Invisible Mongering – “Too proud” to pay for play?

Maybe you’ve been watching my videos & thought to yourself,

“That looks like a lot of fun”.

But then you realize that you’re not that kind of guy.

Going to bars, massage places and all of that stuff is kinda weird & after all, you are not that desperate to pay for it.

You are better.

You are the cream of the crop.

Graph was kindly provided by the United Nations.
  1. You reside on the peak. You are classy. You exude value. Hot girls give you the eye. You have options.
  2. On the very bottom, the lowest most despicable foreigner in Thailand: the Sex Tourist. Sexpat. Monger.
  3. Then we have the average PG13-Thailand-tourist.

Most importantly, you are NOT a sex tourist.

You might come to Thailand to meet Thai girls, but the fact that you’re not directly paying for it provides a nice rationalization that it’s not sex tourism.


So, here’s something you’ve always wanted to know:

How to do all the fun stuff that sex tourists do, yet still remain on top of the hierarchy … at least in your own mind.

I call it, “Invisible Mongering“.

Mongering – A person who is actively researching and on the prowl for sexual intercourse with a professional or otherwise.

Apply the following strategies to trick yourself into thinking you’re not actually mongering & thereby maintain all of your self-worth & confidence.

1.) Have sex with at least 1 regular Thai girl.

This is important because now you can visit gogo bars or even try something as naughty as a happy ending massage and whenever you feel insecure about what you’re doing, you tell yourself,

“I’m just doing this for fun. I don’t need to pay for it because it get laid for free anyway.”

2.) Never pay cash.

Ask if she takes Amazon vouchers. Invite her on expensive trips. Buy her gifts. Whatever. It. Takes. (Goddamn it.)

As long as you stay clear of using cash, you can tell yourself, “Look, I’m not the type of guy that pays girls for sexual services.” … and you still have a clean slate in terms of pay for play.

3.) Present Yourself As Entrepreneur.

Any girls you meet. The guys you hang out with. It doesn’t matter who asks about your motif for coming to Thailand.

Not sure if the entrepreneur-frame would work here …

Regardless of whether you are broke, or work 9-5, you’re standard answer – and feel free to customize this – should always be,

“I do Internet Marketing.”

That’ll usually be enough to not look like a sex tourist in other people’s eyes. If you feel people are still suspicious, you can go even deeper,

“I manage Facebook Ads for various clients.” or

“I do Amazon FBA.”

Throw in some Internet marketing lingo if you can.

Avoid generic answers like “I came here for the great food/culture” … as those lack credibility.

4.) My Friend’s Paying

So now you have successfully tricked yourself into doing pay for play. You might be sitting at a beer bar or gogo club.

The final challenge:

Now that you’re talking to a girl, you need to somehow make her think that you’re now a sex tourist … and that you NEVER, EVER pay for it.

Keep calm.

You are almost there – successfully handle this obstacle and you’re on your way of completing your first pay for play experience … and keeping your self image intact at the same time!

Here’s what you say, “I didn’t want to come here but my friend insistent. He said I have to try it and he’ll pay.”

Equally important:

Mention other girls. Show randoms pics of hot Asian girls you found online, pointing out, “She’s been messaging me. I don’t know if I wanna meet her. What do you think?”

5.) Memory Erasure

If you want to make the entire experience bulletproof and are willing to go to extreme lengths to maintain your self image, you use this.

Now, sadly they don’t ship those devices to Thailand. So, instead, you use alcohol. Fill up the girl. Get her drunk.

She won’t remember anything.

If nobody else remembers, you can tell yourself it never happened.

Most importantly,

You are no sex tourist.