ThaiFriendly Prostitute – She Looked Like A ‘Good’ Girl

Some say ThaiFriendly and Tinder in Thailand are full of freelancers. I decided to message a random Thai girl in Bangkok asking for price. Next thing you know, she’s at my place an hour later.

Here’s the full story.

I have recorded the entire experience (audio) and included snippets in this article; the entire recording is inside the Thailand Guide members area.

ThaiFriendly Hookers

Are there working girls on the various online dating platforms/apps in Thailand? Absolutely, as is the case with ladyboys.

However, their prevalence is usually blown out of proportion.

People make it seem as if ThaiFriendly & Tinder are full of freelancers and every hot girl you see in Thailand is really a ladyboy.

That’s totally not the case.

Many girls on ThaiFriendly specifically state something along the lines of

  • I am not a bar girl. (Broken English -> ‘I not lady bar’)
  • Not freelance.
  • I not massage girl.
  • Don’t offer me money.

Yesterday, I felt like testing the ‘ThaiFriendly Hooker‘ theory first-hand. Here’s what happened …

Bangkok Escorts or ThaiFriendly?

I thought why use Smooci or book via a Bangkok Escort agency when I can get the same for cheap, talk to the girl beforehand and let her see me.

PRO TIP: Going out & meeting freelancers in person is still the best option. If you don’t feel like going out, your second best option is using the contacts I’ve ‘tested’ first-hand.

I went on ThaiFriendly and messaged a random cute girl.

This girl had an empty profile. Just one regular picture. Nothing about her profile or picture would tell you that she’s a Bangkok escort.

Quite the opposite, you’d think she’s just a regular, conservative girl looking for a farang (foreign) boyfriend.

How Much Short Time (ST) 2 Hours?

If the girl responds to such a message at all and isn’t offended, she’s working as a freelancer (or open to the idea of taking money for sex).

WHAT her reply is doesn’t matter much.

Who are you? I don’t see your pic?
Where are you from? What do you do in Bangkok?

These are all green lights.

We exchange Line ID, discuss the details and an hour later she arrives at my Bangkok condo.

Nothing spectacular about the experience. The girl was nice, provided good service and was into it. She looked like on her pictures.

The reason why this experience was interesting and I decided to write this article in the first place wasn’t because I messaged a random girl on ThaiFriendly asking for sex.

The real interesting nuggets of wisdom I’ve extracted when we were lying on bed during sessions. The various audio clips, you can find below …

Thailand Online Dating is Rigged

This girl made me realize that as a man in regards to online dating, the odd are not stacked in your favor. Quite the opposite …

I know about online dating (Tinder, etc.) being rigged but thought it would only apply to Western countries such as the U.S. and Europe.

Nope, it’s just as bad in Thailand.

Here’s why …

This girl I met looked cute. Certainly no stunner. Has 1 OK picture of her uploaded.

Within less than one day, she receives ….


I’ve seen it first-hand.

She showed me on her phone – even the specific messages she would receive on ThaiFriendly. Guys asking her out for dinner and all sorts of other offers.

Now image what the experience is like for a real stunner. A girl that has professional pictures taken. She probably gets 10x more messages.

Tinder Ratio Male Female

If we assume that the Tinder male female ratio above is accurate, it’s not too far-fetched to assume that the ratio on other popular online dating sites in Thailand is similarly stacked in women’s favor.

Does this mean …

Should You Give Up?

That’s not what I am saying here.

What I am saying is keep those 136 messages from 136 other guys in mind.

If you want to stand a chance with a girl that gets flooded with messages and is spoiled with options, your picture and your profile needs to be top-notch.

That’s the only way to stand out and have a chance.

Otherwise you are fighting an uphill battle.

If you aren’t willing to get really good pics taken and play around to optimize your profile, then I say skip online dating altogether and go the pay for play route.

Because …

You’re Paying For It Anyway …

It’s not like girls will come straight to your room if you have top-notch pictures.

The most attractive, in-demand girls will always have several guys to choose from who offer to take them out for dinner and all sorts of things.

Meaning even if your profile stands out, you’ll still have to go on a date – invest either time, money or both.

That’s why I repeatedly said, just go pay for play and skip all the dating nonsense (unless you genuinely enjoy dinner dates).

Trouble w/ Thai Freelancer?

Here’s a good example as to why you should always negotiate price and what’s included up-front. Anything that you assume is included might not be included if you don’t mention it specifically.

This is an important topic in regards to interacting with freelancers. I go into great detail in regards to hooker/freelancer interactions, pricing and avoiding trouble in my Monger Playbook.

Most issues stem from the fact that either the girl or the customer assumes something is included in the service, but isn’t.

Don’t make assumptions, discuss upfront what you want.

Thai Freelancer Tries Smooci App

It’s funny … this girl told me she had just signed up for ThaiFriendly to find customers, yet she didn’t even know about the Smooci app.

As you can hear in the audio (included here), I am not sure if she fully understood how the Smooci app works. I explained to her that it’s for guys to book Bangkok escorts online … not for girls to message guys.

$5,000 USD/Month For Thai ‘Girlfriend’

It’s absurd that this girl who was by no means special or a stunner has guys paying her that much per month.

At the same time, it’s an important reminder as to why you want to educate yourself before your Thailand trip.

I believe if these guys knew what the actual price is, they’d never ever pay that much for ANY Thai girl ever again.

It’s pretty simple:

  1. The more guys prepare themselves before Thailand trip
  2. The fewer guys overpay or are being scammed
  3. Prices stay low for all of us

The opposite case would be guys that have no clue about anything, pay ridiculous amounts of money and we all suffer the consequences of inflated prices.

I’ve talked about this in-depth in Thailand Holiday Girlfriend.

Assuming the girl likes you and you take her to a fancy place, she might not even ask for additional payment. $5,000 per month is beyond ridiculous.

Full Freelancer Interview

The entire interview with this Thai freelancer is over 30 minutes long.

Including topics such as

  • She asking me, ‘How many girls do you bring here?’
  • The escort agency she works for & guys paying big money.
  • Why she wants to stop working as escort and live a ‘normal’ life with a boyfriend or husband.
  • Complaining about her big boob size.
  • I show her how to use the Smooci escort app.
  • How she tries to change what we’ve agreed upon and charge more money.

The full interview is included in the Thailand Guide. In case you have any additional question, email consultations/trip planning is included as well.