Bangkok Escorts – Are They Worth The Money?

  • Short Answer: Yes.
  • Detailed Answer: Continue Reading.

You’ve probably asked yourself what’s the best way of meeting Thai girls in Bangkok (Pattaya, or Phuket).

Maybe you’ve been browsing various escort websites, or have even thought about using Smooci.

Escorts in Bangkok

Let’s be honest, all of us have days on which we can’t be asked to go out and ‘find’ a girl – whether that’s at the club, massage parlor, or elsewhere.

Browsing an online catalog full of eye candy – and ordering the girl of your choice directly to your room seems like the best idea you’ve ever had.

Price is not the issue – PHOTOSHOP is!

Are her pictures real? What if she looks worse in real life?

It’s those concerns that stop most men from ever giving escort sites a try.

Platforms such as Smooci reduce that risk because previous customers are able to post comments and reviews.

Nonetheless, if you google ‘Bangkok Escorts‘, click on any of the sites and book directly with the agency, you don’t know what you are getting.

The reviews on almost all escort agency sites are either fake or heavily edited. It doesn’t take an expert to notice that after glancing over a few of these comments.

From a business standpoint, this makes perfect sense. Negative reviews would lead to fewer bookings.

That’s why you only ever see positive reviews on these escort sites.

Bangkok Escorts Are Legit?

In my experience, yes.

You  might come across some pictures in which boobs have been ‘enhanced’ to appear bigger than they really are – but that’s about it.

I have never been in a situation in which the girl I had booked turned out to be a 300 pound whale instead of a 100 pound lightweight.

Most of the digital enhancements you will probably not even notice (unless you have worked with Photoshop before).

What’s wrong in the picture below?

Bangkok Escort

See how certain items in the background are bent? It’s the light on the left side, the curtain on the right side.

Book Bangkok Escort Online

In other words, the boobs have been digitally enlarged, which bent the background (items).

You CAN do magic with Photoshop, but only if you know what you are doing. That clearly wasn’t the case when those pictures were edited 😉

At this point, you are probably thinking,

Bangkok Escorts are a scam – I’ll just stay alone!

Well, not so fast, my friend.

It’s All Good, Really …

If these digital enhancements are a scam, what about any girl that uses make-up? Or how about lighting at nightclubs that essentially hides girls’ flaws?

You see, nobody is perfect.

And while the escort girl you’ve booked might have boobs which are 5.75% smaller in real life, it’s not really an issue.

That is, unless you are a boob connoisseur and can spot the discrepancy 😉

… in which case, I salute you!

Anyways, my point is …

Booking a escort online isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it’s definitely worth a try.

Not as your PRIMARY way of meeting girls, but on days during your Thailand holiday on which you don’t feel like going out or partying. This is where booking an escort can help you save the day 😉

Before you go ahead and book an escort online, here are a few tips.

Booking Bangkok Escort Online – 5 Tips

  • Review all pictures. Some poses/backgrounds make it difficult to digitally-enhance boobs. If boobs look smaller in some pictures, usually that’s their actual size.
  • Most agencies charge the same price for 1 hour as for 2 hours. 2 hours come with 2 shots.
  • Consider checking Smooci first, before you go ahead and google ‘Bangkok Escorts‘. Smooci usually offers rates which are 1000-2000 cheaper than if you were to book directly with the escort agency.
  • If you are super picky in regards to a girl being slim, check her weight relative to her height. A girl that is 150cm tall can’t possibly weight 60KG and be super slim … unless her boobs are ginormous.
  • Make sure the girl provides the services you want (besides regular intercourse) to avoid any surprises!
  • This is Thailand, so it needs to be said: Make sure the girl is actually a girl 😉

Bangkok Escorts FAQs

How much does it cost to book an escort in Bangkok?

The standard rate is 4,000 Thai Baht for 2 hours. That price is all-inclusive. There are no hidden or extra fees for taxi and tipping is optional.

After your ‘session’, you can ask the girl for her contact info (Line ID) and message her directly to get a better rate next time 😉

Is it safe to book a Bangkok escort?

Safer than taking the random girl from online dating or the street freelancer to your room – that’s for sure.

Do I need to wear a condom with the escort?

Yes. Don’t you dare go raw!

Can I cancel the booking if I don’t like the girl?

Yes, but there’s almost always a 1000 Baht cancellation fee. Still worth it, if you don’t like the girl and would otherwise be paying significantly more.

Can you recommend an escort or provide her number?

In my Thailand Guide, I have included an entire spreadsheet with contacts of girls (escorts/freelancer) from Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. Those are girls I’ve been with, have personally ‘tested’ 😉

Here’s what that looks like.

Bangkok Escort LINE ID

The Thailand Guide also comes with my eBook ‘The Monger Playbook‘, which contains additional strategies and tips engaging with working girls, whether that’s a Bangkok escort, freelancer or bar-girl.