Thailand Nightlife: The Harsh Reality

This topic came about after reading one of my viewer’s comments … and because I thought it’s something important for everyone to know.

Whether you’re going to Thailand, Vietnam – whatever country it might be – you for sure want to have a good experience.

Alright, let’s get right into it. By the way, this isn’t to expose this viewer but rather to give you my take on it so you’ll have a better experience next time.

What went wrong here?

I can’t tell for sure, but looks like a combination of: totally wrong location & expectations.

Let’s talk about expectations first.

When you’re watching one of my videos, do you expect your trip to be exactly the same?

When you’re watching the summary of a soccer (or basketball) game, you know those are the best & most interesting scenes?

Thailand is exciting, fun & amazing … but it can never live up to what you see in the videos. So, in that sense, the videos don’t give a realistic picture.

Realistic Check: There will be frustrations, disappointments and things that go wrong – that’s all fine.

The problem only arises when you have that fairy tale in your head about how it’s supposed to be & then are confronted with reality.

Secondly, he picked the absolute worst place. Nice, regular Thai women – you can find those in Bangkok, but Pattaya isn’t the best hunting ground for that.

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There are many working girls (especially in touristy areas), so of course, you’re gonna be confronted with a “business-like mentality“.

After all, it’s all a transaction.

Don’t expect anything more than that. Sure, each girl will be different and some might be cold bitches that just want to get it over with … but how is that different to regular girls?

How can YOU make your trip enjoyable?

1. Bust Your Expectations

This sounds negative, but really means lower them to a realistic level. Videos will always feature the most interesting parts of a night, not the ones that were boring …

Unlike what you might think, the expectations you have play a crucial role in how much you enjoy it. If you have sky-high expectations, I will guarantee you it’s going to be disappointing!

If you come with an open mind just to experience it without expecting anything – you sure will have a blast!

2. Use Common Sense … with Girls

Admittedly, this is sometimes hard, but in most cases you can at least “smell” if she’s just being nice to make a sale. You want a girl that is generally in a good mood, before, during & after the service.

This takes practice & experience; if you’re a first-timer you can’t easily see through girls’ act. Don’t worry – see it as a learning experience.

Happy to see me & just the potential $$$?
Happy to see me & just the potential $$$?

Nonetheless, if you sense that something is fishy, just move on. This might be hard if you’re a first timer & just walking away from a girl can be difficult – do it anyway.

3. Act Like A Customer

Again, this sounds negative, but please hear me out! She’s a working girl, she is there for business & $$$. Don’t expect any freebies or get all romantic just because she’s all touchy and giggling when you say something … it’s part of her job to show affection.

Be straight-forward; if you want to get her contact, do it for the right reasons (repeat customer) – not because you’re hoping to turn this into a relationship or anything of that nature.

4. Your First Trip Doesn’t Count …

… if you didn’t like it. I can totally see how someone would come to Thailand for the first time, get all this attention from working girls … but after the paid service is over, wonder, “What? I thought she liked me?

You can easily spot a Thailand veteran, an experienced mongerer – he’ll be nice & friendly to working girls, but he will certainly NOT be too excited by the girls’ affection. He knows what’s up.

But, as a newbie, you need to learn those lessons first.

Hey, I had totally disillusioned expectations during my first trip. Friends had told me about Thailand & how women there like Westerners, so I thought all I need to do is show up & women will all be over me.

… yeah, right.

I saw what it was really like & only started to enjoy Thailand on my next trip a few months later. I did the exact same thing, first trip was to Pattaya (dislike), then to Bangkok (like) … and when I went back to Pattaya a year later, I started to enjoy it too.

Pattaya isn’t Thailand & Bangkok is radically different.

If you’re the guy that wrote that comment – this would be my recommendation for you: try Bangkok, Chiang Mai or any city other than Pattaya next time and you’ll have a totally different experience with Thailand & Thai ladies!

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