Bangkok Nightlife Guide: Uncensored & Naughty!

This Bangkok (nightlife) guide is very extensive & will tell you everything about Bangkok Nightlife & Bangkok Red Light Districts.

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Bangkok Nightlife Guide

Bangkok nightlife is notoriously well-know and if you’re a single man reading this – you can relax – what I’m really going to cover are the Bangkok red light districts.

After all, this is what many men come here for. Understandably.

There’s only one problem: Nightlife in Bangkok can be overwhelming …

… and most traditional “Bangkok Nightlife Guides” wouldn’t even dare to mention any of the naughty places. These guides are mostly geared toward general audiences – and quite frankly are boring as hell.

Girls at Soi Thaniya in Bangkok after being asked who wants to go with the customer. Literally.

Visit a temple here, go shopping there …

Enough already!

Consider this the last Bangkok guide you’ll ever need. Ever.

Here’s what you can expect & feel free to skip to the section that interests you the most. If you’re completely new, I recommend reading from top to bottom.

Table of Contents

Bangkok Red Light Districts

Calm down 🙂 I know, with so many Red Light Districts to choose from, it might look overwhelming at first. Here’s the essentials at a glance.

  • Soi Cowboy (mostly legit girls; ~40 Go-go bars)
  • Nana Plaza (mostly ladyboys; mostly go-go bars; some beer bars)
  • Patpong (mostly legit girls; many scams)
  • Soi Thaniya (mainly catering to Japenese men)

So, the information above should cover the basics. If you know your sexual preference (which I assume), you now know where to go.

Now, let me dive into what you can expect (and need to know!) regarding each place.

Quality/Looks of Girls

This is important to set your expectations right. I’d say about 80% of working girls (that goes for street hookers, gogo girls, girls working in beer bars), I do NOT find attractive at all.

Even the places I recommend don’t have hot girls only, so this is important to know in advance. If you’re one of those guys looking for a real stunner, it might take you a few bars to find the right girl.

Don’t get fooled by lighting – most of the gogo girls look alright/good inside the club, but once they exit the club, skin blemishes, acne, etc. come to light.

Why do I even mention this?

The last thing I’d want for you is take out a girl and then be disappointed & waste money.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is easily the most centrally-located adult playground in Bangkok. It’s situated right across Terminal 21 (mall), Asok BTS and around the corner of Sukhumvit BTS.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok Location

Soi Cowboy is a small side-street with 40+ bars and many gogo girls standing outside ready to harass you trying to lure you inside.

There’s only one problem with Soi Cowboy. Well, that’s not Soi Cowboy itself.

Let me start from the beginning …

Right outside of Soi Cowboy, just around the corner is a go-go bar called “Crazy House“. And yes, the name says it all.

All girls inside are naked. COMPLETELY NAKED.

Once you’ve seen that & go back to Soi Cowboy – where most girls have their tops off at best – your easily bored. So, you’ve been warned. Once you go to Crazy House, you’re already past the point of no return.

Prices in most of the bars are “alright“; I mean after all you’re not just paying for the drink but get to see a show as well. ~150 Baht for a beer; you can play for time if you’re a cheap charlie (like myself).

Taking girls out (the so called “barfine“): 800 Baht – of course there’s variance for the sexual service itself based on time, hotness of the girl, how much she likes you, etc.

If you’re aiming for a quick bang, it is usually better if you have your place (or hotel) nearby. After all, if you only want to pay for an hour and the taxi ride takes 20 minutes already … she will need more time to get back to the bar after = loss of potential money.

Don’t worry! Cheap hotels near Soi Cowboy are plentiful. “Short term hotels” are what you need … to do the deed. (Wow, that actually rhymed 🙂 ) Some go-go/beer bars have rooms inside where you can go with your girl.

Here are 3 options I personally recommend:

Want to see 40+ girl friendly hotels? Interactive Bangkok Guide features everything you need. Nightlife spots, hotels, the best clubs & massage places.

Quality of Girls at Soi Cowboy

This is really subjective, but like most parts of this guide, I’ll give you my personal opinion. I really believe the area around Soi Cowboy has the best looking working girls in all of Bangkok’s red light districts.

There is another hugely important benefit: In a bar like Crazy House, what you see is what you get. There will be no disappointment once you get naked … after all, you’ve seen the girl naked already.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been with working girls, at massage parlous … picked a nice girl & once she undressed … I wasn’t that excited about her anymore.

