Thai Girls & Penis Size

Today, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about what Thai girls like. What guys do they like? What about dick size? Oh oh! – … and let me tell you: It will be shocking!

Alright, this is something I had already thought about, but never felt the need to cover in a video … then today, I read this comment.

Basically, it started out by one guy saying, I quote, “If you are a young white good looking guy, girls will be all over you and you can get a lot of sex for free.

Then another guy asking what about if you’re black & eventually discussions about Thai girls’ favorite dick size followed.

This topic also goes hand in hand common questions such as, “Will Thai girls like me if I am xyz? Indian. Hispanic. Asian.

And then, I am supposed to give an answer to that.

Oh, well, according to the latest studies, you are likely to experience a 15% decreased success rate with Thai girls as a black man, whereas wearing a T-shirt saying “i’m black but no big dick. no pain. has been proven effective in increasing your chances of getting laid by up to 2.6%.

It’s a pointless discussion. That’s why I wanted to address this topic – to end it once and for all.

Let’s just assume we know for a fact that Thai girls like white guys that are at least 6’1” (that’s 186cm for all my European friends), are ripped & muscular, have full hair and a big dick.

… and let’s say a guy that matches all these criteria goes out. He sees a girl he really, really likes.

What if that girl – unlike most other girls – has different preferences. She likes short chubby bald Korean guys.

No chance of knowing which guys she likes.
No chance of knowing which guys she likes.

What now? Statistics don’t mean shit now!

And of course the same applies vice versa: if you’re one of the guys that are said not to be liked by Thai girls.

And we could even go further down the rabbit hole. It doesn’t even matter what the girl you like likes, because you can simply find another one of those girls YOU like.

So, all these discussions “do they like this, do they like that …” really mean – worst case scenario – that you might have to do a bit more work to find a girl that is into you. Yet, again, this should be irrelevant because if you’re into Thai girls anyway, it shouldn’t matter to you if you have to talk to 10 or 15 girls until you get laid.

Alright, now that that is done, let’s cover the other topic.

“They are so easy! They will be all over you!”

Let’s assume this is coming from a guy that actually gets laid a lot … here’s my thoughts why he might be saying that.

3¬†Explanations …

1. The girls he is attracted to aren’t the hottest by social standard, so it’s indeed easier.

2. Exotic factor. Basically meaning that when you’re new here you find “regular girls” more attractive than they actually are just because it’s something new & completely different. (But then again, this goes back to the previous point that it’s easier because they aren’t THAT attractive.)

3. Environment. Fewer attractive girls around so the average girls appear hotter & you think it’s easier while in reality it’s only easier because they are not that hot. I experienced this first hand when I was in Malaysia. I hardly saw any hot girls; most were wearing a headscarf. So, naturally, the few cute girls that I did see stood out … while those same girls would’ve only been average in Thailand.

The hottest girls in any country – taking social status, etc. out of the equation – will never be “all over you“.

A guy that gets laid with the hottest girl in Thailand, will also get laid with the hottest girls anywhere else. He won’t notice a different & won’t be saying, “It’s so much easier here than back home.

What Should You Do?

Find out for yourself. People’s experiences with girls vary – just like in any other domain. One black guy might be socially awkward, get zero result & then concludes it’s difficult for black people. People read that … and so the message spreads.

Personal story to wrap it up. Comparing Thailand & Vietnam. Before I went to Vietnam, every dating-related article I read said, “very hard, don’t go there if you want to get laid quickly, need to build relationship first”.

Yet, I found it to be the same as Thailand. Not easier, not more difficult.