Caffeine Pills in Thailand – Legal or Illegal? (+11 Alternatives)

Where do you get caffeine pills in Thailand? Better yet, can you bring your own caffeine pills when traveling to Thailand?

The topic of caffeine pills in Thailand is a great example as to why you shouldn’t trust random people posting on forums when it comes to getting reliable information.

… and more confusing information:

The narrative is usually the following:

Person brings item to Thailand. Bags didn’t get checked at customs. Person then claims that it must be okay to bring that item to Thailand.


Just because you didn’t get caught, doesn’t mean it’s okay or legal to bring something to Thailand.

If you’ve ever been to Thailand before, you know that it’s practically impossible to obtain caffeine pills. Whether that’s at pharmacies, street stalls or supplement stores.

I am talking about caffeine-only pills.

There’s anti migraine medication available which contains caffeine.

Your best work around is buying a pre-workout supplement, which contains caffeine and other ingredients.

It’s not as dirty cheap as caffeine pills but that’s what you can obtain legally and without having to search around.

To answer the question,

Is Caffeine Illegal in Thailand?

Let me copy and paste the answer I’ve received directly from the Thai FDA (Narcotics Control Division):

Caffeine is classified as a medical preparations according to the Drug Act B.E. 2510 (1967).

A patient under treatment is allowed to bring those medications into Thailand for personal use in a quantity NOT EXCEEDING 30 DAYS OF PRESCRIBED USAGE when accompanied by a valid prescription and/or medical document from the prescribing physician.

Therefore, you don’t need the permit for medical preparation from Thai FDA.

However, please keep the medications in the original packaging. Please keep prescription and/or medical document from the prescribing physician between you stay in Thailand.

If you have nothing else to declare you are allowed to pass through the Green Channel at airport customs without declaring the medication because it is then considered as personal belongings.

I recommend that you should have a valid prescription and/or medical document of a physician for any drugs carrying in to Thailand.

Caffeine Pill Alternative in Thailand

I’ll start with the obvious alternatives and then mention some indirect sources of caffeine which you probably haven’t thought about.

Direct Caffeine Sources

  • Coffee (7-Eleven, etc. usually 30 Baht per cup)
  • Green Tea (white cap is sugar free)
  • Pre-Workout Supplement (Nutrition Depot at many BTS stations)
  • Coke Zero/ Pepsi Max (0 Calories)
  • Lipovitan D
  • M-150 (and variations)
  • Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull)
  • Carabao Energy Drink

The last 4 items on the list are all energy drinks which you’ll find at any 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Tops Market, Villa Market, Tesco …

Indirect Sources of Caffeine

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Guarana Extract
  • Chocolate

Thailand Caffeine Pills Online?

Caffeine pills are sold on Lazada Thailand (Thai version of Amazon).

Just because they are sold online, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe from a legal standpoint.

It gives no indication as to the legal status of caffeine pills or whether a prescription is required.

If you’re a caffeine addict fan like myself, now you have all the information to get your caffeine intake right while spending time in Thailand.

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