Pattaya Nightlife Guide: Girls, Gogo Bars & Fun! [ – VIDEOS INSIDE – ]

Pattaya – No question, one of the craziest places you’ll ever visit in Thailand. At times, it feels like this is a completely lawless city (which it is, to a degree) that just goes berserk when sun sets.

This article/guide will no doubt get you excited about going to Pattaya – and outline exactly how to maximize your fun in Pattaya’s wild nightlife.

I’ll talk about where to get the best pussy, prices & recommended gogo bars.

Pattaya is also included in my Thailand Guide Package – if you have no time to read, or plan on going to Thailand soon, it will be your go-to solution!

Pattaya Nightlife Guide
He is clearly having fun. This guide helps you do the same. (By the way, screenshot is from those videos here.)

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Ultimate Thailand Check List: 7 Things You MUST Know

This Thailand travel check list any newbie should carefully digest. If you’ve been to Thailand many times before you might still find a few nuggets of wisdom that’ll make your next trip just a bit better.

1. Can You Handle Thailand?

What I really mean is having the right expectations. Too many guys head over to Thailand thinking it’s all a fairytale.

‘All girls love me because I’m an exotic foreigner.’

Yeah, they’ll love your cash … at best. Thailand is only awesome if you come with the right attitude.

In essence,

  • It’s all a business. Don’t expect more than what you’re paying for.
  • Know where to go for what. Stay in Bangkok for regular chicks, go to Pattaya for whoring.

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Soapy Massage in Bangkok [UPDATED + VIDEO INSIDE]

I want to preface this by saying that shortly after I went to this place – Nataree Massage – it was raided and permanently shut down.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this review.

I’m the guy that wants to know his money is well spent (Who doesn’t?). So, before I was even considering going to this place and dashing out a few thousand baht, I read plenty of online reviews. Continue reading “Soapy Massage in Bangkok [UPDATED + VIDEO INSIDE]”