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- Interactive Maps, 1-on-1 Travel-Planning & 200+ Private Contacts!

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What's Included?

Interactive Maps

Uncut Videos

Monger Playbook

Travel Planning

PDF Cheatsheets


TRT in Thailand

Travel Prep Series

Sex (Drugs) Tips

Condo Reviews

Bonus Items


THAILAND GUIDE is a package containing Interactive Maps (Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket), Hidden Camera Videos, eBooks, Exclusive Podcasts, PDF Cheatsheets and more - all geared towards helping you get the most out of your trip!

You also get access to my private list of girls who you can meet up with.

This guide is unique in that it comes with customized travel-planning.

If you have ever had questions about your Thailand trip (from accommodation to girls, etc.), then you're in the right place. All questions are answered personally.

The alternative to this guide would be doing your own research, learning by trial and error. In that sense, the guide is really ONLY for you if you value your time above all else and want to make sure your next trip isn't just "OK" ... but 10/10.

Here's how you benefit specifically:

  • Save Money - See the BEST pay for play places, skip the rest. No money wasted on venues that provide a less-than-awesome experience.
  • Done-For-You Travel Planning Service - Hotel, nightlife & activity recommendations custom-tailored based on your itinerary.
  • Navigate Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket with ease via the 3 Interactive Maps . Secrets nightlife spots, bars, hotels, daytime activities ...
  • Get Laid Easier - Best places for gaming girls during the day & at night - more importantly, I'll show you where to stay (condos) for pulling girls easily.
  • Save Time - Your time is limited, so don't waste it on trying to find it all yourself. I'll show you the best places, so you don't have to search.
  • Hotter Girls - Exactly where to find girls of each type and price category: from Thai hottie to MILF, regular Thai girls, Black and Russian girls. I'll show you.

This was my first trip to Thailand and I was very nervous. I've been watching your YT videos for months before and got really excited about Thailand - had to go! I found the email support really helpful! I was about to book a hotel but thanks to your help, I've changed plans to get a condo instead. You even helped narrowing down choices and provided some AirBnb condos you recommend. [Full Testimonial Below ...]

Juergen K.35, Germany

Works on any smartphone, tablet & computer.




WIFI/Internet required for certain features such as GPS - otherwise the maps can be used offline as well.

Interactive Maps

Uncut Videos

Monger Playbook

Travel Planning

PDF Cheatsheets


TRT in Thailand

Travel Prep Series

Sex (Drugs) Tips

Condo Reviews

Bonus Items

What Members Are Saying ...

Mike S. - 29United Kingdom

King Epic Thank You i had a wonderful Time in Bangkok and Pattaya. I used your guide for Navigation and found it was excellent - helped me navigate with ease. Also I got to see lot of things i would of missed out without.

I booked my Air BNB and flight separate as you suggested and I had about $3500.00 spending to last me for 4 weeks and i only spent about $2900.00 out of it. I did some Mongering online dating Club Hoping and had quiet a few massages some good some bad.

I really had a great time and am planning on going back the last week of March next year for 4 more weeks.Keep up the great Video's and please continue to add more to your phone app LOVED IT!

I would like to see you add some Western Food places to eat on the app if you could.I found a great place in Pattaya that served steak Mashed potatoes and French Fries it was pretty good actually.

Jeffrey H. - 62New York, USA

I had thought the train had left the station already ...

I'm too old for Thailand. You remember when I first emailed you about my concerns. At that time, I wasn't even thinking about actually going to Thailand. Rather, I had enjoyed watching your videos for a while.

3 months later, I decided to go ... and decided to go all-in and also get your Thailand Guide.

People are probably wondering, "Do I

really need this guide? Is it worth it?" To me, that's like asking if you need to use a condom. No, you don't but you're always taking a gamble if you don't

Without the guide (and your personal support), I would have taken a gamble with my entire trip. I could've by accident booked the right hotel, gone to the right bars, said exactly the right words when negotiating with freelancers ...

but what are the chances?

To me, it's similar to a travel insurance. If you don't have the money to get insurance for your Thailand trip, you simply don't go! Same with the guide, if you bitch about the price, then maybe reconsider going to Thailand altogether if it's not worth the investment to you.

... but that might just be me ... now I am close to 65 and value my time above all else. There's not enough time left to waste it on experiences I don't enough or figure everything out myself. In that sense, using your guide was a way for me to protect my precious time that I would have otherwise wasted.

500+ Location Pins

Everything in this category is aimed at making your trip as smooth as possible, so you don't waste time on minuscule stuff & can focus on enjoyment. Finding the right places would otherwise take hours of research - now it's done with a few clicks. And in case there is any sort of emergency (e.g. broken condom), I got you covered as well and show you exactly where to go and when.

