Thailand Nightlife – Understand & Exploit THIS DYNAMIC!

A typical night of a girl working in a Thailand Red Light District looks like this …

Girl goes to work her shift at the gogo bar. She is THE princess. She is THE prize. You came to see HER.

The night goes and and she still doesn’t have a customer. Closing time is approaching … her level of desperation goes up by +1.

The gogo bar is closing and she doesn’t have a customer. Level of desperation goes up by another +1 … and for the first time during the night, the dynamics change.

She Is Investing Now

Now it’s not you going there to see her, now is HER going to a freelancer club to see YOU.

Which freelancer clubs do these girls go to?

This is her last chance.

Either she meets someone at the club or it’s over for that night. Over means no money being earned on that particular night.

The negative emotions & desperation will be amplified if she’s with friends and the only one who hasn’t ‘found‘ her man of the night.

You can bet that her asking price is going to fall like the stock prices during the Wall Street crash of 1929.

Ever seen a girl at the club playing on her phone? – That’s probably me she’s talking to 🙂

No guys approaching her, or only the ones she doesn’t like or are drunk … and she starts thinking,

Alright, that night was a failure 🙁

Until she gets a notification …

Who could this possibly be? – It’s YOU messaging her!

The night is almost over for her … this is her last chance.

She accepts, meets you outside of your place.

You marry and live happily ever after. (NOTE: Please skip the marrying part.)

This is how it’s done. You understand the dynamics & use them to your advantage. And you use my private contacts!

To sum up, these are the dynamics at play. The EXACT same girl at different times, different locations – going home with you for a radically different price!

There’s nothing wrong with going to a gogo bar or freelancer club. In fact, it’s a lot of fun!

It only becomes a problem when you go there as a means to an end; e.g. you don’t enjoy going there but only do so to meet girls.

I’ve just updated the private contacts from ~80 to 200+ LINE IDs & phone numbers. Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket.

I have included a wide variety of girls, such as

Gogo girls who are willing to meet you after their shift (as opposed to going to the freelancer clubs).

Normal girls who have jobs such as being a nurse, working in customer support and so on – but willing to go with you for money if they like you.

In terms of looks and body type, any girl you can imagine is included. Some of the girls were so nice (and asked for so little; e.g. 1000 Baht) that I was hesitant to even include them instead of keeping them to myself 😉

These girls are looking for some extra income; however, I’ve noticed that many are simply bored and/or don’t have any customers on some days.

Some girls were willing to meet up with me for free, just to hang out because they were bored.

I am not saying this is guaranteed, but it’s not impossible. Don’t expect a freebie, but it can happen.


… in getting no response at all & a girl literally begging to meet up with you.

No additional effort required – just knowing how to use timing to your advantage.

The lesson? Timing is everything.