Thai Girls Are Never FREE. Here’s Why.

I’ve written about the reality of Tinder in Thailand.

Not because I’m against online dating (not at all) but rather because I feel most Thailand websites/blogs paint a completely inaccurate picture in regards to what’s possible.

  • Can you meet hot Thai girls for free? Yes.
  • Can you meet hot Thai girls for free regularly? Probably not.

That’s the reality.

I have yet to see this reality being challenged.

This comment pretty much sums it up.

I disagree with ‘never’.

I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it too – or will once you’re in Thailand. However, the idea that this happens regularly is ridiculous.

It’s not considered ‘free’ if …

  • You use social status (You’re the bar owner, bar tender or DJ.)
  • You met the girl via your social circle.
  • You invite her for something that costs money.

2-Step Process To Get Hot Girls! EASY!

  1. ‘Hey, do you want to fly to Dubai with me?’
  2. ‘Look I am meeting all these Thai supermodels. It’s so easy!’

Yeah, right.

If a girl I have no sexual interest in invites me to dinner, I might say yes. The fancier the dinner, the more likely that I’ll say yes.

Whenever you read or hear about ‘hot girls’ + ‘easy’ + ‘free’ – it’s worth digging deeper. You will find that one of these attributes doesn’t apply.

Many times the hot girls turn out to be average or free really meant ‘just invited her for dinner’.

To say all Thai girls want to make money off their looks is an exaggeration. Most would probably feel insulted if you offered them money.

It would be more accurate to say most are (smart enough) to utilize their looks.

What ‘free’ really means.

Going to the park. Meeting up just to hang out. Visiting a particular part of town.

That’s what I consider free in the sense that there is no incentive for the girl to meet up with me other than that she just wants to spend time with me (or is horny).

Most guys tell themselves that unless you pay her cash, it’s free.

Inviting her for dinner is free. Going to a bar and buying her drinks is free.

This is mostly the mental approach of guys who are strictly against paying for sex (most often for ego reasons). They have to tell themselves that it’s free, otherwise inviting a girl to a dinner date would be pay sex.

Once such a guy is able to make the mental leap and admit that he’s paying anyway, he will usually ditch the dinner dates and get girls that accept cash payments …

… to get down to business instead of spending time and money playing silly dating games.

This is the argument I’ve brought since the very beginning.

What About Daygame? Clubbing?

Look, it’s no different than online dating.

Daygame aka approaching girls during daytime works. If you see a girl you like, I recommend you go talk to her. Take a chance.

However, ultimately, it’s no different then online dating. The odd stunner will meet up with you, most won’t and you’re back to square one.

If you want a hot girl every day, you need 2 things

  • Cash
  • Good Timing

Cash is self-explanatory.

Good timing means you need to go to bars, freelancer clubs, scout Smooci or online dating platforms at the right time.

If you go out too late, most of the hot girls will be gone already (unless you use my list).

You see, even if you are willing to spend money, it’s not like hot girls are all over the place at any time of the day.

Lastly, this is a good to time to recap INVISIBLE MONGERING.