ThaiFriendly Date – Ladyboy Or Real Thai Girl?

I pride myself on being very good at spotting ladyboys in Thailand. That’s true in the majority of casesĀ and my ‘ladyboy-radar’ has never failed me (so far).

The Thai girl I met off ThaiFriendly yesterday was quite interesting. Not the girl per se, but the entire situation – and at the root of it all was (I guess) my malfunctioning ladyboy-radar.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Thursday Night – TIME: 7PM

I’m too lazy to go out or book a Thai girl via Smooci (too expensive). My only option is firing up ThaiFriendly and asking hot girls if they work as freelancers.

In this case, I was really lucky and the girl I had chosen was working as a freelancer. (Freelancer means boom boom for money šŸ˜‰ )

Keep in mind, I usually message random girls I find attractive. They don’t ‘look’ like freelancers or have anything written in their profile that would indicate that they work as an escort in Bangkok.

Anyway, we move on to talk in LINE app.

LINE app is similar to WhatsApp.

Minor differences in regards to features, but LINE is very popular in Thailand (and other Asian countries) – usually, I do a quick video call with the girl I’m about to meet.

That way, I know for sure what the girl really looks like (vs. her pictures) and she gets to see me as well.

I recommend you use this strategy with ALL girls you meet online – regardless of whether you are talking to a freelancer, an escort from Smooci or a regular Thai girl.

Often times there’s a huge discrepancy between a girl’s pictures and what she really looks like. A quick video call let’s you know what to expect.

Video Call: DONE. The girl looks exactly like her pictures.

Time to move forward, she asks about the price and I reply with the following …

She accepts and I let her know the meetup location.

So far, so good.

TIME: 8.15 PM – 1st RED FLAG

The she goes on to ask a rather odd question.

I go on and answer her question.

She replies saying that 2 inches isn’t big but she still wants to meet because she’s curious if she’s going to feel anything at all. (Obviously, I am kidding here.)

At this point, I didn’t think much of her question other than that no other girl has ever asked me this question before.

She also mentions that it’s her first time doing this (I’m assuming she means freelancing).

There’s no way of knowing if this is true.

Some Thai girls are such good actors, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them nominated forĀ ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role’ at the Oscars.

TIME: 11 PM – Arrival

She doesn’t live close (takes her about 30 minutes to get here), so I didn’t stress to much about her being late by almost 2 HOURS.

I tell her to meet me in front of the 7-Eleven that is just outside my condo building. She says she has arrived – I go there only to realize she’s not there.

I message her again asking her to send the location pin via LINE app.

That’s when I realize that she’s at another 7-Eleven on the other end of the street. No problem, it’s just a 2 minute walk away.

I walk there.

I turn around the corner, I see her on the other side of the street. First thought that pops into my mind:

Oh shit, that’s a ladyboy!

I wait for ‘her’ to cross the street.

In my experience, there are 2 ladyboy ‘situations’ you will encounter in Thailand:


  • The ‘girl’ looks really bad and it’s blatantly obvious that she’s a ladyboy. That includes a very masculine face, an Adam’s apple or big hands/feet – in short, looks-wise the equivalent of a guy with a wig and make-up on.


  • Then there’s the ‘too good to be true’ cases. The girl looks stunningly beautiful and you’re thinking this can’t possibly be a real Thai girl.

In my case, the girl was really my type. I thought she looked really good, but I was doubting the whole thing because

  • She was quite tall. Probably around 175 cm.
  • Also, sheĀ looked quite fit. She was wearing jeans hot pants and you could see that her legs looked like those of a ‘fitness girl’.

So here I am meeting this girl who is exactly my type but uncertainty gets in the way of enjoying the experience.

She opens her mouth and her voice is quite deep, which further adds to the uncertainty. (Deep voice is a bit of a mind-fuck & turn off, but really it doesn’t tell the full picture. This girl – and other girls I’ve met previously – was a smoker … which can contribute to a ‘raspy’ voice.)

Anyway, as we are walking to my condo …

My mind starts to go into overdrive as to how I should handle the situation. Obviously, I am not going to have sex with this ladyboy but it’s an interesting experience nonetheless.

