Thailand Online Date & 2 Broken Condoms

I am an idiot.

I know. You might be saying, Duh, nothing new. I knew that already“.

Okay, let me rephrase that. I thought I wasn’t THAT MUCH of an idiot.

Alright, let’s go back in time. Weekend. Friday.

I am heading out for a date. This time, I decided that I’ll do something interesting with the girl instead of trying to pull immediately – so, I bring my camera to film a bunch of scenes.

Idiot Mistake #1

Thinking nothing is going to happen.

Neither do I have condoms in my room, nor on me. I always tell everyone to bring your own condoms when you come to Thailand & to bring some when you go on a date. You know, just in case.

And then here I am, not following my own, sound advice.

We are out on the date, going to different markets and it’s all nice & fun and eventually we head back to my place. Now, I have to go to 7-Eleven to buy condoms … and it’s slightly awkward – but that’s alright. Well-deserved cause I didn’t plan ahead.

I always buy the blue Durex comfort condoms since they seem to be the widest sold at 7-Eleven.

This little package has 3 condoms inside – and here’s my my encounter with each of them. Lovely.

#1 – Can barely roll it of, but I’m thinking it’s alright. When I pulled out, I learned that it’s not. Penis out, but condom still inside her. So I have to put my fingers inside & pull out the condom.

#2 & 3 – Were slightly better but I am always looking down to see & feel if it’s still on. Occasionally, I have to physically prevent it from coming off while continuing … well, you know what.

Alright, weird experience but lesson learned … I thought.

The next day, I decided to chill. Had some stuff to do, went to the gym & spend the remaining time in my condo.

Idiot Mistake #2

Not learning from Idiot Mistake #1.

The day after – now Sunday – and I am getting ready for a date at around 8pm. On my way to the train station, I walk past 3 7-Eleven stores – and again, I am thinking,

Nah, nothing will happen. Don’t need to buy condoms.

Date was nice; walked around for a bit, then got some drinks. Then, same thing again. Only difference that this time we go back to her place.

Before, we grab some water and I get condoms. The same condoms I didn’t like before & have complained about many times in the past.

I don’t wanna bother you with the fine print, the details of what happened in the next minutes.

But to make this YouTube-conform, let just say, I was approaching the finish line & suddenly experience something at the tip of the condom. Feels rather neutral, I didn’t think much of it & continue.


I finish, pull out and now see what that “feeling” at the tip of the condom actually was. The condom is completely ripped open. It broke.

Not only that, I freaking came inside the girl.

Slightly panicking (massively panicking, actually), I take it off, take a shower & use loads of soap. Then I tell the girl to do the same while I am Googling solutions to my problem. I wanted to rush to the pharmacy right away but Google tells me it’s alright if the pill is taken a few hours after.

Puh. Scary moment.

The other thing I did do right away was drink a ton of water, so that I’d have to pee a lot & flush out possible bacteria inside the urethra. This isn’t a foolproof method or anything, but it doesn’t hurt either.

Next morning we go to the Pharmacy and that problem is taken care of.

Now, onto the more interesting part of those experiences. Where I went wrong (the non-obvious) and what I’ve noticed by going on actual dates with girls rather than bringing them directly to my place.

Girl Is Wet = Not Good Enough

Let’s start with the condoms. Both girls were wet enough to justify not using lubricant, I thought. Now, I know that was a mistake. Perhaps the broken condom could’ve been prevented by using loads of lubricant, not sure about the condom slipping off.

Condoms Do Break (If Too Small)

The other thing is condom breakage, which I thought would never ever in a million years happen to me.

How the hell can a condom break?

Any time, I’ve heard that happen to someone and I inquired about the details, it’s always that the guy carried the condom in his wallet, or pocket for some time and that made the condom porous.

That makes sense, but the condom I used was fresh from the store. I didn’t sit on it or anything like it. I didn’t put strain on it for hours either, I mean that session really was maybe 10 minutes of intercourse.

But Jesus man, that really tells a lot about the quality of condoms here.

This is a problem. Yeah, order ahead of time or bring condoms to Thailand, but what do you do if you have none right now. Do you just decide not to have sex at all? It is difficult.

Longer Dates, Better Sex?

The other thing I noticed relates to a question I got from a viewer a while back. He was asking about something along the lines – I am paraphrasing – “Are the girls you meet wild in bed? Are they proactive or just passive?”

The sample size is still very small, but what I noticed from these 2 actual dates (spending a bit of time together before sex) was that both were very, very into it & very proactive – as opposed to pretty much every girl I pulled directly into my room.

Doesn’t mean much, just something that stood out to me.

And no, this doesn’t mean you now have to follow this approach rather than what I said in the past. I am simply sharing my experiences/lessons learned and you can take what seems to be helpful & disregard the rest.

So, that’s was is. My weekend. The good & the bad, but at least I got away with a black eye. I guess.

Oh, and here are the exact strategies used for both online dates:

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