Sapphire Club Pattaya – Best Gogo Bar or Overpriced?

Sapphire Club in Pattaya is one of the most well-known gogo clubs (so-called A Gogo) in Thailand.

You’ve probably seen some of their girls in one of my Walking Street videos on YouTube.

Hint: It’s usually the ones that stand out from the crowd 😉

If you see a hottie on Walking Street, there’s a 97.4% chance she works at Sapphire Club.

Sapphire Club Girls
Faces hidden for your own good. You’d be booking your trip to Pattaya right now if you saw how attractive these girls look.

Granted, the girls you find at Club Sapphire are very attractive, but does that justify paying a whopping 1500 Baht barfine?

To put this price into perspective: Many freelancer girls on Beach Road go for 1000 Baht; freelancers at clubs (such as Club Insomnia/iBar) often charge 2000 Baht for an entire night!

Club Insomnia iBar Walking Street
Thai girls at the entrance of iBar on Walking Street, Pattaya.

Club Sapphire charges 1500 Baht – and that’s only the barfine; the fee to take the girl out of the bar – it does not include any of actual ‘fun stuff’, which you’ll have to negotiate directly with the girl.

Best Gogo Bar in Pattaya?

What makes Sappire Club unique? How can they ask for a 1500 Baht barfine and still have lots of customers almost every single night?

Clearly, they must be doing something right.

Tastes vary, but I have always found Sapphire girls to be very attractive. Most other gogo bars have lots of average looking girls and a few stunners. Sapphire has plenty of stunners and only a few average looking girls.

  • That’s their unique selling point.
  • That’s how they are able to demand a premium price.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, most of the time, I don’t care about the show, music or drinks – I am out to find a girl that matches my criteria.

Here’s the location of Sapphire Club on Walking Street, Soi 15.

Sapphire Club Pattaya

I randomly stumbled into Sapphire Club during my first visit to Pattaya and thought the quantity of attractive girls was exceptional. Years later, that still holds true.

Sapphire Club Pattaya Prices

Keep in mind, the bar fine is paid directly to the bar. Everything else is negotiated directly with and paid to the girl.

  • Bar Fine: 1500 Baht
  • Bar Fine (After Midnight): 1000 Baht
  • Short Time: 2500 Baht
  • Long Time: 3000-4000 Baht
  • Lady Drinks: 150 Baht
  • Beer: 90 Baht

There is no entrance/cover fee as is the case at almost all gogo bars and clubs in Thailand’s Red Light districts.

Should You Visit Sapphire Club?

There are a number of venues which I consider a ‘must-visit’ in Pattaya.

Sapphire Club definitely belongs to that list. As does Club Insomnia, and a number of other gogo bars (and nightlife areas). The full list of my top places, you can find on the interactive map included here.

In my opinion, Sapphire doesn’t have any fancy shows. There are no naked girls. No pools – and for the most part, the level of naughtiness is very low  compared to other gogo bars (directly on Walking Street).

It’s not a gogo bar I’d go to in order to party or just have fun, but whenever I am out to find a hot girl (and have the money to spare), Sapphire is my first choice.

The club also hosts a bikini contest every year. The top girls end up on what’s called the Thai Bikini Mafia Calendar.

Just keep in mind that while the Sapphire bar fine is reduced after midnight, some of the best girls might already be taken by then …

If you’re really on a budget (not good if you’re in Pattaya), then hit the freelancer clubs after 2AM and it’s not too uncommon to find a few of the gogo girl who haven’t found a customer that night there.

Sapphire Club VS. Coconut Bar (Beach Road)

No contest here.

Why should I spend 4000 Baht on a girl at Sapphire Club when I can meet a freelancer at Beach Road for 500 Baht only?

Beach Road Pattaya

Beach Road aka Coconut Bar is only an option if you don’t care much about looks. I recommend you visit Sapphire – afterwards, take a long walk along Beach Road and let’s see if you’re still interested in the girls there …

As previously mentioned, there’s a reason why girls at Sapphire Club charge a higher price – it’s because they are much more attractive than the average girl.