Soapy Massage in Bangkok [UPDATED + VIDEO INSIDE]

I want to preface this by saying that shortly after I went to this place – Nataree Massage – it was raided and permanently shut down.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this review.

I’m the guy that wants to know his money is well spent (Who doesn’t?). So, before I was even considering going to this place and dashing out a few thousand baht, I read plenty of online reviews.

Nataree Massage Bangkok was one of the highest rated ones. So, I decided to go there one weekday evening around 7pm.

I took the BTS to Sukhumvit & then the MRT to Khuai Khwang station. From there, it’s just a five minute walk.

Nataree has 2 entrances. I took the one on the left.

Once I was inside, there was only one way to turn: right. You’ll see a lobby … and could easily get overwhelmed.

It’s basically just you walking in … and about 100+ girls sitting in the lobby looking at you.

Don’t worry, they’re friendly and some will even start talking right away.

Then the papasan came up and explained what’s up here, more importantly the different pricing tiers. I picked one of the “cheaper” girls for 2,600 Baht.

Alright, here we go. Paying at the reception & taking the elevator upstairs …

… the inside closely resembles a hotel. Maybe it used to be one? Anyway …

There’s nothing worth talking about regarding the room. Very basic: TV set, bed, small couch & big bathtub.

Inside The Room

The girl I had picked must’ve been late Twenties (going by looks) and said she was from Chiang Mai. She offered me to sit down on the little couch, turned on the TV & started filling the bathtub.

Watching TV? WTF? So I asked her to turn it off which she did … only to turn it back on at a later point.

The bathtub filling seemed to take forever & I honestly felt like she was just trying to delay things/kill time.

Hey, I’ll always name things I don’t like & this was the first of many …

After what felt like an eternity, I was finally able to go inside the bathtub … yet what followed was nothing more than “pretense” – certainly not what I’d expect from a soapy massage in Bangkok.

It was really just a bit of washing … with a bit of soapy … it felt more like a preview of what I could expect in a nursing home one day. (By the way, see my happy ending massage in Vietnam – that was a professional “bathtub experience”!)

The Soapy Massage Girl

So, this was it. There was no soapy massage. Just a quick bathtub scrub & then hoping onto bed for boom boom.

The girl didn’t look bad, but I certainly wasn’t too excited about her when she was naked. Not super slim (= no super flat belly), boobies weren’t big … yeah, not great overall.

She wasn’t too enthusiastic about it either – so it was just regular sex. BJ – then different positions.

I declined the offer to take another bath afterwards & just washed my private parts instead …

Putting on clothes again, down the elevator & out …

My Rating

Should the place open again, would I recommend a visit? No, I would not simply because the price of 2,600 Baht (cheapest option) for what is only regular sex is just too high. You can get that for much cheaper & the bathtub experience is certainly one to miss.

The other thing – and this applies to all places – is the selection of girls. These massage girls use every trick in the book to “look” good (who can blame them), but might not actually look good … especially when they’re naked.

So, I recommend taking a real close look at the things you prefer. For example, if you’re a boobies man, make sure she has really big ones because if you account for the push up, they’ll just be right.

The other thing – such as flat stomach – can be next to impossible to detect based on what she is wearing, but given the large selection of girls at most massage places, you can certainly find one that matches your criteria.

In most of these big places, the lights are somewhat dimmed which makes it even more difficult to accurately predict which girls are hot/which aren’t.

Sometimes the papasan (or mamasan at the Nuru massage I had previously been to) will suggest a girl – you have no obligation to pick that girl.

Can I Just Look & Leave?

This is another misconception – you can simply walk inside, look at the options & leave if no girl fancies you.

The worst you can do is just pick a girl because you feel obliged & then have a bad experience yourself. Save yourself that money!

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