Nuru Massage in Bangkok [UPDATED+ VIDEO INSIDE]

The first time I tried a Nuru massage, I went to the Dream Heaven Massage in Sukhumvit Soi 33 – that was also my first massage experience in Bangkok (and Thailand, for that matter).

Sukhumvit 33 is a side street full of massage places.

In proximity of 2 BTS stations.
In proximity of 2 BTS stations.

It’s not hard to find either & just a 15 minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS station or 30 minutes from Sukhumvit MRT.

You’ll see the sign outside & most likely a bunch of girls will also sit outside.

Entry to Dream Heaven Massage.
Entry to Dream Heaven Massage.

The reception area has – unlike many other sex places – natural lighting & a couch area to sit. The reception girl came up to me & offered a seat on the couch which is next to the entrance.

Picking A Massage Girl

Then, I was handed a sheet with all services & prices. Meantime, another customer came in. Same spiel & he sat down next to me. I already knew in advance what I wanted – the Nuru massage for 2,100 Baht.

The reception girl (probably the mamasan) recommended a girl, but I asked to see all girls available. So, they came out from a side room & lined all up.

Good move, King Epic!

Because now I see there’s cuter girls than the one she suggested. For a moment, I am considering picking the super skinny one … but she looks so freaking young.

Eventually, I pick a girl that has nice legs & good boobies. She looked early twenties and was wearing bunny ears.

English skills? Slim to non-existent … but that’s not why I came here, so no problem …

The Private Room

After the reception/lobby, we walk through a door & right before walking upstairs, I get to take off my shoes.

Well, she’s actually taking off my shoes for me 🙂

A bit of forced small-talk as we go upstairs & finally I get to see the room.

Pretty small. 16m2 at best: Shower, bed & fan. That’s it … but then again, not much else that you’d need in such a room.

Let The Fun Begin …

What can I say? The standard procedure.

We both undress, hop into the shower & she starts washing both of us. At this point – naturally – I am already pretty aroused.

I start stroking her lightly but also find it a bit awkward to do this in the shower.

It’s similar to my massage in Vietnam where you’re in this grey area: Is it on already or is she just doing her massage routine?

I restrain from touching her too much.

This is taking too long. The scrub in the shower is nothing special, I’d rather get it over with. Not sure if this is supposed to be part of the enjoyment or just part of the hygiene regimen …

… anyway, it lasted too long.

Finally, that part is done & we continue on the bed.

What Is A Nuru Massage?

This is the part I was most excited about. I had read about it, watched videos but didn’t know what it’d feel like.

Now, she’s applying the oil (taste & odorless) generously on my body and starts massaging …

… this is where a Nuru massage differs from other massages.

The Nuru massage is done not with hands, but her body. She is sliding with her body on mine – and it feels great!

Really, it feels great but describing the entire thing would be rather boring. It’s just sliding around, focusing on different areas … and at some point I start touching her as well.

Then we make out.

Shortly after, she asks, “Now make boom boom?“. I consent.

She obviously knew what she was doing in the different positions & I really enjoy it. Eventually, I finish & we take another shower together …

Afterwards, we head downstairs & she escorts me to the exit.

My Recommendation

It’s a no-brainer. If you’ve never done a Nuru massage, you gotta try it just for the experience’s sake. 2,100 Baht is not cheap but again, this is more of a one time thing.

Payment is done up-front; tips are optional & not asked for.

What you should always do is ask to see the available girls, so you can pick the one you like the most. You can find many other recommended massage places as part of King Epic Ultimate!