After you’ve experienced such disappointments a few times, you will start to appreciate naked go-go girls.

All bars at Soi Cowboy are open every day & there’s plenty of tourists/expats sitting at the bars – however, you’ll notice how it’s more packed on the weekends (specifically Thursday – Saturday).

That being said, if you go during the week, you’re more likely to score a girl for cheap.

Alright, let’s continue with the other major red light district in Bangkok: Nana Plaza/Soi Nana. If you fancy getting some attention from working girls on the street, simply walk to Nana Plaza – it’s only 15 minutes walking distance & you get to see loads of different street bars along the way.

Bro Tip

Many of the go-go girls/massage girls will go to after hour clubs (“freelancer clubs“) if they don’t have a customer at the end of their shift.

This is a great way for you to meet hot girls, avoid paying barfines & very likely get a better deal than you’d ever get taking that same girl out of her go-go bar.

Some of Bangkok’s after hour clubs are free (Levels Club, Insanity Nightclub via the restaurant entrance), but most charge a ~300 Baht cover free (e.g. Climax, Sugar).

Nana Plaza

This might be a bit confusing. People often use the terms Nana Plaza/Soi Nana interchangeably. Soi Nana is the entire side-street filled with beer bars.

What is a Soi?

In Thailand, “Soi” simply refers to a side-street branching off a major street.

So, for example, you have a major street (Sukhumvit Road) and the address of the massage parlor/hotel/whatever could be Sukhumvit Soi 33. The side street doesn’t have it’s own name but is simply referred to as Soi (side-street) number 33.

I know, that might be a bit confusing coming from a Western country where each street has it’s own name. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it 🙂

Nana Plaza (official name Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP)) is an entertainment complex in Soi Nana.

When people say “Nana Plaza“, they generally mean the area outside of Nana Plaza.

Okay, I really hope you’re not too confused because we haven’t even gotten started yet 🙂

There are people hanging out at bars in this area starting from early afternoon, but it isn’t until late evening that most of the working girls & street hookers start to flock in.

If you’re a first-timer to Bangkok, I don’t necessarily recommend Nana Plaza because many of the hot girls … well, aren’t girls but ladyboys. Some bars have ladyboys mixed with post-op ladyboys mixed with regular girls.

In other words: it’s confusing & as a first-timer, you’re destined to end up with the wrong gender (unless you’re actually into ladyboys. No homo.)

I don’t really like the gogo bars at Nana Plaza (I’m talking about the ones with legit girls), but if I had to make recommendations, they’d be as follows:

  1. Angelwitch A-Gogo (really good shows; however, girls not that hot)
  2. Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar (no really show, but many girls no stage, some completely naked & some really hot!)

It’s good area to enjoy a beer and watch people because there’s not just all these bars ….

… there are tons of freelancers (independently working “hookers“) roaming the streets. Again, mostly ladyboys.

You might have seen or heard about Nana Hotel. It’s a notorious spot for street hookers. They’re all waiting at the hotel parking lot entrance in plain view of all the beer bars across the street.

So, if you want to watch something weird, yet strangely satisfying – get yourself a good spot at the beer bars (e.g. Big Dogs, Stumble Inn) and watch hooker – customer interactions. But don’t you dare & film it! That’s my job! 🙂

Girls inside the go-go bars demand similar prices as at Soi Cowboy; beer bar girls are cheaper & girls from the street are usually on the lower end of the price spectrum (they have no barfine & you can usually get any girl there for 1,000 Baht or less (ST) – more detailed info on prices below!)


I could sum it up in one sentence: Don’t Go.

… but of course, you would be disappointed by that lack of information & would want to know why I say that. Worse yet, you might think I’m joking & go to find out yourself.

I am not joking.

Basically, Patpong is the red light district around Patpong Night Market and is well-known for ping pong scams. They try to lure you inside one of their shows, then ask for exorbitant prices & if you don’t pay, you get a good beating.

Here’s what that looks like. (Not the beating, but someone trying to get you “inside“.) If you want to watch more hidden camera footage, continue here.

1. Ping pong shows aren’t that interesting. Not worth the risk/time/money.
2. You can get everything (and more) at Soi Cowboy/Nana. So why go to Patpong?

Plus, it’s further away from other nightlife areas and clubs. I can recommend Patpong just for strolling around at night, perhaps doing a bit of shopping …. but not for go-go bars or picking up Thai girls.

