Rewards – Rocket Fuel For Persistence

Recently, I’ve noticed that I am not really rewarding myself for the things I have accomplished, or better yet, specific milestones that I visit on the way to reaching a goal. Hell, I haven’t even specified a reward for reaching my goal.

This is very important because most goals don’t come with an instant reward, often times gratification is very delayed. For example, I might be writing 100 blog post and still not make much money or have regular visitors. To keep going, it helps to have a reward.

Without the reward, I feel the way I currently feel and procrastinate. That’s because it feels like I have to keep going indefinitely, that there’s no point in sight where I will ever be able to relax and enjoy. This is what a reward could be good for. The type of rewards that inspire one are different for every person. As you can see below, I’ve set down and decided on certain milestones and what the reward will be.

By the way, rewards don’t have to be physical items, they can also be something emotional. The reason why rewards are powerful is because the mind then has something that means instant, graspable pleasure when received and there’s nothing the brain likes more than instant gratification.

Here’s a couple of ideas…

  • As soon as I have 100 blog articles published, I’ll get to buy an iPhone, which I can then use after having achieved the next milestone – on my travel adventures.
  • Once a certain monthly income (e.g. $900 profit) is achieved, I reward myself by going on travels again.
  • Having achieved my fitness goals – specifically my target weight and waist circumferences – I am spending an entire day at the water park, or go to a pool party and ideally also film there with my action cam (+ waterproof case).
  • With one of my dating goals accomplished, I am now allowed to enjoy a selection of pay for play experiences. For example, erotic massages, or a certain number of hookers, going to a blowjob bar, and that kind of stuff.
  • When I’ve released a certain number of videos, or reached X subscribers on YouTube, I get to buy a better notebook for video processing.

Some goals don’t require an extrinsic reward because they are already pleasurable experiences by nature, e.g. the goal of traveling and visiting 5 new countries for 3 days each.

In a way, defining rewards for milestones is nothing more than chunking the entire goal into smaller, bite-size pieces.

The Hidden Perils of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is expanding at lighting speeds and there’s no way of stopping it.

Granted, the digital world offers a lot of benefits, from the unlimited information available to possibilities of making money online. To say I am happy that the Internet exists would be an understatement, for it is what a part of my life depends on.

All of it comes at a price though.

The virtual world is creating a massive dissonance to actual reality, an artificial standard and expectations that are impossible to meet in real world. That, in turn, can lead to frustration, a variety of negative emotions – even though real life might be wonderful and resemble everything one could ask for.

In many ways, virtual reality screws with our heads, our imagination.

Take the hot girl you see online as an example.

She looks impeccable, flawless, like THE perfect human being. In a way, she also seems untouchable and often times reading other people’s comments, that same girl appears special and above the rest of us. In a way, playing in her own league, although only imaginary.

Meeting the exact same girl on the streets and now she looks completely different. Not necessarily by her appearance, but everything else. Still hot, yet just like the rest of us – relatable and imperfect for sure. Now, we’re talking about a girl that be might attractive, but she’s still a normal girl or women and approachable at the very least.

No matter how hot the girl, there’s always an imperfection – and that makes her human! Not so in the digital world.

Let’s talk about porn.

The same thing happens here, but with much more severe and negative implications. Porn creates specific expectations of what sexual experiences and fucking must look like – the gold standard the can never be met in reality.

We then continuously compare real-world experiences against porn – mostly without being aware of it – and regularly end up disappointed. That doesn’t even take into account such things as porn addiction, which can lead to a variety of issues such as desensitization, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Finally, something more subtle, but still related to the concept: Facebook.

In itself nothing dangerous or negative, but no matter how hard you try, here and there, you end up browsing the site, reading through a series of gibberish posts. Seeing other people’s profiles often creates the illusion that they’re all having an amazing life. After all, there’s always somebody on vacation, or out partying.

That this is just a snapshot of their otherwise pretty ordinary life is something we often forget.

Real world rarely turns out the way imagined, whether that’s a holiday location or simply going somewhere, taking part in an experience.

Virtual reality isn’t going to go away – quite the opposite is the case. Digital devices and services taking over more and more parts of our lives, it’s important to consciously limit exposure to these negative influences. Complete avoidance is impossible, especially if you’re making money online.

5 Ways For Quality Distraction – Relax ‘n Improve

The last couple of months, I’ve faced an issue most people consider a luxury problem. Having switched from 9-5 slavery to running my own business (outcome-based), I suddenly had more time available than I could possibly ask for.

