Dan Bilzerian Lifestyle on a Budget [THAILAND EDITION]

Let’s face reality. You are no Dan Bilzerian and never will be.

You’re not even a millionaire. You can’t do what he does; his lifestyle is unattainable for 99.9999% of the population.

Throw parties with 300 hot chicks. Travel to exotic locations. Have 10 model-like girlfriends stay with you simultaneously.

Get laid 9 times per day because all the girls need to be ‘serviced’ and are fighting over you.

You can’t do any of that because you’re not rich.

Well, actually you can.

Just not year-round and not in the U.S. (or any Western country).

Yes, you can have the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle – that is if you’re willing to make some adjustments and most importantly, can get your Asian fetish going.

Dan Bilzerian Lifestyle for <$5,000

Location: THAILAND

You can have a top tier girl play the role of your girlfriend – either by offering great perks (luxury hotel, etc.) or paying a very small fee. I am talking about a few hundred USD per week.

Details on how to make this happen here.

That’s literally the blueprint.

You simply repeat the process until you have enough Thai girls on board for your holiday polygamy experience.

Do that with 10 hot Thai chicks for a few weeks and it’s not even gonna cost you $5,000. Most likely less than $3,000 – depending on what type of accommodation you opt for.

Let’s break down what Dan Bilzerian does and how you can replicate it – step-by-step.

1. Contract Yellow-Fever

Like I said, the Dan Bilzerian Budget Lifestyle¬†only works if you’re into Asian women.

If you’re not into Asian chicks already, this should help:

I have had friends tell me that they’re not into Asian chicks – only to visit Thailand and end up with a Thai girlfriend.

I’m not into Indian girls, but if she’s hot, I’m up for it! A hot chick is a hot chick, regardless of nationality or ethnicity.

From now on, whenever you’re thinking of Asian girls, don’t think about the 40 year-old waitress at your local Chinese restaurant. Instead, think about the hot chicks above.

2. Become A Monger

Sorry to burst your dream but there is literally no possible scenario in which you’ll have dozens of superhot Thai chicks stay with you just because you’re a nice, or cool guy.

You are not Instagram famous like Dan Bilzerian which means:

You’ll have to pay.

Luckily, this is Thailand and we’re talking about minuscule amounts (if any at all) – 5,000-10,000 Baht per week ($152-300). That’s the worst case scenario.

If the girl likes you and you have other perks to offer (luxury villa, food, etc.), she might stay with you for free.

And yes, you absolutely can pick working girls (hookers) which do genuinely like you.

That doesn’t mean they’ll do it for free but it just shows that the argument of ‘I can’t pay girls because I want a girl to be into me’ is not valid.

Just because you’re paying a girl doesn’t mean she can’t be into you. In fact, if you pick a freelancer (girl working on her own), she’ll only go with you if she likes you (on some level).

If you don’t believe me, observe a really hot Thai freelancer for a while and you’ll see her reject minimum 7/10 customers who go up to her and offer money.

2. Rent Luxury Villa in Thailand

To throw epic Dan Bilzerian-like parties not even the fanciest hotel will do. You need to rent your own luxury villa – ideally somewhere close to the sea with an amazing view.

No problem, in places such as Phuket, you can rent a luxury villa for as little as $100 per night. The fancier places are around $500.

Maybe you’re surprised to learn that even though I am showing you how to create the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle on a budget, Dan’s actual video was also filmed in Thailand (Phuket).

The club you see in the video (00:42) is Illuzion Phuket – it has free entrance! The rest of the video was filmed in the area around Phuket (Thailand).

You can also see this nightclub (Illuzion Phuket) in the video below which I filmed during my last stay in Phuket around 4 months ago.

3. Hire Local Talent

For any parties you throw, you probably want more than just a few or a dozen women to be there.

To make this happen, you can book the entire strip club staff to show up there for you or pick up some freelancers (cheaper option).

For quality freelancers, you can use the contacts I provide or pay someone to get freelancers from the streets (e.g. Bangla Road or Beach Road in Phuket) or nightclubs.

SIDENOTE: Black/African girls in Thailand are to be found in the nightlife areas. They’re usually more passionate in bed and charge the same price as Thai girls.

If you like variety, you can get both Black/African girls AND Thai girls.

Russian girls are available as well but they are significantly more expensive (sometime 2-3x the price of Thai girls) which defies the purposes of the Dan Bilzerian Lifestyle on a budget.

4. F*ck Like A Pornstar

If you party like a rockstar and have hot girls around you 24/7, you probably also want to provide a rockstar performance is the bedroom.

Viagra and Cialis are widely available. This isn’t medical advice, but I personally use Apcalis – 20mg for 200 Baht ($6). I break them up into 5mg pieces, that way one package lasts for 15 days.

Buying prescription medication from street stalls is illegal.

The legal route would involve going to a clinic (such as a TRT clinic in Bangkok) and obtain both a prescription and genuine medicine.

5. Dan Bilzerian Craziness

If you want to be like Dan Bilzerian for a few days or weeks, you have to go all-in.

That means taking your girls to a remote island. Renting a jet ski. Jumping off a boat. Shooting guns. Throwing an epic party with fireworks.

OPTIONAL: Mistaking a ladyboy for a hot Thai girl.

Private Boat Tour

Take your girls to a remote island – just like you see Dan Bilzerian do in his Instagram pictures and videos.

Best location? The islands surrounding Phuket. (This is where they shot Leo DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’)

Jet Ski Ride

Easy. You can do this at almost any beach in Phuket (or elsewhere). Just make sure you don’t fall for the Thailand Jet Ski Scam and inspect the jet ski before you ride it (ideally take pics or video).

Shooting Range

Available at any holiday destination – certainly in the area around Phuket. Just make sure what you pay for is a real gun/riffle and not a small caliber.


Fireworks alone don’t make much sense – best to combine them with an epic party at the luxury villa you’ve rented.

Hire a DJ

For your own private party – no matter it’s size – you can hire a DJ. Either a real one, or you put a playlist on repeat and hire a local motorbike taxi driver to pretend to run the show.

Hire Bodyguards

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Dan Bilzerian’s parties, you might have noticed heavy security – including guards with automatic riffles and shotguns.

For your party at a luxury villa in Thailand, that might be an overkill.

However, if you plan on hitting the nightclubs (say in Phuket) and you’re with a bunch of very attractive girls, the last thing you want is other (drunk) guys harassing you or your girls.

In Thailand, you can hire former police and military professionals to be your bodyguards – around the clock or on-demand.

How To Make IT Happen!

There you have it – the essential steps to creating a Dan Bilzerian-like Thailand vacation.

If you need help putting it all together and want me to help you plan your trip, join my Thailand Guide (which includes email consultations and customized travel planning).

There are various companies offering private pool parties in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket – including gorgeous Thai models who’ve been featured in various men’s magazines.

Should you book a private pool party all-inclusive package?

One thing to keep in mind is that you’re always paying a premium when there’s a middleman involved. The agency will take it’s cut.

Whether or not the girls at your party have been features in magazines – does that really matter? I personally couldn’t care less as long as they’re my type and fun to be around!

Lastly: Only look, no touch!

If these girls are not freelancers or escorts, doesn’t that spoil all the fun? Do you want to party hard only to go to bed alone or having to pay extra?

If you’re not in a rush (wanting the party tomorrow), you can easily plan your very own, customized private (pool) party. This article contains loads of pointers – for personalized planning, I offer my Thailand Guide.