Happy Ending Massage in Bangkok (NEVER AGAIN!)

You’re probably reading the title of this article and are wondering,

What’s wrong? Don’t you like happy ending massages anymore? Did you have a bad experience in Bangkok? Should I avoid happy ending massages as well?

Nothing is wrong.

I still recommend you try out all sorts of massages experiences.

Whether that’s going to a Nuru Massage in Bangkok, indulging in a Soapy Massage or going for a ‘normal’ oil massage with a happy ending.

Let’s be honest:

Happy Ending Massages are great.

They are exciting and a great way to get your rocks off.

Plus, very safe in regards to STDs (in case that’s something you worry about).

If you’ve never experienced a happy ending massage, I envy you.

Yes, I am actually a bit jealous as I remember my very first experience – it was awesome.

Happy Endings Are Great

That is, if you don’t know what to expect. It’s the uncertainty that I find exciting.

What will the massage lady do? Will the transition from massage to the happy ending be subtle – or will there even be a happy ending at all?

That’s precisely what I liked about my first few massage experiences – both in Thailand and Vietnam.

Maybe you are different, but I tend to get used to experiences … very quickly. The massage lady might be a different one, but overall there is not that much of a difference.

In other words, the novelty has worn of (a bit).

If that weren’t the case, I would still go there regularly.

The other thing I started to dislike is the passivity. In other words, I like being in charge – setting the pace.

That’s why I started to transition more to simply bringing freelance girls over to my place, or booking Bangkok escorts online where I can then take the leading part.

A happy ending massage is mostly the girl doing her routine and you waiting for the fun part.

Maybe I am more picky than the average guy, but I find it’s rather rare that a girl is doing everything at the right pace, the right tempo so that the experience is enjoyable for me.

This applies to both massage girls and regular girls.

  • OK, a bit slower.
  • Now a bit faster.

At some point, I’ll be like,

You know what, let me do it myself.

Travel To Thailand, Don’t Move There

Hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation.

Not to bore you with scientific lingo – it’s the phenomenon of getting used to anything you experience frequently (whether that’s something positive or negative).

Imagine going to a happy ending massage in Bangkok every single day for a month straight.

After a week, you’ve probably gotten used to the experience and it’s just not as fun anymore.

If you take a break and then do the massage again a month later, that same massage experience is exciting again.

That’s the reason why I don’t usually recommend for people to move to Thailand (unless they have reasons that go beyond just wanting to having fun).

A Thailand holiday which is a few weeks or a month long is just perfect. Any experience you engage in will be exciting, but overall the trip isn’t long enough for you to get bored.

You leave Thailand and go back to your regular life.

After a few weeks at home, you start thinking about Thailand again and plan your next trip. Anticipation builds up.

You get excited again. Rinse and repeat.