YOUR Perfect Girl (3 Mistakes I’ve Made)

I remember the first time I tried pay for play. I lacked all sense of tact & it was very mechanical.

I thought,

“Okay, I am paying for a service here, so it must be like a supermarket.”

I would simply walk in and straight up tell them what I need.

That works. Gets the job done, but it won’t necessarily lead to the best experience possible.

The problem is, none of these girls come with datasheets.

  • Blowjob Skills: 7/10
  • Can go for 30 minutes without complaining.
  • Those are her favorite positions.
  • Price/Value is very good with these girls.
  • Average Rating 4.5/5 stars

It can be a bit tricky to know what you are getting.

Why does this even matter?

Just get drunk & hook up with the first girl you see.

Think about it. After flight & accommodation, girls will be your biggest expense. Flights & accommodation, you can look at rationally, compare and eventually get what you want.

If you take into account that a pay for play experience is going to cost you – on average – between $30-100, it’s worth taking a closer look at what you are getting.

The other thing is sheer quantity – depending on where you go, you are looking at hundreds, if not thousands of available girls.

So, without this getting to anal, here are 3 basic mistakes I’ve made – hopefully, you avoid them.

#1 – Caving In/Accepting An “Averagy”

This first one is important & easily avoided. Accepting a less than ideal girl. I would go into one of these little massage shops knowing very well what service I want. The receptionist tells a girl to come here & tells me that this is the girl she recommends.

Not really my type, so I ask if I can see the other girls. Now she yells something in Thai and all the girls come from the room next doors and line up in front of me. Must’ve been 12 girls.

Hmm, again, they are nice. Skinny ones, big boobs … but not one that instantly caught my eyes.

Everyone’s looking at me. They are waiting for me to make my pick.

I feel like an asshole just saying not interested and leaving. I just made them line up in front of me.

Soooo, I pick the one in the middle.

I’ve only made this mistake once or twice, luckily. I’m already socially awkward, so making it even more awkward & dealing with that tension isn’t that hard.

BUT I know many guys that are very polite, politically-correct and for those, making the move to leave will be very fucking difficult. But it’s important that you do – and by knowing in advance that you could face such a situation – including everyone staring at you – you might be able to better handle it.

There’s similar scenario that I’ve also experienced many, many times. That’s when you go to a legit brothel anywhere – could be Asia (Hong Kong, Indonesia) or a Western country.

You see pictures of the girl on her door, then you knock on her door, she opens and you realize she looks nothing like the girl on her pictures … or 10 years and 20 pounds heavier. – That’s their method & it seems to work.

Say the girls isn’t actually hot. With her actual pictures, she would get very little attention. Say, 3 guys per day. With fake pics of a hot girl, there might 20 guys per day, but 10 of those will feel uncomfortable saying no and simply go ahead and book the service.

#2 – NOT Ending It Early Enough

On rare occasions, you will also experience a Two-Face girl. She’s all friendly & upbeat but once you hand her the money, her attitude changes for the worse.

When that happens, I quickly make sure she understands I won’t put up with it. If we’re only seconds in and she already starts complaining, I’ll tell her right away I take my money back if she’s not willing to deliver.

The key here is to do that as early as possible. Can’t be going for half an hour and then tell her you don’t really like it.

#3 – Picking The Wrong Venue

Kinda stupid mistake in hindsight. There was a phase where all I cared about was looks. Her skills/service/attitude didn’t matter match, I just wanted her to look as hot as possible.

I went to different places, gogo bars, beer bars, massage parlors. Quality was inconsistent & whether or not I was happy with the experience was rather random.

The problem? None of the girls were naked, so I could only guess what they looked like underneath. – Had I simply skipped the massage parlors, beer bars and instead went straight to full on nude gogo bars, I could’ve gotten exactly what I wanted with taking any chances.

First, know what you want & then pick the venue – not the other way around. If you want a BJ, don’t pick a random girl from a club, go to a BJ bar.

If you want a Nuru massage, go to a Nuru massage place, don’t ask a freelancer or gogo girl to do it. They might say yes to your request, but unlikely that they have the skills.

So, those were some of the mistakes I’ve made. There were probably more that I can’t think off right now.

If you want more on the methods I DO use to filter the girls I talk to, you can check out “The Monger Playbook”. I’ve linked to a free sample chapter in the description below.

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