April Suites Pattaya Review [Can You Bring Girls?]

So recently I tested a few hotels in Pattaya. More reviews coming soon.

But today, I show you April Suites – spoiler alert: It’s the hotel I have liked the most, so far.

You might be reading this because you are looking to book a hotel in Pattaya. Yes, you’ve come to the right place. At $28 per night, I thought the prices was good value. The hotel was located in a quiet side alley off the main street.

The room was spacious and I noticed zero noise disturbance. And I really mean zero.

Neither from the outside, nor from people in the hallway, other rooms, etc. Noise disturbance is probably the #1 thing I can’t stand, it ruins my sleep and in turn the entire experience into a nightmare.

The hotel is very close to Soi Buakhao, Soi 6 and Beach Road. Walking Street is 50 Baht with the motorbike taxi. There is a 7-Eleven just outside of the hotel, which is located in a sidestreet.


April Suites in Pattaya is guest-friendly, meaning you can bring girls (regular girls, hookers) back to your room with no extra charge (so-called “Joiner Fee”). All the girl has to do is give her ID to reception but this is for your own safety as well.

I rarely saw other people around while staying there, definitely something I prefer.

Guest-Friendly/Bringing Girls

Talking about girls, here are a few things to know.

There is a safe in the room where you can put your valuables (in addition to reception having the girl’s ID). The safe is attached to the closet/wall, so nobody is going to take it away. If you have additional stuff that can’t fit in the safe (such as a laptop), you can put it inside the closet on the very top.

Given most girls’ height, they won’t be able to reach it. Unless you take 2 ladyboys to your room, I honestly think, you can relax. The hotel is still on the smaller side, family-owned and any time I was walking past the reception (even at 4am), there were at least 2 people there, plus the guy at the door entrance (who will – without fail – always open the door for you).

I have stayed at larger hotels where you have a lot of people walking in and out all the time – not the case here.

Many hotels in Pattaya are guest-friendly, but I don’t always stay at those. It really depends on what I plan on doing during my trip.

It might be that I just came to Pattaya over the weekend (from Bangkok via bus) and all I did was going to massage places, thus no girls in my room.

Sex inside the Room

The shower is big enough for at least 2 people, so you can have your fun in there (allows for penetration and/or BJ). The bed is also large enough for at least a few people and also comfortable. 3 people on the bed is absolutely no problem, it’s pretty large (that’s what she said).

Keep in mind, however, that if you leave stains on the covers/sheets, it’s gonna cost you quite a bit of money … probably more than the girl.

Room Darkness

I specifically paid attention to curtain and how good it was at blocking light. This is something very important if you are going out all night, the last thing you want is light inside your room while you are sleeping during daytime.

No, problem here as the curtain makes the entire room pitch dark. Yeah!

If you ever get bored, this book is in the drawer. 😀

If you book through Agoda and book via PayPal, they request a 2,000 Baht deposit upon checking in – something to keep in mind. Although you can also ask to pay after check in and they’ll forget about it 🙂


WiFi speed was good, but the definition “good” is very subjective. I did not measure the exact WiFi speed, but watching YouTube videos on my smartphone did work just fine without any delays or buffering.

The only thing I didn’t like was that you had to enter your password and username anytime you disconnected from the WiFi (e.g. when turning off WiFi on your phone). That was a bit annoying.

That was about it. I would definitely recommend this hotel. As I’ve mentioned earlier, more reviews coming soon, but this is a solid choice in terms of price value for anyone staying in Pattaya.

My Opinion

I really liked the location of April Suites. There are probably cheaper hotels right in the center of action (Soi 6, Walking Street, Soi Buakhao) but those always come with the downside of being “harassed” by massage and bar girls any time you walk outside of the hotel, going to 7-Eleven, etc.

That’s fun when you first come to Thailand, but quickly becomes annoying, so I’d pick such a hotel in a quiet side-street over any other location.