copy of other articles found online.

That’s the primary reason why I have a YouTube channel – so you (the user) knows that I don’t just talk about things – I DO WHAT I TALK ABOUT.

Is Smooci Thailand worth the price?

Right now, the price-value is not good at all. With 70-120 Smooci Bangkok escorts being online at any given time, I would assume that demand far surpasses demand.

Since I am using Smooci Premium, I am able to see how many escorts are registered in Bangkok.

As long as you see prices like the one below (and there are customers paying that much), you know that there aren’t enough girls offering their services yet.

Granted, most girls on Smooci charge between 3,000-4,000 Baht for 2 hours.

Still, the fact that girls charge that much and are still in demand tells me that Smooci still needs some time to grow, register more girls and balance supply & demand.

If you check other cities, such as Smooci Singapore, Hong Kong or Manila, you will see that there are only a handful or escorts online and prices are even more ridiculous. Girls are able to charge high prices due to lack of competition.

You could say that on average prices on Smooci are lower than booking directly with any Bangkok escort agency.

That’s true (usually 500-1000 Baht more expensive), but you also don’t pay 8,000 Baht for 2 hours with any girl you book via an agency.

Online Dating in Thailand is easy & free. Why should I use Smooci?

Yes, that’s true. Online dating in Thailand could not be easier.

Many times, girls are willing to meet up with you (I prefer meeting them at the BTS station closest to my place) and then come straight to your room.

However, there is one issue and that has to do with the time investment.

You see, nothing in life is free.

While banging a girl from online dating (Tinder, ThaiFriendly) doesn’t cost money – you need to invest time. Chatting with the girl, meeting up, waiting until she leaves.

Guys who pay for an escort rarely do so because the HAVE TO – they simply value time over money.

I am one of them. Meeting regular girls and doing online dating was fine when I first came to Thailand.

There was excitement and thrill to it. However, at some point, it became a routine and I simply wanted to take a more honest and direct approach.

Hence, I am a big proponent of pay for play.

Can you trust pictures on Smooci?

On Smooci, you will see some pictures who have the verified sign. This simply means that the girl you book is the girl seen on the pictures.

Well, technically …

The reality is that for most girls – and agencies – it’s simply too tempting to face tune. To use beauty filters – and for you that means one thing: disappointment.

My one recommendation in this regard would be to look for untouched pictures – ideally selfies. If necessary choose another girl rather than taking a risk and not getting what you want.

UPDATE 2018 – Chat Feature

I just noticed that Smooci app has added live chat feature for premium members.

It will be interesting to see if this changes the dynamics of the platform. Whereas before you had 2 options only: Book an escort, or decide not to … now you’re able to negotiate (aka haggle) prices.