Thailand Travel – You Should Travel To Thailand, Don’t Live There

Thailand Travel … and why perhaps less of it is better.

If you’ve liked my stuff up until now, you might be thinking I’ve completely lost it & gone retard.

“I like Thailand. I have the time of my life there … and now, you’re telling me that traveling there twice a year is better than living in paradise?”.


Hear me out. This doesn’t make logical sense, but it’s true in my experience.

If you’re one of those guys complaining how you can only travel to Thailand, party, have fun … twice a year for a few weeks, maybe you don’t realize that this is actually a good thing.

Let’s rewind the clock & take a step back.

A few years back, a girl told me something that didn’t make sense to me back then. Something along the lines of, “She does have sex less often because otherwise it gets boring if she can have sex every day. It’s nothing special anymore.” …

WTF? From a guy’s perspective I was like, “Yo, this feels good. So, I want more of it more often, duhhh?”

Today, I couldn’t agree more with what she said.

You want to live in Thailand forever? Or perhaps for a few months? I’ve done that – it’s not necessarily as you would imagine it.

If you have this daily, it starts to become less exciting.

In my experience, if I have something daily or too often, I start to loose appreciation. It could even be something as trivial as buying a specific food every day.

Pad Thai, chicken rice … and yes, even Subway sandwiches. All of which were fantastic initially but once I thought they were so good that I ate them more regularly … you know what, the less “special” they tasted.

The same applies to Thailand nightlife, pay for play. When you have almost indefinite time, can go out every day, hook up with a different chick whenever you want and get a massage around the corner 24/7 … it’s just not as exciting anymore.

It’s almost like living forever. The concept sounds nice on paper, but in reality it would be hell. Absolute hell. You wouldn’t get anything done. You wouldn’t appreciate anything.

You need that end. And you need that end to your Thailand trip … or wherever you are going. That clock ticking – only X days left IS partially what makes it exciting.

You know after those days, you go back home for several months and can’t have any of this, so you go all in. You party hard. You bang girls.

If you know you can stay for months here anyway, then do a quick visa run, then stay for another 3 months … it’s just not the same at all.

Hey man, I am not telling you what to do. You know best.

This is just what I’v realized and experience.

My Thailand Travels …

When I went to Thailand for “real” the first time, I stayed for 3 weeks. I did go on a date or meet a girl almost every single day, knowing quite well that 3 weeks isn’t a long time – I might as well pack in as much as possible.

Same with Vietnam where on my first trip (was a visa run), I stayed for 3 days only but wanted to meet a local girl. That time limitation (maybe even call it “deadline”) is partially what made it exciting, what made me try it all.

So, that’s another lesson learned & something I will try for myself. Wayyyy shorter trips.

There you have it. If you have been complaining up until now. Maybe reconsider 🙂

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

What are your thoughts? Let me know!