Watch 18 Hidden Camera Videos

See me talk to Thai prostitutes, film inside Bangkok's hooker bars & secretly follow hot Thai girls as they look for customers in Pattaya, Thailand!

Videos Filmed in Bangkok

Thermae Bar

German Beer Garden

Street Hookers

Club Insanity

Inside "Ce La Vie"

Club Levels Soi 11

MIXX Discotheque

Videos Filmed in Pattaya

Hooker Interactions

Big Boobs

Booty Cam

Russian Girls

Sexy & Weird (Best of)

Hottest Ladyboys

Black Hookers

Creepy Guys

Videos Filmed in Saigon, Vietnam

Blowjob Bar Review

"Mobile" Hookers

Vietnamese Club

Happy Ending Review

What To Expect

  • Hidden Camera Interactions - See me talk to hookers (Thai, Black, ladyboy) ... and then friendly excuse myself :)
  • Inside Hooker Bars/Clubs - Filmed with hidden camera, such as inside notorious Thermae Bar & German Beer Garden.
  • The Hottest Girls & Ladyboys - Entire video filled with the hottest Thai girls' asses, boobs ... and a few ladyboys stunners.
  • 100% Weirdness - Drunk guys approaching hookers, random dude touching a girl's ass and the general weird "creatures" on Beach Road at night - you get to see it all.

Lots of naked skin ...

18 Epic Videos
267 + Minutes
9.99 /10 Epicness Level

Why Pay For This?

With millions of YouTube videos freely available and dozens of other Thailand related channels offering content, you might be asking yourself, "Why should I pay for this?"

  • Not on YouTube - A common question. People asking me if the videos they get here are also on my YouTube channel. Of course not. Those videos have never been published before & they are hosted on a completely different video site (Vimeo).
  • Nowhere Else - I am following a ton of other Thailand-based YouTube channels as well. None offer anything similar to what's inside these premium videos.
  • Background Stories - Each video has a written commentary added below, providing you with interesting info on how the video came about, what happened exactly, etc.
  • Sexually-Suggestive - There is no porn or sex in these videos, but many scenes are suggestive (big tits, asses, etc.) which makes them unsuitable for YouTube. The videos would get removed instantly. Here, you get to enjoy it all - without filters.

Videos work on any smartphone, tablet & computer.


If you pick the "Premium" package below (best value), I am throwing in 5 additional bonus videos where I talk about my mongering experience in Vietnam ... and get attacked by 2 girls on a motorbike on my way home ...

Bonus Video #1

Bonus Video #2

Bonus Video #3

Bonus Video #4

Bonus Video #5


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Bonus Videos Included


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All Videos + Bonus.

18 Videos

Bonus Videos Included

Additional Features

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For whatever reason if you are not happy with the Premium Videos, simply let me know and I will happily and promptly refund your money.

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