Tinder in Thailand – Experiences & Lay Reports

To be clear, I have nothing against online dating in Thailand (ThaiFriendly, Tinder).

I just think that in most cases, it takes up a lot of time (sometimes money) and that overall pay for play is the more honest way of meeting girls.

Both parties are upfront about their intentions and nobody gets hurt in the process. Plus, you get exactly what you want.

That being said, there have been instances in which either the girl was OK with coming straight to my place or a similar low/no-effort scenario.

Here are a few of my experiences with Tinder in Thailand.


Tiny Thai Girl (Hospital Industry)

I met this girl at around 9PM in Patong, Phuket (roughly 15 minutes walking distance from Bangla Road). Decided to walk to the beach and check out the surrounding area.

She was studying in Northern Thailand but was in Phuket for a 3 month internship at a hotel.

If you ever visit Phuket (Patong) make sure to check out the beach at night. It’s quite unique in that there’s the Red Light District (Bangla Road) and just across the street you find tranquil beach scenery.

Even after midnight, there are plenty of people sitting and walking in the Patong Beach area. A must visit if you’re with a girl!

Heavy rain on the way back to her apartment; we had to take refuge outside of a restaurant.

We met again twice and even went to check out Paradise Beach (NOTE: Not worth the visit!)

Thai Girl Studying Japanese

After I dropped off the previous girl, I met up with this one.

… oddly enough, she was living in the building across of the other girl and suggested the same meet up location (7-Eleven). I was a bit worried but it turned out to be a coincidence.

Basically did the same thing as with the previous one. Beach and walking around; then brought her home.

The exchange below is from the day after.

We met up, bought some drinks at 7-Eleven and walked toward the beach. I wanted to drink as I haven’t had a drink in months.

I got really drunk and the experience was fun (almost always the case).

We walked around at Patong Beach; I think at one point we both fell down while walking on sand. Then we went to a bar at Bangla Road and played 2 rounds of pool (loser would pay for both drinks).

Needless to say, I lost ūüėÄ

Afterwards, we went to my hotel room (just 2 minutes from Bangla Road). I left Phuket a few days after and did not see her again.

Filipina Tourist (from Manila)

‘I am alone in my hotel,
lying on my bed and not wearing underwear.’

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would’ve concluded that this was a scam. I was 10000% sure – this has got to be a scam.

Either a girl trying to lead on horny guys or it’s a guy using fake pics to troll other Tinder users.

We exchanged WhatsApp contacts. The number she gave me was one from the Philippines. She had told me that she’s a tourist here in Phuket and actually from Manila, Philippines.

I called her and it really was a girl that answered.

Then she told me the hotel she is staying at … which is 5 minutes walking distance from my place.

I said, I’d come.

At this point, it wasn’t about getting laid. I just wanted to see if this was a scam.

On the way there, I was texting my friend,

Either this is a scam or the easiest lay ever.

I texted the girl that I am here and noticed her walking outside the hotel. I thought, okay, this looks solid. Probably not a scam.

Then she told me about the pool party that was going on and asked if I also wanted to get a drink. At this point, I thought maybe she’s looking for free drinks …

But in the end, despite the situation looking sketchy, it really was a girl that was horny and wanted to get laid. She had a nice room, which you can see in the video below.

You can also see the remains of the pool party at her hotel and the fire performance.

She was a professional dancer and as such very flexible. Could do a split etc. After sex, we went downstairs and played with some toys in the pool.

Bangkok Working Girl (Tour Guide)

I had messaged this girl a few days prior asking if she was a working girl.

She was.

Then at some point, I asked her about meeting up. Then I changed my mind and said that I am not really interested. This was right around midnight and she happened to be on Bangla Road.

She suggested we meet up and have a drink; nothing else.

I accepted the offer and walked outside of my hotel (stayed at Maritime Rooms Patong), around the corner and met her.

After midnight, 7-Eleven and FamilyMart don’t sell alcohol anymore so we opted for the street bar; grabbed 2 beers and walked toward Patong Beach.

It got windy and started to rain, so we decided to head back to Bangla Road – specifically the After Hour Club at Illuzion.

The After Hour Club (below Illuzion) is worth checking out. Pretty unique setting; lots of couches and many Thai freelancers.

Went to my hotel room afterwards and meet again a few days later; this time in the morning and she wanted to show me some spots near Phuket before going to Nai Harn Beach. (Compilation in the video below)

Location: BANGKOK

Thai Girl (Nurse)

Friendly girl that didn’t speak good English. I met her at around 10PM at the BTS station and initially it was a bit awkward. (It always is with shy girls; even more so when they are shy in regards to speaking English.)

