Bar Girl Hotel Phuket for $8/Night? [INSANE VALUE!]

During my latest trip to Patong, Phuket, I decided to stay at 2 different hotels to see what they are like, their price-value, location and other things worth mentioning.

The first hotel I stayed at was $35 per night and 15 minutes walking distance from Bangla Road. The hotel was brand new, had an awesome rooftop pool, bar area and fitness room.

Overall a great option if you’re looking for something a bit higher class, or have a girlfriend/wife you travel with or say a regular girl and don’t want to necessarily meet a different girl every day.

The other place I stayed at is a freelancer hotel Phuket par excellence!

It’s literally 1 minute walking distance from Bangla Walking Street, $8 per night, clean & quiet. As such it’s THE PERFECT hotel to bring bar girls or freelancers to.

There are Phuket hotels which are girl-friendly … and then there are places like this one who don’t even have a reception past midnight. Perfect to do what you want, have your privacy and bring Phuket bar girls and freelancers!

The WiFi is fast (enough). The hotel is guest-friendly. You are not even required to register your guests & reception is unattended after midnight.

In the past, whenever I was looking for a bargain, it resulted in a bad experience. Either the room was tiny, not clean, noise disturbance … you know, something that would explain the low price point.

In the case of this hotel room, I have yet to find the downsides. What you see is what you get. It’s a budget room, so if you’re looking for a luxurious Patong experience, then it’s not for you.

If you bring lots of valuables, then this might not be the safest place to store them. The room also doesn’t have a microwave or coffee maker.

BUT, if all you care about is location. A clean & quiet room and hotel that is guest-friendly, then I think it will be difficult to find something better.

The room is being cleaned daily. The $8 per night is the daily rate. If you stay for a month, they have an even lower rate.

There’s also a rooftop bar & you can also book breakfast.

Location-wise, 7-Eleven 2 minutes walking distance – on the left and right side on the main street. If you need a proper gym (not one of those small fitness rooms), I mean legit gym, the Phuket Gym Patong is 5 minutes walking distance. Daily rate 200 Baht, 750 weekly.

The Maximum Fitness gym is also within walking distance but twice as expensive. Then again, you have brand new, top-notch equipment whereas everything at Phuket Gym Patong is dated.

5-10 minutes walking distance to Patong Beach.

The biggest freelancer nightclubs (Iluzion, Tai Pan Disco) are within 5 minutes walking distance.

The fact that this room is so inexpensive would even allow you to have it as a second hotel room. Say on the weekend (Friday, Saturday) you want to do the party thing, bring girls. You book this room for $8 per night … are close to the action, don’t have to worry about you valuables (as they are in your other hotel room).