Thailand Nightlife – Understand & Exploit THIS DYNAMIC!

A typical night of a girl working in a Thailand Red Light District looks like this …

Girl goes to work her shift at the gogo bar. She is THE princess. She is THE price. You came to see HER.

The night goes and and she still doesn’t have a customer. Closing time is approaching … her level of desperation goes up by +1.

The gogo bar is closing and she doesn’t have a customer. Level of desperation goes up by another +1 … and for the first time during the night, the dynamics change. Continue reading “Thailand Nightlife – Understand & Exploit THIS DYNAMIC!”

Increase Your Sex Drive [For Thailand/SEA] – ULTIMATE GUIDE 2019

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In an ideal world, you would have full control over your sex drive. Up- or down-regular it as per your needs. Continue reading “Increase Your Sex Drive [For Thailand/SEA] – ULTIMATE GUIDE 2019”