Pattaya Girls & Pattaya Freelancers [PICS INSIDE; UPDATED]

I get it. Maybe you’re not the type of guy that enjoys hanging out at gogo or beer bars & just wants to get straight to the point.

Maybe you can’t be bothered engaging in pointless small talk, paying lady drinks, bar fines … or you simply want to spend less money, yet still have your fun.

I get it because I am the same way. If I wanna watch a gogo show & get drunk, I am not necessarily always interested in getting a girl. Likewise, often times, I wanna get a girl but have no interest in sitting in a bar or wasting any time indulging in Pattaya’s Nightlife.

Beach Road in Pattaya – probably the busiest/most well-known freelancer area. And yes, those guys are talking to hookers there … (Watch the full video here.)
Beach Road is also a place where you see 5 guys cornering 1 hooker (see right side behind car).

That’s where freelancer girls come into play & today I will show you the best spots to find those. To clarify, a freelancer is a girl that works on her own, isn’t employed by the bar she’s in or the-like.

In terms of prices there is more volatility and whether you pay regular price or are able to strike a cheap deal will depend on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

  • How much she likes you
  • The time of the day
  • How strong business is on that day/at that time
  • Her mood
  • Previous points of contact

What’s “Previous Points of Contact”?

I didn’t know how else to name it …

Here’s an example. I went with a freelancer & the next day asked her to show me some of her freelancer friends. I then told her which one I liked & got an even cheaper price than with the original girl.

This makes perfect sense from the girl’s perspective.

Think about it. If a freelancer girl you’ve been with refers you to another friend. That friend might be open to a lower prices because she knows, okay her friend knows you, so in all probability, she won’t get killed, you’re not the biggest weirdo & that certainly takes off a bit of pressure.

Most of these factors are out of your control, so focus on what you CAN control. Manners, getting straight to the point, being well-groomed.

Pattaya Freelancer Areas

I’ll talk about 2 different types of places.

  1. Outdoors
  2. Bars/Clubs filled with freelancers

For outdoors, the most obvious & well-known spot is Beach Road.

Most of the working girls there will show up starting late afternoon/early evening. It is this street here (see image below) – a pretty long walk where you’ll see regular girls, ladyboys & a bunch of other sketchy characters.

This is Beach Road. Walking Street begins at the end of Beach Road (see red pin). Although the most working girls you will find on the lower half of Beach Road.

In my opinion, quality isn’t good here – but you might have different preferences. Prices start around 500 Baht (if you’re lucky enough), but the standard is 1000 Baht for short time.

Here’s what that looks like. You can & actually should be pretty straight-forward. Just ask how much.

This girl wanted 700 Baht for short time & had her apartment right across the street. Filmed with my hidden camera, video here.

The Beach Road “option” works pretty much every day (given it’s not raining); but depending on the day & time, you can also scout for girls in the areas mention below.

Here are a few shots from Beach Road, so you get an idea of what to expect.

This group of guys wanted to fuck this one freelancer & they are negotiating prices. In the end, it didn’t work out. Video of this scene here.
Beach Road is busy in the evening on most days with most girls standing in the area closer to Walking Street.

Walking Street

Not inside any of the bars, but directly on Walking Street & it’s side alleys. If you arrive early enough, you will see gogo girls walking to their workplaces & can approach them right there – to make a deal for after their shift.

But you can approach/ask girls for the price on Walking Street at any time. I know, you might be thinking those are all tourists and the girls there as well … not, really.

Full videos of all screenshots below, you can find at KINGEPIC.COM/PREMIUM.

This girl just walked past, the dude turned around and approached her.
Now talking about prices & details. She has nice boobs 🙂
Now his friend joins him (I am guessing they are doing a threesome). A minute later, all 3 left together … (Watch the full video here!)

The truth is, as the night progresses, your chances of finding a working girl in this area increase as most bars/gogos close at a certain time at which point the working girls either go to a after hours club, eat food or leave. This can be your chance.

After midnight, girls will just stand on both sides of Walking Street. Just go up to the ones you like.

Like this dude …

They talked for a minute or two …
… then ass-“testing” and then they left. Not sure how that happened or what they talked about. She also touched her own ass after. Anyway, full video here KINGEPIC.COM/PREMIUM

Club Insanity/iBar

Don’t waste your time at any other club. Simply stand at the entrance of this place for 15 minutes (during peak time) and you get to see the quality & quantity of girls walking in.

Of course, you can also approach those same girls directly on Walking Street, but chances are that’ll leave the venue with a customer.

Girl with see-through miniskirt and g-string walking upstairs to Club Insanity. Do I need to mention that the full video is here?
This type of girl you’d find at Insomnia/iBar – great ass & face was good as well 🙂

Free entrance at both places (they are connected via stairs inside), so always worth having a look inside if you want.

You’re not required to buy a drink, they have decent music & tons of girls every day. Plus, it’s open until early morning.

Once it closes, a large portion of the crowd moves over the bar opposite of Insomnia to play pool – sometimes until. I did this once … and that was enough for me.

Keep in mind, with each passing hour, fewer girls (and fewer hot girls) will be around. So, if – god forbid – you wake up early in the morning, you could simply head to this bar & get a freelancer early morning.

Pattaya Malls

Certainly an option during daytime. Especially the malls that are close to the red light areas. Mike’s Malls is a good example & you’re more likely to encounter working girls there then in a mall further away.

It’s an option – certainly not my preference. I don’t really spend much time outside during the day – it’s just too hot & to be honest, everything looks kinda tristé compared to nighttime with flashy lights, etc.

If you’re a bar/club person & enjoy these environments, you clearly have an advantage because freelancer bars & clubs offer the largest quantity of working girls. There are downsides though because in many bars you will have a ton of other foreigners & often times it isn’t as straight-forward as “How much? Let’s go!”

So, there you have it. Freelancer spots in Pattaya. I hope you enjoyed this article, the pics & will use the info on your next trip 🙂

If you’re interested in seeing what interactions with freelancers look like (hidden camera), plus all the videos from the screenshots on this page … and a ton more, you can find continue over here.