It became so severe, that I started distracting myself and felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of free time I needed to kill. Even after accomplishing the most important business tasks, there would still be 6+ hours left every single day.

Eventually, I simply came up with better ways of using distraction and channeling it more efficiently.

Here’s a variety of things I do regularly.

1. Meditation

The great thing about it is that even the short-term benefits are immediately noticeable. A 20 minute session is usually enough to feel focused and energized again, have clarity and get back to being productive.

The real challenge comes with getting started because usually I am moving and shaking all day and just winding down, becoming calm is quite a contrast. I’ve done meditation more extensively in the past – got started for different reasons – but nowadays it also seems like a good investment of time, when there’s too many hours in your day.

2. Reading Online

This is something I absolutely enjoy – browsing my favorite blogs! Not just random stuff that I read, but something I am genuinely interested in. For example, I really loved my Thailand trip and plan on going back later this year, so reading Thailand blogs and about other people’s experiences makes me feel like I am on vacation already!

Also, this get’s me thinking about all the things I could do in the future, places to visit and massages to book.

3. Music / Audiobooks

Listening to music, yeah, I do it occasionally, but it’s not very productive. Sometimes it’s helpful for relaxing and coming up with new ideas. However, the better alternative is feeding the mind and listening to an audiobook, which I usually do when too tired reading an actual book.

Sometimes, I download YouTube videos (e.g. interviews), convert them to MP3 and enjoy the thing on my audio player. Same thing, of course, applies to listening to books in audio format.

4. Brain Exercises

I rarely do these anymore, mainly because I don’t have a smartphone. When I was still working 9-5, I had a variety of apps with brain exercises and would regularly practice while commuting to work. To this day, I haven’t found alternatives for the computer.

However, I also have to admit that this is probably more suited for when I’m traveling, outside or waiting somewhere – moments where time can’t be utilized otherwise.

5. Brainstorm Ideas

This is another favorite of mine and brainstorming doesn’t have to be boring at all! In fact, I come up with most of my ideas while doing something else. Either listening to music, or walking around outside (usually carry a digital voice recorder with me). However, I also enjoy just taking a piece of paper and starting a mind map.

Perfect for coming up with new ideas or even solutions to personal or business-related problems!

Freeing Yourself & Living Independence

Breaking free is at the core of masculinity, it’s no wonder that I resonate a lot with the idea of INDEPENDENCE. In fact, if there’s one word, one concept that has had the biggest impact, that most of my life evolves around, it would be freedom or independence.

For me, this means living life on my terms, in every way imaginable.

  • Doing what I want.
  • With whom I want.
  • Whenever I want.
  • Wherever I want.

It’s not so much about controlling everything as it is about having the possibility and knowledge to fully direct my life. Not going against the masses for the sake of it, but because I consider it a superior path.

Independence can mean a lot of things and varies depending on the area of life it’s referred to.

Financial Freedom: A source of income that is scalable, location-independent and based on a universal process, a system that is replicable rather than a temporary way to milk a loophole or unethically exploit a flaw. Sustainability and legitimacy are the key elements here, providing real value in exchange for money.

I don’t understand financial freedom as being able to buy everything I want, but rather that I can enjoy travel, high living standards and a variety of other comforts without having to think about spending. Specifically, where expenses are only a fraction of what I earn and little thought is given to what I pay for the small pleasures of life.

At the same time, I realize that this is probably the only area where expectations and standards will rise over time, and eventually the meaning of freedom will go beyond the basic amenities. As incomes rises, it’s only natural to also thrive for things that weren’t in reach before.

Health & Fitness: Enjoying superb health that acts as catalyst for everything else, business, dating, fulfillment of life. Having health issues creates dependence on either a location, or an expert. The worst case scenario would be having health issues where life choices are limited based on my physical condition. That’s possibly even worse than having no financial resources.

Social Freedom: Being able to date the quality of women I desire, meeting girls through a variety of means all of which are location-independent and applicable all around the world. I am comfortable meeting women by myself and most importantly feel abundance, which is more of a mindset rather than something physical anyway.

In terms of social circles, I am able to choose who I spend time with and carefully select the people I call friends. That means being able to enter new friendships and getting in touch with people that play the game of life at higher levels.

The folks I am meeting or spending time with are my first choice, not just an alternative to boredom or a necessity because I need them for doing certain things, e.g. going out, meeting women, working out.

Finally, social freedom also includes the ability to simply do whatever I want without letting myself stop based on what other people think. No question, it’s normal to care about what others think, but a whole different story to actually let it hinder you from getting ahead.