Thailand Holiday Girlfriend [ULTIMATE GUIDE — UPDATED VERSION]

If you are a single man going to Thailand, you probably want to indulge in the naughty and fun stuff you’ve heard about.

This usually means exploring Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket Nightlife.

Then you might want to try the infamous Soapy Massage, or Nuru Massage in Thailand.

For some men, that is enough.

They keep on partying every night, taking home a different girl each time. The bars and nightclubs become their territory.

Yet other men decide that it’s enough with the partying and want to take it slow; chill and relax at a nice location.

That nice location could be somewhere in Bangkok, or off the grid on an island.

The problem is, doing that alone is pretty boring.

What they need is a Holiday Girlfriend.

This guide will show you how to get one.

Efficiently, quickly and with minimal costs – and ideally no drama involved.

  • Forget about booking a holiday girlfriend online.
  • Get rid of the misconception that a holiday girlfriend costs $1,000+ per day.
  • Lastly, eliminate the idea of meeting a ‘normal’ Thai girl who will go on holiday with you. (Yes, it’s possible but too much effort. She’ll be at work, very inflexible and building a relationship takes too long if you’re there for a few weeks only.)

Thai Freelancer OR Normal Thai Girl?

The idea of taking a Thai freelancer (prostitute) on holiday with you doesn’t sound very romantic. That is, at least on paper.

In reality, there is LITTLE difference between a freelancer that likes you and an ordinary Thai girl.

The difference is that the freelancer is up-front and wants money while a normal Thai girl might want some perks (free food, you being her entertainment monkey, etc.)

Notice how I said ‘a freelancer that likes you‘. That’s the essential criteria.

Many guys simply take any girl THEY find attractive and are not aware whether or not the girl also likes THEM.

That’s the reason why you find reports online stating that paying for a girl doesn’t feel like the real deal …

Thai Freelancer – Does She Really Like You?

Before you think about taking a girl on a vacation with you, you should at least spend a night with her (ideally more).

If you book her for ST (short time) but she decides to stay overnight, that’s an indicator that she likes you.

Some additional (common-sense) cues:

  • Wants to cuddle after sex.
  • Initiates sex or intimacy.
  • Offers sex without protection. (Sign that she’s into you, but you should not take up her offer.)

.. basically any time she goes beyond what was agreed upon.

Location Proximity

If you want to spend your holiday on an island near Phuket, then it simply doesn’t make sense to take a girl all the way from Bangkok to Phuket.

She will want you to pay for the flight and what if you don’t like her anymore after a few days? Now you’re stuck with her on the island.

Say you want your holiday to be in Phuket. Simply meet a girl in Phuket and then take her to the close-by island!

That way, you are keeping both your investment and risk low.

Same applies to when you decide to stay in/near Bangkok or Pattaya.

Let’s talk about risk management.

The last thing you want is to make a deal with a girl only to realize that you’ve messed up your entire trip (and wasted money).

Holiday Girlfriend Risk Management

Always maintain the upper hand. Always maintain leverage.

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when planning a holiday trip with a Thai (girlfriend).

  • ‘Test’ before you buy = Spend night together before deciding to take her on holiday.
  • Never pay more than a day in advance.
  • Take a girl from the city closest to your holiday destination.
  • Ideally have 1-2 other girls as a backup option. This will make it easier to cut off the girl if she starts acting up.

In terms of ‘risk management’ there are additional considerations, which most guys seem to overlook.

Below is an email I’ve received from Thailand Guide member.

His thoughts pretty much some up the most critical points:

I think it’d be an interesting topic for a video. I’d like to pass on a couple of points, should anyone get offers of daily rates for a holiday companion to take on his trip.

My thoughts are:

1. Fluency

It’s an enormous risk, as she might be great company for a few days, but Thai girls are incredibly flighty.

Unless you can remain calm and can talk her down, it’s a disproportionate risk. I suspect the greater one’s Thai language skills are, the better one’s chances of a good trip are.

My opinion thus far is that, if you can’t completely understand a Thai drama show, you’re not fluent enough.

2. Expect Daily Costs To Skyrocket

It might sound like a great deal.

Pussy on demand 24 hours a day. Ball yourself silly. But do a proper evaluation of the costs.

Meals, flights, etc. And add in 1/2 of her daily rate for gifts, at a minimum – she’ll be constantly pestering for the makeup she didn’t bring, that her clothes are ruined by the rain and that her shoes are too uncomfortable to walk around to all the sights you want to see.

Do a full accounting of the expected costs before deciding that it’s a good deal.

3. Emotional Hooks

Maintaining your emotional distance is difficult when you’re with someone 24 hours a day and balls deep in them every day, multiple times a day.

That’s just human nature.

Compounded by any efforts to sink those hooks in. I know my limits but I’ve had to put my foot down when she crossed them. Some people will be less capable of this.

4. Libido

Hot chick that made you hard just looking at her walk?

Well, how long do you think that sexual attraction will last. For me, 3 days.