Took her to my Bangkok apartment, sat on the couch and talked for a bit, then moved on to watch TV (she asked for it) and had sex.

I didn’t want her to stay over that night; at the same time, I didn’t want to be an asshole for asking her to drive home after midnight. I took a taxi with her to make sure she gets home safely.

I met her a few time afterwards but overall decided to end it as she got too clingy (wanted to chat daily) and to be honest (this probably sounds arrogant), she didn’t stimulate me enough mentally.

If I am spending time with a girl outside of the bedroom, I want to have good conversations and not have to change my vocabulary to make her understand.

Thai Girl (with British Accent)

Interesting encounter with this girl. She works for Thai immigration (can’t recall which department). I met up with her at the food court as I was going there anyway to eat dinner.

Then went to my place. Her English was impeccable … the only issue I had with it was her accent. Her British accent made her sound like one of my Thai friends (he studied in Scotland).

Any time, she’d open her mouth, I’d think of my friend.

Funny enough, this kind of ruined the experience. Nonetheless, sex was nice – afterwards I walked her to the BTS station.

Thai Girl (Thai-Chinese Translator)

Same scenario as previous girl. Met up with her at the food court. Pretty face (my type) but she was very reserved.

I thought she wasn’t interested but later realized that she was simply nervous.

Pretending to be disinterested was her way of masking that insecurity.

After eating, I asked her if she wanted to have a drink at my place. She agreed – and as we were walking there let me know that I walk, talk and look like a Terrorist. (Apparently because in her opinion I walk and talk very fast.)

Back at my condo, sat on the couch for a bit and talked.

Interesting story, she had spent several years studying Chinese at a Chinese university. Had sex and after, I walked her to the BTS station.

Met her twice after, both times she pretended to be super disinterested for the first few minutes – I called her out on it. Nonetheless, cool and friendly girl.

Thai Girl (Spa at Luxury Hotel)

Really cool girl with excellent English.

I almost didn’t want to meet her. The day before, we had matched on Tinder. Quickly, she had asked me if I wanted to meet.

Of course, my first thoughts were that either this is a joke or I am talking to a ladyboy. Although she looked nothing like a ladyboy (and was rather tiny).

The next day, we met at BTS Asok and headed to Benjakitti Park.

I like to just walk or sit at the park and talk. If you’re with a girl that speaks superior English, it’s not too bad of an experience …

Later, she asked if we could get drinks … and we grabbed some drinks from the 7-Eleven across the street. This was around 30 minutes before the park was closing.

At the front entrance, the guards noticed the drinks and told us to leave.

Then we put the drinks in her handbag and used the other entrance.

Sat next to the water, had our drinks and talked. She was very comfortable at that point and started getting a little touchy.

Park was about to close and we had to leave. I suggested my condo.

In the taxi on the way there, she wanted to lie on my lap. Alright, why not …

Later, I brought her home via taxi.

Thai Girl (Receptionist at Luxury Hotel)

Another girl with excellent English working at a luxury hotel.

This time, I didn’t have anything better to do one night (also didn’t want to have sex), so I was okay with meeting up just for a drink and talk.

Actually, she had 2 beers – I didn’t drink and just had 7-Eleven coffee.

W District is a nightlife area/open-air food court just outside BTS Phra Khanong.

The girl was interesting to talk to; she had plans to leave Thailand and work abroad. I told her to find something else; given her English proficiency, she would be underselling herself working a job for less than $1,000 USD per month.

A few days later, I invited her straight to my condo.

That same night, I went to¬†Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok. I didn’t know what it was but I started to get rashes all over my body.

The rashes had started a few days prior to that night.

I was a bit worried, so I went outside and hopped into a taxi at 2AM to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

They said it’s nothing to worry about but recommended I take some medicine to take care of the itching.

15 minute hospital visit = 2,600 Thai Baht (~72USD). I have a very inexpensive health insurance (roughly $1 per day), which covered the entire costs of that hospital visit.

Thai Girl (Belly Piercing)

OK English. 22 years old.

I met up with her outside the supermarket as I need to go grocery shopping. Afterwards told her I need to put all the groceries into the freezer – she came with me.

Sat on the sofa and talked. Made out but that was about it.

Nice girl. I didn’t meet her again afterwards. She messaged me several times but at that time I had already lost the attraction.

I can’t really pinpoint why. Sometimes I completely lose attraction and don’t know why.