Finally, we get to the least explored red light district: Soi Thaniya.

Soi Thaniya

Chances are you have never heard of it. The average monger/single man will never ever go there. There’s simply no reason. Nana & Soi Cowboy will fulfill all needs.

Oh, and … Soi Thaniya is basically the Japanese red light district. Not that you’re not welcome but things are run a bit differently here.

A big plus for sure, all girls are sitting outside (unlike regular bars), they are dressed in nice costumes. That’s about where benefits end.

Pricing is higher because Japanese men are willing to pay a premium. When I am walking down Soi Thaniya, nobody is approaching me … just the occasionally street hustler, thinking I’m lost, “This is the Japanese area.”

Girls here also dress very differently to the girls in other red light areas.

Yeah, not shit …

The only time I got approached for going inside one of the bars was when I walked there with an Asian (Japanese looking, I may add) friend.

Soi Thaniya is within walking distance of Patpong (night market). Both are places to check out for the hell of it, but certainly not recommended of inexperienced mongers.

The girls you find there are NOT Japanese. They might speak a few words of Japanese (since customers are Japanese) and dress in a certain way, but that’s about it.

The price-value isn’t just there (yet).

Black Girls in Bangkok

Every now and then, I get asked where to find Black girls in Bangkok. Is there a secret spot?

I know, for some this might seem like an odd question. Why would anyone be interested in Black girls when coming to Thailand?

Who knows but I am the last person to judge … and quite frankly, going for black girls can be a nice change.

Physically, the have “quite a bit more” than most Thai girls (if you know what I mean) and that is certainly appealing.

So where do you find Black/Ebony girls?

Most of them wander around in the following areas: Soi Nana, between Soi Nana and Soi 11, and at the intersection of Soi 7.

Have a look at the map to see the hotspots. Again, all of this (and a hell of a lot more) can be found inside my Interactive Guides.

Lately, I’ve noticed groups of Black girls hanging around at the exit of the Asok BTS skywalk. See screenshot below & watch the full video here.

Wanna see what happens here? Watch the video: KINGEPIC.COM/PREMIUM

Are black girls more passionate/wild in bed?

I certainly can’t confirm that rumor; they’re just like most other girls. Of course, this always depends on the individual girl, but I haven’t made that experience.

Personal Story

I did have few days where I really thought about getting a Black girl. I had been walking around in the area of Soi 7 & would always see a bunch black girls with these massive boobies.

When I say massive, I really mean it. Like they’d almost drop out.

The scenario I had in mind was for her to just take them out & I finish on them 🙂 Never went through though due to lack of time/logistics. Well, certainly something I still have in the back of my mind.


Great – black girls covered. Let’s talk about another highly sought-after type of girl.

Russian Girls in Bangkok

Unlike Black girls, you don’t see many Russian girls roaming the streets in Bangkok. The ones you do see are often old, look worn out & you’d most likely not be interested anyway.

The hotter ones can be found at certain venues (Rajah Hotel, Grace Hotel) but prices are steep. I understand why people ask for them: Hot Russian girls are just about as hot as females can possibly get.

The hottest Russian girl I’ve ever seen in my entire life was inside of Grace Hotel – however, that was pure luck. There weren’t any other cute/hot girls around.

There are escort agencies that have Russian girls so those might be worth a shot. If you plan on going to Pattaya, maybe do the Russian girls there – there’s certainly a larger selection that in Bangkok.

Russian hooker at minute 8:27 in the video.

What Do I Recommend?

Actually, to get the full Bangkok experience, I’d say go for a mix of regular Thai girls & hookers.

For regular Thai girls, I highly, highly recommend online dating. It’s super easy. Check out my ThaiFriendly review.

Current ThaiFriendly stats: 19 dates, 14 lays.

You can also meet regular girls at certain clubs (Route 66, Onyx, Khaosan Road, Demo, etc.) – but it will be a bit harder to pull of a ONS there than from online dating.

For go-go/bar girls, I say Crazy House is a must visit – other than that go for whatever you want (as long as it’s at Soi Cowboy or Nana).

You’re probably wondering, “What about freelancer clubs, massage parlors?” You’re right, I haven’t covererd those – simply because they aren’t part of Bangkok’s red light districts.

I go over massage parlors, freelancer clubs & escort agencies in a separate article.

The King Epic 7-Eleven Method

Well, this isn’t anything new but since 7-Eleven stores are literally everywhere you can buy alcohol there if you want to get drunk cheaply, then simply go to the bar of your choice, order the cheapest drink & play for time.