Guest-Friendly Hotels

Money Exchange

Specialty Foods

STD Clinics

Gym / Fitness / Muay Thai

Daytime Activities

Public Toilets (24hrs)


Happy Ending Massages

Best Gogo Bars

Freelancer Venues

Street Hooker Spots

Hottest Beer Bars

Ladyboys / Gay

Hooker-Friendly Hotels

Short-Time Rooms

Daygame Locations

Nightlife Venues

Dating Spots

Condo Recommendations


My Thailand Guide is for you if ...

  • You want a superior Thailand experience & don't mind paying a few extra bucks to go from average to awesome.
  • You value your time & know that having a guide like this will prevent a lot of frustrations, so you can spend your valuable/limited time on stuff you enjoy (meeting girls, etc.).
  • You are into Thai girls & want to get the best quality girls - whether that's regular or working girls -, fantastic massages and enjoy pay for play.

My Thailand Guide IS NOT for you if ...

  • Want to explore everything on your own via trial and error and don't mind wasting time and money here and there.
  • You are not into Thai girls. Then the guides aren't for you because a big part of the guide consists of meeting regular (and working) girls, places to go, where to stay.
  • You think paying for fun (sexual services) is wrong and would never do it. - I accept your opinion but again, then my guide would not be for you.


What's the point of using a guide if it's not updated regularly & you have no support in case of questions? Rather pointless. I offer both e-mail consultations and issue regular updates - meaning you can use my guide today, or years from now. Plus, since this is a premium guide, only buyers will be able to see my recommendations, the secret spots - not the entire Internet.

E-Mail Consultations

Continuous Updates

Personally Tested

Lifetime Access


By joining the Thailand Guide, you get access to my private list of local Thai girls.

These are girls I've been and had a great time with!

YOUR BENEFIT? You don't need to waste your precious time (or money) trying to meet girls online, in nightclubs or bars - you can directly contact girls I have 'tested' so to speak.

Needless to say, HOW YOU USE THESE CONTACTS, the plans and/or arrangements you make with the girl(s) is entirely up to you. These contacts are shared exclusively inside the Thailand Guide members area (with permission of each girl). The contacts are updated regularly - new ones added/girls removed who don't want to be included anymore.

This applies to ALL PARTS of the Thailand Guide (including these Private Contacts):


The list contains a wide variety of girls in terms of looks & personality:

 (super-tiny, curvy, big natural tits, big fake tits) / (shy, innocent, very sluty & horny).


These private contacts are included for a VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY!

That way the info remains very exclusive and only a very limited group has access to it.

For you, that means girls are more likely to be available and ready to meet up with you.

By accessing/using these contacts, you acknowledge that it's up to each girl to decide whether or not she will go/meet up with you. However, I am confident that the majority (if not all) of the girls will meet up with you as well given that you are polite, friendly & treat them well. You also agree to respect the privacy of the contacts.


4 Exclusive eBooks

How to talk to bargirls & freelancers, get discount
rates and stay safe!

The story of my first Thailand trip. The girls I've met (and how you can do the same!).

Where to get prescription drugs such as Viagra/Cialis in Thailand - and how to use them safely!

Where to get prescription drugs such as Viagra/Cialis in Thailand - and how to use them safely!

30+ Travel Prep & Hidden Camera Videos

Smooth Arrival: Get Your Data Plan, Exchange Rates ...

Tourist Visa Extension: How To Stay 90 Days Straight!

Interactive Map Video - Bangkok Travel Guide 2018 [Advanced]

Interactive Map Video - PATTAYA MONGER GUIDE 2018

Tour AirBnb Rental

Tour Monthly Rental

Hotel/Condo Strategies

Timing Your Trip

Best Area Long-Term Stay?

Daily/Monthly in Prime Area

Booking Sites VS. Reality

Best Massage Hotel! $35

Uncut Hooker Interactions

4 Exclusive HD videos showing my interactions with Thai hookers and ladyboys (plus annoying street hustlers). This is what you can expect to experience walking the streets in Bangkok at nighttime.

If you've ever wondered, "What do I talk about with a hooker?" that's what you'll find out in those videos.

In one of the videos you see how a ladyboy tries to convince me that "she" is a real girl. I'm 100% sure that many guys would have fallen for this trick (as did my friend).

Street Hookers

Underground Hooker Spot

Bangkok Hooker Bar

Pattaya Beach Rd. Hooker

Partying @ Freelancer Clubs

These 4 videos filmed inside popular freelancer (that's another word for hooker) venues are the perfect addition to the interactive map.

On the map, you see the location of various clubs & then you can watch those videos to see the inside and see what the venues are like - e.g. quality of girls, music, size.

