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Resisting the biggest temptation on earth.

I said, 'No, you are not a women LIAR!'

Follow this guy & you end up in a scam!

The $15 Hooker on Beach Road, Pattaya

2 Vietnamese hookers - what they did to me!

Saigon's hidden blowjob bar!

This club is packed with Vietnamese hotties!

My first happy ending in Vietnam (FAIL!)

Eastern European girls are the gold standard!

I asked if she was a real women. She got ...

I politely asked for anal. She said ...

This blonde MILF had the biggest melons!

Club Insanity

MIXX Discotheque

Club Levels Soi 11

Inside "Ce La Vie"

Too much cleavage on Walking Street!

Booty Cam - Only if you have a booty fetish!

Russian Girls know how to make a man horny.

Black Hookers taking drunk guy for 3some!

You wouldn't believe it's NOT a woman.

4 Indian guys take 1 underage (?) hooker?

What this girl did on our first date (XXX) ...

This park in Bangkok is full of young hookers!

I asked her for bareback!

Asian Girl BBBJ?

This ONE Thai Girl I Met!

I invited her to my place,
then she told me about other guys ...

She claimed to be a female,
but I still couldn't trust her ...

The Philippines

Angeles City - Red Light District, Drunk + Interactions

Freelancer Club in Angeles City + REALTALK

Quezon City Full Night Out (Drunk) + Interactions

Trip to Olongapo, Subic Bay & Manga Beach + HOTEL REVIEW

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