Past that, it’s lost it’s appeal. Pussy is still an attraction, but the 20th time dining at the Ritz becomes kind of… meh.

She was still hot, but not the wow factor she made when we first met.

5. Religion

Thai women, particularly the hookers, seem inordinately religious. Maybe they feel a need to cleanse their soul for what they do.

I’m an atheist – nay, anti-theist. One I went with kept trying to push her “tolerance” on me. No thanks, I’m cool hating the enemies of my people.

I suspect results will vary greatly, but if you’re not a Buddhist, it will likely become a problem.

I don’t know how an evangelical Christian trying to convert a Thai whore would go.

6. Period

No, not the punctuation mark.

Biological rhythms destabilize any and all women. At the very least, find out when she’s due. If she’s due some time during your vacation, flee.

Western women are bad enough. Thai seem to lose the fraying threads to sanity that they normally have.

Or that’s my view.

Run. Don’t stop till you’re balls deep in the ass of some rice farmer girl who can’t speak a word of English in a short time room.

Then run some more. Just saying.

Anyhow, I hope you’re successful! I certainly benefited from your sage advice!

7. Know Yourself (added by KING EPIC)

Knowing how you tick is essential to getting it all right.

Look at your past experience.

Do you get bored of any individual girl easily? Do you get annoyed with girls easily?

If so, then perhaps having different girls regularly instead of ‘getting’ a holiday girlfriend is a better option for you.

Do you only care about sex and want to be left alone the rest of the day?

In this case, it’s probably better to NOT take a girl with you. (If you really only care about sex.)

Otherwise you will have the girl hanging around in the hours between sex and it might feel like a burden.

In such a case, it might be better to arrange deals with freelancers.

Do you want to be flexible and spontaneous at all times? Do you like variety?

Imagine you’re with your rented holiday girlfriend and you see another girl which you prefer or you want to go out alone and meet other girls.

What now?

The holiday girlfriend stays with you in the same room.

In these situations, the idea of taking a holiday girlfriend to a remote island might sound good on paper but will probably play out very differently in reality.

Think twice about going ahead with your plan, and if you do, perhaps limit the trip to a few days only. (You can always extend if all goes well.)

Sourcing Holiday Girlfriend

Knowing all that, where do you actually find potential candidates for the role of your holiday girlfriend?

I have written extensive guides covering nightlife in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

Those are a good start and will show you exactly where you find which type of working girl and what to expect in terms of prices and service.

For something more advanced, your go-to tool is my Thailand Guide.

Generally-speaking, meeting freelancers (at designated nightclubs) will be the cheapest option. There is no barfine and daily rates can be negotiated without constraints.

Taking a girl from a bar or gogo bar will be expensive as she is not able to work for the bar while on vacation.

This means you’ll have to compensate the bar in the form of the barfine for the duration of your holiday.

Costs of Thai Holiday Girlfriend

Unlike barfines, Short Time and Long Time, there is no set range for the costs of a holiday girlfriend.

There are multiple reasons for this.

First, taking a Thai freelancer on holiday with you is not as common as booking her for an hour or overnight.

Second, where you stay during your holiday matters A LOT.

If you’re staying at a luxury resort that has a great buffet, massage services and all sorts of other cool stuff included, the girl might be okay with just those perks alone and no additional payment is required.

If on the other hand, you stay at some budget hotel that doesn’t even have a pool, then to compensate for the lack of perks, the girl will probably ask for a higher daily rate.

Some guys offer perks only in the form of paying for the girl’s accommodation, food, etc. instead of a fixed daily rate.

This makes sense if you are staying at a fancy place and the girl staying at your room doesn’t cost extra.

The longer you want the girl to stay with you, the more leeway you have in regards to negotiating the rate.

Don’t get discouraged by what you might read online about the costs of a holiday girlfriend in Thailand. I know freelancers that got paid 100,000 Thai Baht ($3,000) + Flight Tickets for 1 week.

Please don’t be an idiot and think you have to pay these crazy rates.

Something more reasonable would be 1,000-2,000 Baht per day. That’s roughly $30-60. And that’s a rate assuming there are no additional perks for the girl (such as the luxury hotel example mentioned above).

If you cover food and accommodation and the place you’re going to is interesting … any girl that likes you will be happy to join you even if it’s just to get away from hectic nightlife.

Be Willing To Walk Off


This is YOUR Thailand trip.

You’ve probably invested a good amount of money for flights, accommodation; perhaps taken time off work.

Don’t accept anything but the very best.

If the girl you are with starts acting up, don’t let that ruin even one day of your holiday. Yes, you have to put yourself first.

Not all girls are the same and not all girls are great, but don’t bullshit yourself into thinking the girl you are with isn’t replaceable. Most likely, she is.

If the girl you’re with becomes ungrateful and entitled – just know that there are probably a dozen girls nearby who would be more than happy to serve you.

… or you can decide to keep quiet, accept what is and let the girl ruin your Thailand vacation.

As Thai girls like to say, ‘Up to you.’