Thailand – The Problem with Booking Girls Online [+ MY SOLUTION]

This is what most guys are afraid of and rightfully so:

You order a hot Bangkok escort online

… the girl that ACTUALLY shows up looks average and is chubby.

I knew it. I should’ve never done this.
I will never order a girl online ever again!

Three Problems w/ Booking Online

There are a number of issues with booking an escort online (via an agency):

  1. You don’t get to see the girl beforehand.
  2. The girl doesn’t get to see YOU beforehand.
  3. You can’t communicate with the girl (e.g. discuss fetish)

Typically, you make the booking via an agency and the agency sends the address of the customer (you) to the girl.

The rest is up to chance, specifically that YOU like the girl, that SHE likes you back.

Platforms such as Smooci in Bangkok are a step in the right direction because now customers are able to post unedited reviews of their experiences with the girl they’ve booked.

However, the real problem is that agencies and girls can also post fake reviews (very easy as one Bangkok escort girl told me).

Most guys think it’s important that THEY get to see what the girl really looks like. In reality, it’s just as important for the girl to see THEM.

It’s only after you’ve have seen each other that you know this is going to work.

The Gold Standard

The fundamental problem with escort agencies & online escort booking platforms can be summed up in one word:


More specifically, lack thereof.

You don’t trust them because you know they have an interest in presenting themselves/the girls in a positive light.

I can’t really blame them.

Image you put up LEGITIMATE pictures of a girl and see bookings drop by 50% – what would you do?

Honesty is a nice value, but given that this is about making big money most of us would probably cave in too … and switch back to fake or photoshopped pictures.

Let me ask you something …

If your best friend had booked a girl and had a great experience. How much would you trust his opinion? There wouldn’t be an ounce of doubt, right?

The problem is you probably don’t have a friend who has been with dozens and dozens of Thai girls (and still has the contact info of each).

A few months ago, I decide to close that gap.

Specifically because I saw that most guys who got in touch with me (email, YouTube comments) had a bad experience with booking random girls online. The odds are not in your favors.

So, I looked through my LINE account (that’s the most popular messenger app in Thailand) and each girl I’ve been with …

… and put it all into a spreadsheet with notes about each girl:

… then I added more and more contacts.

Now, I have over 200 Thai girls on that list. Everything from super small, to MILF, giant boobs, tattoos, piercings, innocent-looking …

How To Use Private Contacts

You can simply browse through the list, or use the search feature. To use the search feature, press Control + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) and then type in what you’re searching for.

Let’s say you’re into big boobs …

You can search/filter for any criteria you want!

Here are a few examples:

  • Height
  • Price
  • Location
  • Age
  • Body Type (Slim, Curvy …)

You can use it on any device – mobile, tablet …

I’ve added the Private Contacts to my Thailand Guide for the next 2 days (will be removed afterwards to keep it exclusive).

Access Private Contacts Here!