Black/African Girls in Bangkok (and Pattaya)!

There are many reasons why one might be curious about African (Black) prostitutes in Thailand. Perhaps you’ve decided to only meet Thai girls for a while and yearn for something different.

Granted, many guys will go for Russian girls as an alternative, but there’s nothing wrong with desiring a Black hooker.

Compared to Thai freelancers, the ‘selection‘ is rather limited and there are no establishments, such as massage parlors that have Black girls.

There are only three ways of finding African freelancers:

  • Sukhumvit Road, Soi Nana, Walking Street in Pattaya
  • Smooci (only ever seen a handful)
  • Online Dating (ThaiFriendly, Tinder)

African girls are know to be more passionate (aka wild) and have more curves compared to their Thai counterparts. They also tend to be taller and have bigger boobs.

I can definitely see the appeal …

However, you really need to put in the time to find a diamond.

Online (such as on Smooci) is a waste of time as there are only a handful of African girls. Same applies to the other Thailand online dating sites.

Smooci Bangkok Girls

The majority of African girls I have seen in both Bangkok and Pattaya are nothing to write home about. They are overweight and I consider them unattractive.

Very rarely have I come across a Black girl that I consider a stunner.

Here’s an example.

Black African Girls Bangkok

This was probably the most attractive Black girl I’ve seen in Thailand. Ever.

In hindsight, I regret not taking her to my hotel. She had perfect skin, a slim body and pretty face. A very rare combination.

The picture was taken outside of Club Insomnia in Pattaya. Entire video is included in my Premium Videos.

Let’s talk about specific locations at which you can meet Black freelancers.

Black Girls in Bangkok

Your best bet is walking along Sukhumvit in between Soi Nana and Soi Cowboy. The majority of Black bar girls hang out at the intersection of Soi 7 (where the Germany Beer Bar used to be).

Soi Nana (Soi 4) is another hot spot at which you see the odd Black girl together with Russian and Arab freelancers.

Keep in mind that there are regular crackdowns in both Bangkok and Pattaya during which loads of African girls are arrested and deported. If this trend continues, it will lead to fewer Black girls on the streets.

Lastly, there are also a handful of African freelancers at Khaosan Road every night. I almost didn’t want to mention this spot as the quality of those girls is really poor …

African Freelancers in Pattaya

Walking Street. That’s it.

Not much else to say really because this is where you will come across African girls. The area outside of Club Insomnia is generally good and you always see a few Blackies walking around.

The other ‘hotspot’ for African girls in Pattaya is next to the ladyboy bar opposite of Club Insomnia on Walking Street.

Here’s another African freelancer that I thought was hot.

African Black Freelancer Pattaya

This girl was definitely much older than the one from the first picture (my guess is 30+) but her body was on-point!

Here a customer went up to her to ask for the price …

Black Girls Thailand

Lastly, another guy turning around to get a final glance at that Black booty.

African Prostitute Thailand

Prices Black Girls in Thailand

The good news is that while it takes some effort to find an attractive Black (working) girl, they tend to charge less than Thai freelancers.

The standard price for short time (ST = 1 hour) is as low as 1,000 Thai Baht.

The majority of African prostitutes in Thailand are from Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana and Kenya.