Philippines Girls in Bangkok, Thailand! [Smooci App – UPDATED]

Where can I meet Filipina women in Thailand?
How about Indonesian, Japanese and Korean girls in Thailand?

Let’s start from scratch – covering some of the basics.

It’s entirely possible to meet foreign women in Thailand – especially in Bangkok; whether that’s during the daytime or at Khaosan Road at night.

That being said, the majority of women you’ll see will be Thai and it’s not that easy to spot (and meet) foreign women of a specific nationality.

Add to that the fact that foreign women are not allowed to work in the Red Light Districts in Thailand which means your options are somewhat limited.

The only foreign women you will come across in the Red Light Districts in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are African girls and Russian woman.

You can scout platforms such as Tinder in Thailand and ThaiFriendly, but foreign women are definitely not plentiful. The only way to sleep with a foreign woman of your choice is booking an escort online.

Philippines Escort in Bangkok

I’ve decided to put booking a Philippines escort in Bangkok to the test. The app/site that I’m using is called Smooci – I have previously booked Thai girls via Smooci and written detailed reviews of the experience.

This is my first time booking a foreign girl (Philippines escort) via Smooci.

The girl I had picked was rather curvy and had some meat on her. Quite a nice change as many Thai girls are slim.

The only problem is the price.

3,500 Baht for 2 hours is too much – plus, I don’t even need (or want) 2 hours. 1 hour is fine and I’m wiling to pay no more than 1,500 Baht ($46).

I signed up for the Smooci premium membership a few weeks ago (1 month duration), so the first thing I did was use the new Smooci Chat feature to haggle with the girl.

One of the reasons I was curious about booking a Philippines escort in the first place was that they tend to speak English fluently.

Not that the Thai escorts I’ve book previously didn’t speak English but I still had to filter what I said to make sure they understood everything.

Two tips should you ever decide to use the Smooci app:

1.) Each girl offers different services. You can see those listed under ‘Services’ – if you hover offer the abbreviation, you see what it stands for.

2.) Make sure to look at the girls distances. I’ve found it’s easier to negotiate a lower rate with girls who are close to my location.

When making the booking, I always put ‘000’ as the room number and simply tell the girl to meet me outside of the hotel (or in my case condo building).

As long as you put in the right address, the booking name and room number doesn’t matter (in my experience). That is, unless you really want the girl to meet you directly in your room.

Unlike my 2 previous encounters (Smooci, ThaiFriendly), I didn’t record the meetup with this Filipina girl. The summary (pros & cons) is below.



Definitely the comfort factor and price. I mean 1,300 Baht ($40) for a girl of my choice to come over in the middle of the night? That’s quite a good deal.

The girl spoke impeccable English and seemed to be into it – either that or she was a really good actress 😉 For that price, I would definitely consider booking her again.

I asked the girl for a quick video call (via LINE app) before I made booking. This is to make sure her pictures aren’t photoshopped (too much) or outdated. Girl looked nice and nothing to complain about in that regard.


I had requested for her to wear a nurse outfit. She didn’t even have one. Not really her fault, to be honest. Still, it would’ve been nice.

Lastly, about this Smooci review …

I really don’t care whether or not you decide to use Smooci. I am not getting paid for this review; neither did I include any affiliate links.

This is just to share and log my experience.

Just keep in mind, many Smooci reviews you find online are (in my opinion) not legit in the sense that the person hasn’t even used the Smooci app and only cares about promoting affiliate links.

While Smooci is also available in Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore, it’s really only worth your consideration in Bangkok as there are 100+ girls available.

All other cities only have a handful of escorts available at any given time. Another alternative is using the contacts of girls I’ve been with myself.