Smooci Review – Booking Escort in Bangkok [+HIDDEN CAM VIDEO]

How was my experience using Smooci? Should we all stop going to bars and simply book girls online from now on?

Let’s start at the beginning. If you’ve been following my channel for a while, you know that I am a big proponent of meeting girls in-person.

Meeting freelancers, booking escorts – doing all that online is nothing new.

The technology and selection of girls always evolves, but at the same issues remain, namely that you don’t know for sure what the girl actually looks like, her personality and the quality of her service.

In terms of looks, I mean you don’t know whether you like the way she looks. She doesn’t have to match her pictures, as long as you find her hot …

Looks and personality, you can assess to a degree when meeting a girl in-person. Quality of the service/experience is always a bit of a gamble.

What about escort sites? Can you recommend one? Should I even use escort sites when I’m in Bangkok?

I’ve been getting these kinds of questions ever since and my stance has always been very clear:

If you’re very picky about looks, then absolutely don’t do it. If the service itself matters more to you, then maybe escort sites are worth considering.

Field-Testing Smooci in Bangkok

The reason why I’ve done this “test” was because this new app/site called Smooci was supposedly be a game-changer. Tinder for working girls would maybe a way to describe it.

The problem with booking an escort online is that there are dozens of different agencies and there is no independent rating/review system.

I’m not saying this is a common practice, but from a technical standpoint there’s nothing preventing the agency from deleting, editing and even posting client reviews. In short, reviews on escort sites are rather meaningless.

… and so among other things, what Smooci does is bring all these different agencies with all their girls to one platform.

Plus, independently working girls can also sign up.

Smooci Advantages

The other 2 benefits are availability & accountability.

When you are ready to book a date, you see real time results in regards to which girls are available.

Smooci Escorts
The filter is helpful if you’re looking for something specific – I personally only care about regular sex, DFK will depend on chemistry anyway.

In regards to accountability, I am talking about the ability to review girls after the date is over, post comments and flag pictures which you though weren’t accurate.

Being able to flag pictures which are heavily photoshopped is a very good concept. Even the rating and commenting functionality is well-intentioned.

Smooci Filter
I’d like to be able to filter by English skills as well. Whether or not the escort speaks good English has a big impact on the overall experience, in my opinion.

After all, the feedback system is independent, there’s no conflict of interest and no way for the girl or her agency to manipulate or edit reviews.

In regards to the reviews, I see 2 issues though, however.

1.) Fake reviews can still be created. The date I just had, Smooci has no way of telling whether that was real or not. Whether or not money was exchange. The GPS tracking doesn’t really prevent fake reviews, the girl could simply make a fake booking to a location to which she will go anyway.

2.) Reviews are subjective. This isn’t Smooci’s fault and an inherent issue with review of such nature. Say a 80 year old guy books a girl, finds her superhot – the 20 year old guy reads the review and has totally different expectation because his definition of superhot will differ greatly.

The girl I had booked said many of her customers are also men that simply want to be taken care of. Perhaps just spend time together, a massage – and no boom boom. A review from such a person would easily be misinterpreted by someone who is looking to have intercourse.

My Escort Date in Bangkok (via Smooci)

Keep in mind, this is just my review so take it with a grain of salt.

1. Looks

I was disappointed. Not that the girl was ugly, but simply the mismatch between pictures and reality. Body-wise boobs okay – everything else … not as I had imagined it.

Keep in mind, I am super picky.

So when I see pictures with flawless skin, slim body and then the girl’s skin isn’t so nice or a bit of fat … for me that’s the fastest way to a de-rection.

I actually prefer escorts with selfies/amateur pics. More often than not, professionally taken (almost perfect) pictures are a turn-off for me.

Smooci Bangkok Escort
Selfie Pics > Professional Pics. I know exactly what I am getting.

2. Quality of the experience

In terms of the experience, her lack of English skills was the only downer. It was a bit weird, funny at times, but overall kind of difficult to communicate.

If you’re interested, the entire audio from meeting, to departure is included in the Premium Videos package.

That’s it in regards to the negatives.

I felt the girl was giving her best to offer a good experience. I booked for 2 hours and she stayed for roughly that time. 2 shots were included, in between the girl was constantly massaging me. Feet, arms, back, head.

Foreplay was cut short, or rather not really existent, which I didn’t like. But on the other hand there was some version of foreplay (namely massaging, etc.) in between the shots.

Smooci Summary

To sum up, I stand by what I’ve been saying for the last 2 years. If you’re super picky in terms of looks, go to a gogo bar where you can see loads of naked skin. This should be your number #1 way of meeting working girls.

It depends on what the girl is wearing, but in 9/10 cases freelancer bars or nightclub aren’t even the right venue for you. Because make-up, push-up bras, covering belly fat … there are many tricks. In a nude gogo bar, what you see is what you get.

That being said, if you have the money, decide to stay in one night … or wake up in the middle of the night and feel like it … I say give it a try. Why not?