Pattaya Nightlife Guide: Girls, Gogo Bars & Fun! [ – VIDEOS INSIDE – ]

Pattaya – No question, one of the craziest places you’ll ever visit in Thailand. At times, it feels like this is a completely lawless city (which it is, to a degree) that just goes berserk when sun sets.

This article/guide will no doubt get you excited about going to Pattaya – and outline exactly how to maximize your fun in Pattaya’s wild nightlife.

I’ll talk about where to get the best pussy, prices & recommended gogo bars.

Pattaya is also included in my Thailand Guide Package – if you have no time to read, or plan on going to Thailand soon, it will be your go-to solution!

Pattaya Nightlife Guide
He is clearly having fun. This guide helps you do the same. (By the way, screenshot is from those videos here.)

What better way to start off this article than by talking about my first trip to Pattaya, Thailand. Now, not only was this my first trip to Pattaya, it was also my first trip to Thailand.

Why Did I Go To Pattaya?

Well, it’s a long story: Basically, some friends told me about their trips, that they’re going for 2 months straight every year. So many girls banged each time & low costs of living.

I was sold.

Here’s the video where I talk about the full story.

A few months after I had talked to those friends, I landed in Bangkok. I was so overconfident that I didn’t even bother booking a hotel in advance, nor did I bring more than a backpack and ~$400 for an entire weeks stay.

I vividly remember walking along Beach Road in search of a hotel when I first experienced “the bar scene“. This is something I had only known from what my friends told me about & YouTube videos.

Now, I was walking here in the blasting heat and for the first time had girls yelling at me trying to get me inside one of their bars. To be honest, I really felt uncomfortable at first.

Nowadays, I am used to it but that first moment was a bit strange for me.

Anyway, I didn’t even know how to hire a motorbike guy so I walked all the way from the bus stop (I took the bus from Bangkok airport to Pattaya) to Walking Street.

In between, I was walking into every building that said “Room for rent” … but I wasn’t lucky that day. Any decent hotel was completely book. Maybe coming without prior booking wasn’t a good idea – after all, it was January (peak season).

Eventually, I found a place in one of the side streets of Walking Street. It wasn’t super cheap but I was happy to have found accommodation for the night.

The room didn’t have a safe & felt a bit sketchy, so any time I was going outside, I’d carry all my money & documents with me.

Hotels in Pattaya

Yes, there are more than enough hotels ranging from damn cheap to very, very, very, very, very, very expensive.

Here are 3 recommendations – all of which are guest-friendly & close to Walking Street.

Another hotel I highly, highly recommend is April Suites. I recently stayed there & did a full video review.

Fast Forward: My First Night

I’m getting all dressed up. Jeans. Nice shirt. Time to head to Walking Street, which is only 1 minute walking distance anyway.

Walking there in this side alley, I see motorbikes with hot girls on the back driving past. These must be working girls going to their bars 🙂

Then I stepped onto Walking Street.

So many people. It’s overwhelming. Neon Lights and girls everywhere.

“Welcome, welcome!”

“Hey, mister!”

The first night, I didn’t even go inside any of the bars. I just walked around. Walking Street and then all the way to the other side of Beach Road.

I had never been to any other major party destination before, so I had no frame of reference. Knowing what I know now, I know how crazy Pattaya is …

… but during my first visit, I was actually surprised how small it is.

I thought, “This is it? The biggest party/sex destination in the world. In the world? Not THAT big.

I actually thought it would be ginormous.

Walking Street Pattaya

I’m not sure if I should even mention or talk about Walking Street. I mean, how could you possibly miss it when staying in Pattaya?

It’s crazy, it’s crowded & probably a bit overwhelming for any first-time traveler to the city.

Nevertheless, you must indulge if you want the full Pattaya experience. I recommend starting the night at one of the many beer bars (ideally one with live music) where you can sit comfortably and just watch people/the crowd.

There’s always something interesting or weird to see. (Especially if you happen to have any ladyboy bars close by.)

Pattaya’s Go-Go Bars

As the night progresses, slowly make your way into one of the go-go bars. Here are my top 3 choices.

