Thailand Guide for Single Men & Sex Tourists - Hotter Girls, Superior Nightlife.


Thailand Guide is a package containing interactive maps (Bangkok & Pattaya), 12 Hidden Camera Videos, Exclusive Podcasts and Secret Cheatsheets - all geared towards getting the most out of your trip. Works on any computer, tablet & smartphone.

You can always do your own thing, or try to research it all online. However, my guides will benefit you in the following ways.

  • Save Money - See the BEST pay for play places, skip the rest. No money wasted on venues that provide a less-than-awesome experience.
  • Get Laid Easier - Best places for gaming girls during the day & at night - more importantly, I'll show you where to stay (condos) for pulling girls easily.
  • Save Time - Your time is limited, so don't waste it on trying to find it all yourself. I'll show you the best places, so you don't have to search.
  • Hotter Girls - Exactly where to find girls of each type and price category: from Thai hottie to MILF, regular Thai girls, Black and Russian girls. I'll show you.

Works on any smartphone, tablet & computer.


Bangkok Map

Pattaya Map

500+ Hand-Picked Location Pins


Everything in this category is aimed at making your trip as smooth as possible, so you don't waste time on minuscule stuff & can focus on enjoyment. Finding the right places would otherwise take hours of research - now it's done with a few clicks. And in case there is any sort of emergency (e.g. broken condom), I got you covered as well and show you exactly where to go and when.

Guest-Friendly Hotels

Money Exchange

Specialty Foods

STD Clinics

Gym / Fitness / Muay Thai

Daytime Activities

Public Toilets (24hrs)



This is where the real fun begins & I will present you with the best places to go for having a good time with Thai girls. I have already filtered out and removed any places that are subpar or simply don't offer good value for your money. With hundreds of clubs, bars & massage places, it can be easy to "waste" money on shitty ones ... with my guides, you avoid that altogether.

Happy Ending Massages

Best Gogo Bars

Freelancer Venues

Street Hooker Spots

Hottest Beer Bars

Ladyboys / Gay

Hooker-Friendly Hotels

Short-Time Rooms


If you plan on meeting regular (non-working) Thai girls, I will show you everything I know. The best spots to meet girls during the day, at night, where to meet girls for your dates ... and most importantly the places you should stay at. Hotels work too, but they add an extra layer of complication, so instead, I will show you condos where you can rent short- and long-term. This will make it so much easier pulling girls to your place! There will be no reception cockblocking you & the girl won't feel like a slut going to a hotel.

Daygame Locations

Nightlife Venues

Dating Spots

Condo Recommendations


My Interactive Guides are for you if ...

  • You want a superior Thailand experience & don't mind paying a few extra bucks to go from average to awesome.
  • You value your time & know that having a guide like this will prevent a lot of frustrations, so you can spend your valuable/limited time on stuff you enjoy (meeting girls, etc.).
  • You are into Thai girls & want to get the best quality girls - whether that's regular or working girls -, fantastic massages and enjoy pay for play.

My guides ARE NOT for you if ...

  • Want to explore everything on your own via trial and error and don't mind wasting time and money here and there.
  • You are not into Thai girls. Then the guides aren't for you because a big part of the guide consists of meeting regular (and working) girls, places to go, where to stay.
  • You think paying for fun (sexual services) is wrong and would never do it. - I accept your opinion but again, then my guide would not be for you.


What's the point of using a guide if it's not updated regularly & you have no support in case of questions? Rather pointless. I offer both support and issue regular updates - meaning you can use my guides today, or years from now. Plus, since this is a premium guide, only buyers will be able to see my recommendations, the secret spots - not the entire Internet.

E-Mail Support

Continuous Updates

Personally Tested

Lifetime Access


Imagine you are buying an expensive sports car. You already spent a lot of money ... would you buy the cheapest sort of fuel only to save a few dollars? Of course not because it would jeopardize your entire investment (the car). Here's how that relates to Thailand: You are already spending a lot of money on your Thailand trip (flight, hotel, etc.)

My Interactive Guides are what fuel is to sports cars. NOT using them will cost you x times more than the actual price of the product. If you try figuring out everything on your own - just one shitty massage place you go to, one gogo bar where you aren't happy with the girls - it will easily cost you $100 ... and that's a very conservative scenario.


If you select the "All Access" package below, it shows me that you are 100% committed to making your next trip absolutely epic - and I will help you make it even better by sending you 12 bonus videos (never before seen), 6 exclusive podcasts and practical cheatsheets. All of which aim at making your experience better - whether that's mongering or just going to Thailand for regular girls or touristy stuff.

12 Bonus Videos

See what's really going on behind closed doors. Plus, hidden camera interactions.

6 Podcasts

Important mongering advice, personal sex stories and thoughts on dating Thai girls.


To further enhance your trip showing you hooker prices, venues … and critical emergency info.


Bangkok Guide Only.

Interactive Maps

  • Bangkok Map


One off payment, no hidden recurring fees.


All Guides + Bonus Items.

Interactive Maps

  • Bangkok Map
  • Pattaya Map

Bonus Items

  • 12 Bonus Videos
  • 6 Exclusive Podcasts
  • Secret Cheatsheets

Additional Features

  • Instant Access
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • E-Mail Support


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Pattaya Guide Only.

Interactive Maps

  • Pattaya Map


One off payment, no hidden recurring fees.

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For whatever reason if you are not happy with the Thailand Guide, simply let me know and I will happily and promptly refund your money.