4 Thailand Nightlife WARNINGS

Thailand nightlife is perhaps the 8th Wonder of the World – and only once you have partaken, you will fully realize this. From going out to 8AM in the morning, to a calm night out at a night market, unlimited dating options, unlimited bars, dozens of different nightlife areas, and various cities with their own unique nightlife flavor (think Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, islands, etc.)

As much fun as all of it is, there are essentials you need to know in order to maximize fun, and ideally eliminate all the risks. And yes, there are risks. This is what I’ll cover in today. Continue reading “4 Thailand Nightlife WARNINGS”

Thailand Mass Blast – 10 Years of Dating & Fantasies Compressed Into 2 Weeks

You get in, you get the job done, and you get out.

That’s how I think of a perfect Thailand trip. Or really, a perfect single guy’s trip to anywhere.

You are blasting your brain with a ton of new and great experiences in a super short time frame, then you go back to your normal life and focus on what really matters.

This really is the advantage of certain locations such as Thailand that what you get there in terms of dating, girls and nightlife is so time-efficient one could say NOT GOING is going to cost you more time and money.

In my opinion, the quality of such a trip is determined by how you feel about it afterwards. If you arrive home and feel like going back right away, then you haven’t done enough. Continue reading “Thailand Mass Blast – 10 Years of Dating & Fantasies Compressed Into 2 Weeks”