Happy Ending Massage in Pattaya [UPDATED + VIDEO INSIDE]

Happy Ending Massages ARE AWESOME!

I’ve been to many of them in Pattaya, but also in Bangkok and Phuket. (See here: Nuru Massage in Bangkok / Soapy Massage in Bangkok).

Read this if you’re looking for a Soapy Massage in Pattaya.

This guide is all about Pattaya – and providing you with the latest, up-to-date info in regards to Happy Ending Massages in the city.

Pattaya is amazing when it comes to Happy Ending Massages as there are literally hundreds of shops to choose from at any time of the day.

Before I list specific massage places to visit, let’s cover some basics …

Best Time For Happy Ending Massage

What’s the best time to have a massage?

Clearly afternoon/evening.

Most massage shops open at 10AM. If you’re a single man staying in Pattaya, you will probably party until early morning – then sleep until around noon.

At some point you will have late lunch (actually, late breakfast ;)) and then you’re left with a few hours until nightlife starts again.

In my opinion, that’s the ideal time to visit a happy ending massage in Pattaya.

Massage Prices in Pattaya

Before I cover the different areas in which you’ll find massage shops in Pattaya, here’s a run-down of massage prices.

It’s important that you know average prices so you don’t get ripped off.

  • Thai Massage: 200-300 Baht ($6-9 USD)
  • Oil Massage: 300-400 Baht ($9-13 USD)
  • Foot Massage: 200 Baht ($6 USD)
  • Hand Job: 500 Baht ($16 USD)
  • Blow Job: 500-1.000 Baht ($16-32 USD)
  • Sex: 1.000-1.500 Baht ($32-48 USD)

Thai Girls’ Private Contacts Instead? 

There’s nothing wrong with visiting a massage parlor – except that it might be hot outside and you’re too lazy to leave your hotel. I have experienced this many, many times …

Too lazy … but I still have that urge and want a Happy Ending.

Well, how about having a Thai girl come to your hotel room and give you that Happy Ending? How about all of that for 1,000-1,500 Thai Baht?

That’s precisely what I’ve done many times and now members of the Thailand Guide are doing the same – using the contacts I’m providing.

That’s just one convenient alternative to visiting massage salons.

If you’re not too lazy to head out, here are the different areas of Pattaya in which you’ll find Happy Ending Massage shops.

What you can also do (I’ve mentioned this in Happy Ending Massage in Phuket) is get an inexpensive Thai massage and then ask the massage lady for her LINE ID … so you can meet up for the happy ending after the massage shop closes 😉

Beach Road

Beach Road in Pattaya is a well-known hotspot for cheap freelancer girls.

While quality isn’t the best, you can occasionally find a hottie and most girls go for 1,000 Thai Baht ($32 USD) short time.

However, when it comes to massage places in the area, your options are somewhat limited.

There are lots of expensive hotels on Beach Road and the closer you get to Walking Street, the more massage parlors you will notice.

However, most of these salons have older massage ladies and only offer ‘real’ massages with no Happy Ending.

This is not the best area; avoid if you’re looking for a naughty massage.

Soi 6 in Pattaya

If you like being stopped every thirty seconds, then Soi 6 is a good place to look for a Happy Ending massage.

If not, avoid it at any time past late evening. There are so many bars with girls trying to lure you inside THEIR bar, that it can be a hassle walking through the Soi.

Soi 6 connects directly to Beach Road – meaning you can easily check out massage shops in both areas within an hour or so.

Chances are, you will end up in one of the bars at Soi 6 and never get to see the massage shops 😀

Soi 6 is also home to many, many ladyboys.

Albert Einstein once said,

Two things are infinite: the universe and the amount of ladyboys at Soi 6; and I’m not sure about the universe.

Unless you make an effort to look particularly disgusting, you can’t walk through the Soi without being approach by a Thai ladyboy.

Walking Street

In the (unlikely) case that you don’t know what Walking Street looks like during peak hours …

Not a place I recommend to visit for a happy ending massage (simply too many people) and somewhat dead during daytime.

Plus, you’ll end up like the guy in the picture below. Being distracted by one of the dozen Thai hotties walking past you.

However, I’d like to note that you DO NOT have to limit yourself to massage shops when it comes to getting a happy ending massage.

You can literally ask any freelancer girl – many will be willing to give you a massage plus happy ending. The girl in the picture below would be such a freelancer.

The guy approached her, his friend joined – after 2 minutes of negotiations, they all left for a threesome.

It really is that easy and works the same way when inquiring for a happy ending massage!

Soi 13/2

This is my favorite massage area in all of Pattaya!

Full of massage salons; not too many aggressive bar girls. That’s the perfect combination!

Here’s the location of Soi 13/2.

There are dozens of massage salons but you don’t have many bars in between which means you can walk down the entire Soi (relatively relaxed), look at the massage girls sitting outside and make your choice.

Nakluea & Jomtien Massages …

There are other areas in Pattaya in which you’ll be able to find massage salons, namely North Pattaya (Nakluea) and Jomtien.

However, if you follow my recommendations, you’ll probably stay somewhere near Walking Street and since there are plenty of options nearby, there’s no need to go off the beaten path.

Why Happy Endings Are GREAT!

First off, they are relatively inexpensive.

The massage itself for 200-300 Thai Baht per hour, that’s pretty good value. The Happy Ending itself will cost you 1,000-1,500 Baht.

That’s about as cheap as you can get sex anywhere in Thailand.

Sure, you could always get a street freelancer (from Beach Road), but then you’d also have to take her to your hotel room, or book a short-time hotel, OR take the risk of going to HER room.

If you’re into boobs (who isn’t?) then you’re in for a treat as it’s not uncommon to see massage ladies with bigger boobs than most Thai girls.

The only downside is that typically massage ladies aren’t the most attractive Thai ladies around. They tend to be in the 25-30+ age range at the majority of massage salons.

Don’t let that discourage you! There are some real Thai hotties working in these massage salons, you simply have to look around for a bit.

The only reason I’m pointing this out is to set the right expectations.

I don’t want a first-time visitor to check out Happy Ending Massages in Pattaya with the expectation the he will find mostly young, sexy girls Thai girls there.

FINAL TIP: Ask To See ALL Girls

Sometimes the receptionist will recommend a girl to you, or let you choose from one of the girls that are sitting outside or near the entrance.

If you don’t like any of them, simply ask to see all girls.

More often than not, some girls will sit/rest in other rooms, which you can’t see. If you ask politely, the receptionist will call all girls to line up in front of you.

Then you can make your choice … or leave, if you still don’t like any of them.