3 Tiny, But “Deadly” Thailand Mistakes + SOLUTIONS

1. It’s Really, Really Loud!

I am specifically talking about Bangkok here. I’m always testing different hotels & AirBNBs. I am also testing different areas.

About 50% of the places I’ve stayed at were problematic in terms of noise disturbance. This is Bangkok, and you have cars or motorbikes driving almost around the clock.

That turned out to be an issue. So, those places, it would really only be quiet from say midnight to 7 AM. The rest of the time, you’d have a constant stream of noise from traffic. Continue reading “3 Tiny, But “Deadly” Thailand Mistakes + SOLUTIONS”

8 Reasons Thailand (and SEA) is Best For Single Men!

Why do Western single men go to Thailand,
and Southeast Asia?

Right away, you might dismiss the question as silly. It’s pretty obvious why single men go to Thailand. Why they choose Asia as their holiday destination.

It could not be more obvious!

Because “it” is easier there. And because money rules.

In this video, I want to expand on this and talk about other very relevant factors and why for many women alone are not the reason they go to Asia, or Thailand.

If you have never considered going there, you will come to realize there are many more benefits and that maybe a trip is worth your time & money after all. Continue reading “8 Reasons Thailand (and SEA) is Best For Single Men!”