Maybe talk about some interesting topics such as what made her decide to be a ladyboy? I can record the entire experience anyway so it won’t be a waste of time.

TIME 11.15 PM – Watching Movie with ‘Ladyboy’

Before we started watching the movie, I asked her if she’s a woman. She says yes.

Of course, that doesn’t convince me.

I’ve met some Thai girls who told me that their ladyboy friends have lied about their gender to guys they wanted to sleep with.

At this point, I am still 100% convinced that I’m with a ladyboy.

For the next hour or so, we watch American Beauty.

Great movie. Worth watching a few times.

The ‘ladyboy’ is sitting next to me on bed. We’re watching the movie that I don’t really care about (right now).

Had I not felt so fucking uncertain about the situation, I would’ve made my move by now.

Is she a ladyboy? She says she is a lady, but what if not?

The uncertainty is almost paralyzing.

In hindsight, I realize that I must’ve come across as a complete idiot.

But I want to know for sure. Her telling me she’s a woman – I don’t believe it. So, I start making comments baiting for an honest answer …

  • ‘For me this is the first time. I have never met a ladyboy before.’
  • ‘It’s okay. You can just tell me.’

At the same time, I didn’t want to push the envelope. After all, if this really was a ladyboy, the situation could turn violent very quickly.

TIME 11.45 PM – Checking Her ID Card

Then I asked her to show me her ID (Thai identity card). The Thai identity card shows the gender the person is born with.

The Thai identity card is in both Thai and English. It will either say Mr. or Miss

I look at her ID … and it says Miss. It also shows her picture (not someone else’s, e.g. borrowed from female friend).

At this point, I am still super paranoid. I’m thinking either this is a fake ID or it’s borrowed from a friend who looks similar (picture was a few years old).

We continue watching the movie.

TIME 11.55 PM – 2nd RED FLAG

Uncertainty and paranoia are dominating now – I start interpreting every aspect of her behavior as evidence that she is indeed a ladyboy.

She is quite shy and doesn’t speak too much or even touch me. I am thinking that’s because she is a ladyboy; she knows that she is tricking me and feels bad about it – that’s why she is so hesitant!

At some point, I ask her

What happens if I take off your pants? What will I see?

I point to my pants and ask if she has same. Now she is giggling again and repeating that she’s a lady.

I want to bring this to an end and make my way down to her pants. This is it – whatever I feel down there will tell me for sure …

… and I feel: NOTHING.

Still paranoid, I am thinking this doesn’t mean anything as she is still wearing her pants. I help her open and take them off.

I inspect again: NOTHING.

I take off her panties.


Let’s recap what has happened so far:

  • Tells me (repeatedly) that she’ a woman.
  • Has shown me her ID card.
  • I have touched her pussy.

Apparently still not enough for my mind to let go of the idea that this is a ladyboy. I start looking at her pussy to see if anything looks odd.

NOTHING. Looks just like a normal pussy.

Her vagina is wet already.

Now I am thinking that I have exhausted my options. There’s nothing more I can do other than have her take a lie detector test or go to a gynecologist together.

The rest is history.

In Thai-English, ‘She very good boom boom. She very into it!’


Not sure what to think of this encounter.

For me it was great but the girl must’ve felt awkward or even insulted by my words and actions.

In hindsight, her raspy voice was probably the issue. Had I met a similar girl with a typical girly voice, the thought of her being a ladyboy wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

Anyway, good (learning) experience nonetheless.

The entire audio recording I’ve uploaded in the members area of my Thailand Guide. If you plan on going to Thailand and are into meeting girls, I can help you plan the entire thing – unlimited (travel) consultations are included in the Thailand Guide.

Lastly … was it really her first time doing this?

Only she knows, but based on her behavior, I would think that she’s not experienced in doing this. A real pro will not waste time and usually isn’t shy at all.

This girl was quite shy. Before she left, she didn’t even ask for the money – I just gave it to her. Factoring in her taxi costs, she barely made any profit – a few hundred Baht at most.