That way, you can enjoy go-go shows for up to an hour for the price of just one drink. Just keep in mind that beer & liquor is only sold 1700-2400. (This only applies to large grocery stories/7-Eleven.)

I’ve even done a more extreme version of this where I went out to a nightclub & any time I wanted a drink, I left, bought alcohol at the 7-Eleven across the street and went back inside afterwards. All time record is still stands at 6 such trips per night.

Most importantly, I highly recommend you learn about Thailand Nightlife: The Harsh Reality to avoid arriving with false expectations & going home disappointed.

Bar Girl Rates / Freelancer Prices

As I’m about to conclude this article, here’s a short summary of prices for different services. Use them as a guideline, they’re not fixed but a good benchmark to see whether you’re being scammed/ striking a good deal.

  • Type of Girl: Short Time/Long Time/Barfine*
  • Freelancer/Street Hooker: ~1k ST/1k+ LT/No BF
  • Gogo Girl: ST 2-3k / LT 3k+ / BF 500-1,000
  • Bar Girl: ST 1-2k / LT 2-3k / BF ~500

*When you take a girl out of a bar, she can’t earn money for the bar during that time. The barfine is the fee you pay to the bar as compensation, so to speak.

Safety / Condoms / STDs

You know I am all for fun, but let’s get serious for a moment. I don’t want you to go to Bangkok, catch a nasty disease and die a week later. Much of this is common sense, but that’s exactly why many guys don’t take it seriously. I’ll give it another try anyway …

Use Condoms.

If you think they’re shit/uncomfortable, you’re buying the wrong size. Admittedly, selection in Thailand is poor so best to bring a stack from home or order online.

Trust me, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find condoms here locally.

Here at Boots drugstore looking at the condom selection.
Then I went to another drugstore. It looks like they have a great selection here – they do in terms of flavors, colors – but size-wise they are all the same.
I also went to 10+ pharmacies but they only have the same limited selection. A waste of time searching for condoms – order online.

Don’t even start with nonsense excuses, “… but she looks clean.”

What do you do if disaster has struck? You got drunk one night & didn’t use a condom, or passion overcame you and you absolutely needed that blowjob raw.

This eBook included in My Thailand Guide. (Get it now!)

Now, you feel a bit strange down there or notice a discharge. Well, the worst thing to do is telling yourself, “It’s going to be okay. Nothing serious.

I’ll tell you, that little worry in the back of your mind will eat you up & possibly ruin your entire stay. The best course of action is to get tested immediately, see the results & than act appropriately.

The first place you should head to is the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic. STD + HIV tests can be done on the same day (STD tests only on weekedays).

Here’s a video where I talk about the procedure.

You can also got to any hospital, but it will be more of a hassle as English isn’t widely spoken, plus costs are higher. The Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic has lots of foreign patients, so it’ll be easier to communicate your symptoms in Englis

I show exactly which tests to get + prices on the Emergency Cheatsheet that comes with my Interactive Guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know she’s not a ladyboy? How to spot a ladyboy?

Please refer to my article & video “How To Spot A Ladyboy“.

What is the age limit for clubs/bars? Do they actually check ID?

The truth is, this depends on how old you look. The only place where they seem to consistently check IDs is at Route 66 – I never had to show ID at any other club or go-go bar.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Other friends of mine (same age) did have to produce their IDs even at go-go bars. It’s best to simply carry your driving licence with you – leave the passport in your hotel/condo.

Taking a working girl home – When do I pay her?

The barfine is paid directly at the bar, the rest it paid to the girl – usually before both of you get naked – although I have also paid afterwards on some occasions. Depends on the girl.

Is Bangkok, or Thailand for that matter, still safe?

Yes, but this is mostly a matter of mindset. Read my complete article “Can You Still Travel?“.

Can you get go-go girls phone number/contact info & simply meet her after work?

Yes, but many bars don’t allow that & the girl might get into trouble if you’re exchanging contacts while you’re inside of the bar. A smoother way would be to take her out (possibly even bang) and then get her info to meet up again outside of her working hours.

I’m not sure if I should go. I have little/no experience traveling. What should I do?

Don’t worry, I can totally relate to your situation. Just a few years ago, the idea of traveling to foreign places by myself seemed ridiculous. Hopefully, this will motivate & push you towards starting your trip: Why You Need To Travel (+How To Start)