Except for "MIXX" all the clubs shown have free entrance and are still open after midnight. Club Insanity, you enter via the adjacent restaurant to avoid paying the cover fee.

Club Insanity, Bangkok

Hooker Club @ Soi 11

MIXX Freelancer Disco

Inside "Ce La Vie"

Pattaya's Wild Nightlife

In these 4 videos, you get to see what a weekend in Pattaya can look like. All the crazy stuff (think hookers grabbing guys, guys approaching hookers) that happens on Beach Road & Walking Street.

Besides the regular Thai hotties, you also get to see Black girls (yes, hookers) in Pattaya as well as Russian chicks (many have asked).

One video is literally a compilation of the hottest girls (30 minutes long) - another shows you the weird & funny ladyboy interactions.

Pattaya - Sexy & Weird

Russian Girls

30+ Min "Booty Cam"

The Hottest Ladyboys

8 Podcasts + Thailand Cheatsheets

8 Exclusive Podcasts

Important mongering advice, personal sex stories and thoughts on dating Thai girls.

  • 3 Explicit Sex Stories (Girls I Banged)
  • My I Pay For Sex + My Mindset for Mongering
  • What You Must Know About Dating Thai Chicks
  • Your First Thailand Trip (My Recommendations)
  • What I HATE About Thailand (Kinda)
  • EXPLICIT Sex Story - (Shy IT Girl, Wild in Bed)
  • EXPLICIT Sex Story - (Rich Travel Girl)
  • EXPLICIT Sex Story - (Tiniest Thai Girl Ever!)

Thailand Cheatsheets

To further enhance your trip showing you hooker prices, venues … and critical emergency info.

  • Hooker & Sex Prices for Bangkok & Pattaya
  • Common Scams & How YOU Avoid Them
  • The Best (Top 3) Naughty Places in BKK & Patts
  • Emergency STD Information (Where & How)
  • Daytime Approaching (Best Time & Location)
  • Mongering Safety Strategies (I Personally Use)
  • Recommended Smartphone Apps for Thailand
  • Instant Download & Access as PDF

4 Premium eBooks

11 Lays in Pussy Paradise

I share with you the story of my first (ever) trip to Bangkok - including how I got obsessed with online dating and hooked up with 11 girls in 2 weeks. Dating these Thai girls, I've had some pretty crazy experiences, but painful moments & failures as well.

  • Detailed Lay Reports - Each Thai Girl Met, How Sex Went Down (or Not)
  • Most Painful Moments during my dates (yes, there were some!)
  • How Thai Women are Different - My Experience/What Makes Them Unique

122 Pages - Instant Download

EPIC SEX - Better Sex, Prescription Drugs, Sex Toys ...

Everything you need to know to amplify your sex adventures in Thailand. Intense, longer and without the nasty side effects. Hours of research compiled into one guide.

  • Why Thai Condoms Suck & How To Find YOUR "Perfect" Condom
  • 8 Powerful (Mostly Legal) Supplements For Immediate Use!
  • Prescription Sex Drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra) & All You Need To Know!
  • Using Sex Toys in Thailand & How To Get Them (NOT from Street Vendors).

26 Pages - Instant Download

100 Thailand FAQs

My hand-picked selection of the best, most interesting & weird questions relating to sex in Thailand, adult entertainment ... some personal questions, hookers & online dating.

  • Find out WHY I travel alone & HOW MANY Girls I Bang Per Month
  • What to talk with a gogo/bar girl when you pay for her drink
  • Where I recommend you go to find/pick up fitness chicks in Bangkok

46 Pages - Instant Download

EPIC PORN - Filming Amateur Porn, Camera Gear & Monetization

Ever thought about filming yourself when you're with (Asian) girls? This practical & to the point guide will show you how to do that: camera gear, tricks using angles & much more!

  • How To Record with a Hidden Camera, In Your Shower and POV-Style
  • Tricks Used in Porn To Instantly Make Your Dick LOOK Much Bigger
  • Why You Should Hide Your Video Files & How To Do It Safely (99% Secure)
  • Using Your Amateur Content & Getting Paid - Per View/Commission

19 Pages - Instant Download

Your PERFECT Hotel/Condo - In Less Than 10 Minutes

In this video section, I show you my strategies for quickly & easily finding your IDEAL place to stay. Then, I give you a private tour of 2 different apartments (one cheap monthly rental, one more expensive daily rental one) - and share insight in regards to when you should visit to Thailand. This section can be used in conjunction with the Interactive Maps or as a standalone.

Tour AirBnb Rental

Tour Monthly Rental

Hotel/Condo Strategies

Timing Your Trip

Best Area Long-Term Stay?

