60-Year-Old Visits Bangkok Happy Ending Massage

Let’s call him Frank.

Frank and I had already exchanged more than a dozen emails before his visit to Bangkok.

E-Mail Inbox

He had stated specifically what he wanted to do during his relatively short visit (2 days only) and I had laid out a plan.

Specifically, which guest-friendly hotel to book, some of my favorite massage parlors, and gogo bars that would cater to his (very unique) taste. Continue reading “60-Year-Old Visits Bangkok Happy Ending Massage”


King Epic is all about taking control of your love (sex) life and enjoying the freedom you deserve – in a way that benefits ALL PARTIES involved.

If you are …

  • tired of dating and playing mind games
  • want to live out your sexual fantasies (at any age)
  • lacking experience with women (Virgin?)

… then you’re at the right place. Keep reading. Continue reading “START HERE / MUST READ”

Tinder in Thailand – Experiences & Lay Reports

To be clear, I have nothing against online dating in Thailand (ThaiFriendly, Tinder).

I just think that in most cases, it takes up a lot of time (sometimes money) and that overall pay for play is the more honest way of meeting girls.

Both parties are upfront about their intentions and nobody gets hurt in the process. Plus, you get exactly what you want.

Tinder in Thailand Bangkok Phuket

That being said, there have been instances in which either the girl was OK with coming straight to my place or a similar low/no-effort scenario.

Here are a few of my experiences with Tinder in Thailand. Continue reading “Tinder in Thailand – Experiences & Lay Reports”