The Almighty Rule of Ten

I’ve tried pay for play. It was rather mechanical. It didn’t feel ‘real’ (like an experience with a normal girl). – I have decided that this isn’t for me.

Fair enough. How many times have you tried P4P?

Hmm a few times. 3 different girls, I think.

You Must Pass The Threshold

Nobody in their right mind would go on 3 different dates, realize there is no chemistry with any of the girls and conclude that women aren’t for him – and abstinence is the way to go.

It would be quite ridiculous.

Everyone understands that chemistry is something natural that you don’t have with every girl you meet – and that it’s perfectly normal to not like each other.

Somehow when it comes to pay for play, that common sense understanding seems to be absent. Newbies think that trying a Happy Ending Massage, Freelancer or Escort once will tell the whole story.

No, it won’t.

All it will do is show if you have chemistry with the girl in front of you – not whether or not you like pay for play overall.

10 Experiences To ‘Graduate’

This rule isn’t written in stone. I just made it up.

Do you honestly think that it’s realistic to have chemistry with EVERY SINGLE girl you meet (or take home)?

It’s a completely unrealistic standard.

If that’s the case, then why ‘give up’ after 1 or 2 or 3 pay for play experiences and conclude it’s not for you?

Don’t be that guy. – You must pass the threshold of 10 experiences.

I have never met anyone who has followed this rule and still concluded that pay for play isn’t for him. NEVER.

There are only two scenarios in which it could turn out differently (theoretically):

1. You are very unfortunate. Meeting 10 girls, none of which you have a good time with – is as likely as being struck by a lightning. Personally, I have never seen this with anyone I know whether they are friends, or just followers.

2 or 3 experiences you don’t enjoy? Sure, that happens. But 10 different pay for play experiences and NONE of them were good? It can only be that¬† …

2. You are weird. If that is the case, I am guessing no girl will do – not even a ‘normal’ girl.

If this is you, then yeah, we might have a problem …

If that’s not you, then good news: You probably aren’t that weird.

That’s it.

Any other scenario doesn’t really apply (in my experience).

If you are inexperienced (or a Virgin), the first few experiences might be awkward but after a few girls you will feel comfortable and totally enjoy it.

If you are against paying for sex and just force yourself to do it (or lost a bet), – even then once that first girl you click with comes along, you will think, ‘That’s awesome!’

10 Girls. Where? How?

It depends on your preferences and prior experience.

I generally recommend to sample a variety of services – Happy Ending Massages, Nuru Massages, Soapy Massages, girls from clubs, etc.

That way you find out what you like/dislike and experience the full spectrum of what pay for play has to offer.

If you want to ‘ease‘ into pay for play, starting with a massage would be my recommendation. In other words, massage first, then happy ending (sex).

By the time the happy ending takes place, you are very relaxed and aroused already. Compare that to directly having sex – I can see how a newbie would feel a bit uncomfortable.

Lastly, Which Options Are Available?

Some places simply don’t provide good service. It’s not you – it’s them. The ones I recommend at which most guys have a superior experience, I’ve included in my guide.

The same applies to freelancers (Thai girls). You can work your way through a number of them, or meet the one’s I’ve tested already.

In general, these are the services available.

Have fun!