Daily/Monthly in Prime Area

Booking Sites VS. Reality

Best Massage Hotel! $35

The Monger Playbook (eBook + Audiobook)

75 Pages - Instant Download

[ Read Sample ]

The fastest & easiest way to master Pay For Play! Everything I've learned, my secrets strategies  & mindsets to get better deals, have more fun & stay safe.

  • Years Of Monger Knowledge Compressed Into One Book
  • Bargaining w/ Hookers - My (Unethical) Toolkit ... Use At Your Own Risk
  • How To Scout For YOUR Perfect Girl - The 4 Filters I Use
  • Real-Life Lessons & 8 Exclusive Personal Stories
  • Getting Rid of Her: Eliminating A Hooker LEGALLY

Audiobook Version - 1h 13 Minutes

[ Play Sample ]

Combine the written version (eBook) with the audiobook! Start with one, continue with the other - or any way you want!

  • 12 Chapters Packed with Secrets -  Over 73 Minutes Playtime
  • Enjoy The Audiobook Version On The Go - Works On Any Device!
  • Instant Stream & Download Available!

Testosterone in Thailand (TRT)

My exact protocol. Everything I was taking + dosage.

Thinking about Testosterone? Here's my step-by-step action plan for you. No time wasted!

10 Things You MUST Try Before Considering Testosterone (SUPER IMPORTANT)!

5 Critical Testosterone Misconception You Are NOT Aware Of (But MUST Know!)

Feeling Weak? Low Sex Drive?
Trouble Putting on Muscle?

Low Testosterone might be at the root of your problem.

Thailand's medical system is very liberal and inexpensive. In Western countries, you'd need to beg for years to receive Testosterone treatment (that is if you're lucky to qualify at all) - in Thailand, you can get started within a day.

That's precisely what I did ...

This in-depth video covers the following:

  • My Low Testosterone Symptoms/Issues(Can You Relate?)
  • 10 Things You Must Try BEFORE Considering Testosterone
  • My EXACT Protocol (Medication + Dosage Listed)
  • Blood Test Results: BEFORE / DURING / AFTER
  • 5 Misconceptions I've Had Before Treatment (Could've Been Deadly!)
  • 6 Step Action Plan For YOU: From Symptoms To Treatment ASAP!


Any follow-up questions you have in regards to Testosterone treatment, personalized recommendations, contacts, pharmacy locations ...


Want to know where to go to get treatment? Which places do I recommend? Where do you obtain Testosterone and other medication?



Travel Toolkit

  • Interactive Bangkok Map
  • Interactive Pattaya Map
  • NEW: Interactive Phuket Map
  • Bangkok Cheatsheets
  • Pattaya Cheatsheets
  • 200+ Private Contacts
  • Uncut Hooker Interactions
  • Partying Freelancer Clubs
  • Pattaya's Wild Nightlife
  • Commentary Below Each Video
  • Hotel & Condo Secrets
  • 11 Lays in Pussy Paradise
  • Epic Sex - Sex Drugs, Toys, etc.
  • 100 Thailand FAQs
  • Epic Porn - Film & Take Pics
  • The Monger Playbook

8 Podcasts

  • 3 Explicit Sex Stories
  • My Mongering Mindset
  • Dating Thai Chicks (My Story)
  • E-Mail Consultations
  • Continuously Updated
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Awesome Features

  • Lifetime Access
  • Pay Once, Free Updates
  • Mobile & Tablet-Friendly


Try the entire Thailand Guide. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

This guarantee covers you for a full 60 days, which is an entire 2 months for you to use, study & test every part of the guide. If you don't love it, just email me at ANY TIME during those thirty days and show me you're using the material/tools and not getting results. I'll refund 100% of your price. You can even keep the bonuses — at my expense.

I intend to make this the best guide you've ever used.

Are You Ready?

Make your Thailand trip bulletproof by using the Interactive Maps, reading the eBooks to become an expert, watching the exclusive hidden camera videos to get excited!

My private list of girls' contacts allows you to arrange meet ups with hot Thai girls BEFORE you arrive (perhaps have the girl pick you up from the airport? ;)

Better yet, with the private e-mail consultations included, you receive personalized assistance in regards to your trip planning and/or very specific needs you may have.







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Will my bank, credit card or PayPal statement show that I bought the Thailand Guide?
Will King Epic see my confidential credit card or PayPal information?

The answer: No, absolutely not.

Here's why ...

1.) All payments are handled by a secure, trusted payment processor. In this case, I am using Gumroad. If you're still skeptical, google it. People such as Tim Ferriss, Eminem & Bon Jovi have sold products via Gumroad. In short, I see NOTHING except your email address.

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