Thailand Bar Girl – She’s NOT An Actress

I’m used to facing criticism when it comes to Thailand nightlife – whether that’s exploring the Red Light District or indulging in a Soapy Massage or Nuru Massage in Bangkok.

I personally prefer Nuru over the Soapy massage, but that’s another story …

Naturally, there will always be people who are against mongering – either because it goes against their values or they are too afraid to try. Continue reading “Thailand Bar Girl – She’s NOT An Actress”

Millionaire Lawyer Goes Thailand [Dr. Tony Huge – VIDEO INSIDE]

If you enjoy going to Thailand, then I don’t think today’s video is relevant for you.

You are past the point of no return already.

Really, this video is for the naysayers. Those who say Thailand is the Plan B for anyone who has failed in life.

  • You only go to Thailand because you don’t have money.
  • You use Thailand as a cop-out because you can’t get women at home.
  • There’s something fundamentally wrong with you if you ‘need’ to go to Thailand.

Me refuting those arguments isn’t gonna do much. Continue reading “Millionaire Lawyer Goes Thailand [Dr. Tony Huge – VIDEO INSIDE]”