Thailand Bar Girl – She’s NOT An Actress

I’m used to facing criticism when it comes to Thailand nightlife – whether that’s exploring the Red Light District or indulging in a Soapy Massage or Nuru Massage in Bangkok.

I personally prefer Nuru over the Soapy massage, but that’s another story …

Naturally, there will always be people who are against mongering – either because it goes against their values or they are too afraid to try.

However, this comment that I received on my YouTube channel brought to light a misconception that I wasn’t even aware of:

In this case, I replied to the comment because I felt this person wasn’t hating, but simply had a misconception about Thailand nightlife.

And let’s be honest, misconceptions can really get in the way of having fun.

If you had the misconception that girls are forced to work in the bars, you’d probably never go there. You’d be one of the guys posting in the YouTube comment section, stating how disgusting it is to do pay for play in Thailand.

It’s important to clear up misconceptions.

In this case, the misconception is (was) that you’re paying a Thai girl who doesn’t like you to PRETEND to like you.

The mainstream narrative goes like this:

  1. You’re are at a Thailand Red Light District.
  2. You see this hot Thai girl. Great face, amazing body.
  3. She looks away in disgust thinking who is this creepy guy.
  4. Now she’s talking to her friend and they’re both laughing at you.

Then You Step In …

… and flash the money.

In a heartbeat, her attitude changes.

Oh my God, you’re the hottest guy I have ever seen.
I love you! You look amazing!
You’re 65? Really? You look like 19!

This is about as far from reality as any Hollywood movie. This doesn’t ever happen in real life.

A Thai girl either wants to go with you or she doesn’t.

Occasionally, Thai girls quote very, very inflated prices to guys they dislike. For the most part, they’ll simply refuse to go with you altogether.

Money CAN change her attitude, but not unless you’re willing to dish out a ridiculous amount of cash.

Doing that wouldn’t be in YOUR best interest because you’d still know that she doesn’t like you.

… which brings up another misconception.

Working Girls Can’t Like You

Because you’re paying for it.

The idea that because you’re paying for it, she can’t differentiate between you and another customer. Every customer is the same, she likes every customer the same.

She’s NOT A Sex Doll

As such, it’s not possible to find a girl that likes you because every girl likes every guy the same – similar to a sex doll or sex robot.

The sex doll is offering pleasure in exchange for money, but doesn’t like one customer (or owner) more (or less) than another.

It’s ridiculous and I’m not even sure why this misconception exists.

Think about it …

Let’s say you work at the barber shop, or as a waiter – are there customers who you like more than others?

Maybe some of them you’ll chat with for a few minutes or provide some free extras because you like them? Or do you like all customers exactly the same?

Easy answer.

If that’s possible, then why is it so hard to believe that a Thai working girl can have a similar experience?

The More You ‘Monger’, The Less You Objectify

Denying that a Thai working girl can like you, you’re basically saying that she is a robot who doesn’t have preferences and is able to completely suppress any emotions.

This is the idea that mainstream (mongering opponents) promote.

They’ll tell you that anyone engaging in pay for play is objectifying women while in reality, it is THEY who promote the idea that girls have no feelings and are all the same.

The more experience you have with working girls, the more you realize how each girl is different – beyond just looks. Feminine energy, behavior …

In that sense, the more experience you have with mongering, the less you objectify women.

I know, this sounds crazy to anyone who hasn’t experienced this first-hand, but it’s true …

Become A Thailand Veteran

I cover all misconception, how to navigate your way through Thailand’s nightlife & interact with Thai working girls in The Monger Playbook.

If you have it already, I recommend you read it a few times before your Thailand trip.

There shouldn’t be any situation you don’t know how to handle once you’ve internalized all the mindsets and strategies.

… and in case there’s a situation that so unique and you’re not sure how to proceed, you can always email me.