Planning Your EPIC Thailand Trip

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This is how every bad Thailand trip starts.

An OK Thailand vacation doesn’t need planning.

An epic Thailand trip – I’M TALKING MIND-BLOWING – does need some preparation.

You don’t get the best of the best without planning. An epic Thailand trip isn’t something that happens randomly – there’s strategy behind it.

Strategy means knowing

  • WHEN to go
  • WHERE to stay
  • WHERE to party
  • WHICH girls to take
  • HOW much to pay

Knowing what NOT to do is just as important.

Bangkok Interactive Map
Interactive maps for Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket included here.

If you have a trip planned then it’s absolutely essential to prepare well in advance. Make plans, book flights and hotels.

Here’s the real secret …

that 99% of Thailand travelers are oblivious to …

It’s what allows the 1% to really let loose and have a truly mind-blowing experience.

You wanna know?

It’s planning ahead of time.

If you disregard that little piece of advice, I can almost guarantee that you will have a less-then-majestic experience.

Thailand Walking ATM
What happens if you don’t prepare … you become the stereotypical ‘Walking ATM’ prone to scams.

How To Plan Your Thailand Trip

First, you start with what you want (to experience). That’s the basis of it all – everything else (time, location) evolves around KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT.

How are you supposed to know what you want if you’ve never been to Thailand?

Well, I have hundreds of videos/articles to give you an idea of the things you can do. That’s a start 😉

Then, add to that any fantasies you’ve always had. That will give you a very solid baseline.

Here are a few additional ideas:

As cliché as it might sound, the list of things you can do in Thailand is literally endless.

In addition to the naughty stuff, you can also engage in medical tourism, get started on TRT and much more.

It is only once you know WHAT you want that you are able to figure out the HOW.

The HOW is where to stay, which clubs/bars/parlors to visit … and all the other details.

There are many other small things that are easily overlooked (e.g. bringing condoms; Thailand has a very, very limited selection).

Thailand Condoms 7-Eleven
I can almost guarantee that these are too small for you. If you don’t bring your own, you’ll have a problem. Larger sizes aren’t available locally.

You get the idea. Start preparing now.

If you do it right, you can make this your best trip ever.

P.S. I have a few more open spots for my Thailand Guide, which has all the resources + customized travel planning included to make your trip epic. Including the girls, hehe 😉