  • Sapphire Club a-Go-Go (I really like the girls there; good shows also.)
  • Happy A Go Go – Soi Happy (First go-go bar I ever went to! Nice shows, but girls aren’t as hot as in Sapphire.)
  • Sugarbaby

Some of these go-go bars aren’t what you might be used to from Western strip clubs … they have couches and no real stage.

Don’t worry though – this is a pretty awesome setup because many times you’ll just order a drink for the girl & can play around with her (in semi-privacy) … meaning touching anything you want … and possibly more (such as fingering).

If you feel like it, you can take a girl you like with you to your hotel … or you simply move on and check out other a go-go bars nearby. (I actually recommend the later, so you get to experience what the other bars/girls look like.)

After Hours Clubs

If you decide to stay up all night (and also get a hot Thai girl), I highly recommend going to iBar/Club Insomnia. The name says it all. One is a bar, the other a club. Both have free entrance and are located in the same building.

This is by far the most popular venue every single night; great music and a good selection of working girls. Prices are a bit steep, but hey, still cheaper than back home.

Pattaya Beach Road

Also known as “Coconut Bar” is the strip along the beach that ends/starts right outside of Walking Street. On any given night, you find working girls standing there waiting for customers.

It can be a bit sketchy at night & there are many stories of groups of ladyboys robbing people … so make sure you don’t go to secluded areas.

Beach Road is a popular spot, not so much because of the selection but rather because girls are very, very cheap. You can easily score a deal in the 500 Baht range.

Just a word of warning: Know what you are doing.

Beach Road is an area of crime. Drugs dealers (I did actually see a few arrests when I was there.), ladyboys … do I need to say more?

Read this new article for recommended spots to pick up Pattaya freelancer girls.

Pattaya’s Secret Spots

If you’re a proper sex tourist/monger, the regular nightlife experience might not suffice. Generally speaking (although not always the case), if you move away from Walking Street, everything gets cheaper – especially the girls.

Soapy massages in Bangkok are always worth a visit – so why not do the same in Pattaya. There are 3 I places I recommend:

  • Honey Massage 2
  • Rasuputin Massage
  • Sabai Dee Massage

Explore The Side Streets (Sois)

Further, here’s Sois/areas you can explore (depending on how much time you have):

  • Soi 6 Pattaya
  • Soi 7 Pattaya
  • Soi Buakhao
  • Soi Honey Pattaya
  • Soi Diana Pattaya
  • Soi Lengkee Pattaya
  • LK Metro
  • The Castle Pattaya (Fetish/BDSM)
  • The Darkside Pattaya

You In Thailand This Year?

Hmm … you’ve read this far, I am guessing you have thought about going to Thailand. Check out the video trailer for my Thailand Guide below!

Pattaya FAQ

How do I get to Pattaya?

The most common way is to fly to Bangkok and then take the taxi or bus (only ~150 Baht) to Pattaya. It’ll only take you around 90 minutes & I personally always take the bus. Flying to Pattaya airport is another option although less common.

What are some things to do in Pattaya (especially during the day)?

I’m not a big fan of doing anything during the day (other than sleeping). It’s freaking hot … but alright, if you can’t sleep, you can go to Jomtien Beach, check out any of the malls or visit Hooters (hint: rare spot where you’ll see hot girls during the day).

Here are more touristy places in Pattaya:

  • Ramayana Water Park
  • Central Festival Pattaya Beach
  • Sanctuary of Truth
  • Pattaya Park Tower
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum

Where can I find Russian girls in Pattaya?

If you stroll along Walking Street, you’ll inevitably see the signs “Russian Girls here“. Be warned though: prices are higher & some girls might claim they’re from Russian (while actually being from Uzbekistan).

Russian stripper on Walking Street. (Screenshot is from my Premium Videos.)
Russian Club on Walking Street … and of course, Russian girls handing out flyers. If you’re into white skin & nice boobs, then those girls might be a good choice. (Watch the full video of this image here.)

Anyway, I only ever saw a few stunners. You can hop into one of the bars or simply approach them – politely asking if they’re working/prices – as you see them walking around on the street.

Is Pattaya dangerous?

As I’ve said in here – use common sense and worry about real dangers: driving a motorbike, drinking, etc.

More recommended spots (clubs, bars, etc.), plus exclusive hidden camera footage, are part of my Interactive Guide.