How To Spot A Thai Ladyboy (While Drunk)

It’s not that difficult. That’s the good news. Still, the most commonly asked question – both on my YouTube channel & via email, “How do I spot a ladyboy?” … followed by a plethora of fears, including but not limited to the guy that

  • doesn’t approach a girl fearing she might be a ladyboy
  • won’t even come to Thailand because the ladyboysituation” is too confusing

Jesus, is it really that confusing? Seriously.

Fair enough, when your Thailand experience is limited to watching YouTube videos, this is an understandable fear. You see all these “girls” … and don’t whether it’s okay to get aroused or better to just distract you penis’ attention for a while.

Don’t you get excited, little friend! She has a d***!“,

your internal conversation. Hey, I’ll admit, there are instances when I talk to a girl – live & up close – and still don’t know if she’s a proper female.

However, keep in mind, that’s a super rare case. Like 1/100 interactions. Most times when I get asked the question about girls in my videos, it’s very apparent.

I can easily tell from their body language, looks & behavior. In real life, it’s even easier because you have additional criteria to rely on …

1. Height

Most Thai girls aren’t tall – so if you come across one that is towering most other Thai girls … chances are that she is actually a he.

Just like any other visual cue, it’s not foolproof, but a good starting point nonetheless.

If she’s taller or the same height as many foreign guys around – the chances of you looking at a ladyboy just increased astronomically.

2. Sexual Aggression

It’s rare to come across a Thai (working) girl that really gets all touchy & doesn’t even let go after a few seconds.

With many ladyboys, that’s the norm – even if you’re just walking outside of red light areas. They might grab you, talk dirty with a level of aggression which I haven’t experienced with regular Thai girls.

3. Adam’s Apple

Yes, you can have it surgically removed, but if it’s still in place … that’s a tell-tale.

4. Voice

This one is really, really hard to describe with words … and it doesn’t always apply. However, in most cases the voice can be your last resort when everything else has failed you.

Okay, when it’s really deep & manly, you already know anyway. That’s not the case with most ladyboys though. In most instances, the voice sounds rather “gayish“.

I don’t mean to offend gay people, but in my opinion, that’s what it sounds like. If you were to do a “stereotypical gay voice” … that’s another sign, it’s a ladyboy.


Although if you only find out by now, it might already be too late. Let’s say operation was done (no penis), all other criteria don’t match those of a ladyboy … yet you’re still unsure. You’re getting intimate, but you’re still skeptical.

First, if that’s the case, what the hell are you doing in bed if you don’t feel comfortable? Just pass & find another girl …

Secondly, the one thing you can’t fake … well, can you guess? A guy can’t fake a boner, so what’s the equivalent with girls?

That’s right, even a post-op ladyboy won’t get wet & that’s your way of finding out for sure (if you dare). Just make sure she/he (this gets confusing) doesn’t go to the bathroom and applies water to trick you …

Ladyboy Spotting For Beginners

Alright, now that you’ve just learned about some of the ways to spot a ladyboy – let’s do a little test!

Stay right here, scroll down slowly … and tell me which 2 pictures contain ladyboys?

Live & up close. Ladyboy or not?
Live & up close. Ladyboy or not?
Alright, this one should be easy.
Alright, this one should be easy.
Very cute girl, or is she?
Very cute girl, or is she?
Can you tell here?
Can you tell here?
In front of 7-Eleven. Should you be tempted?
In front of 7-Eleven. Should you be tempted?
Lovely, but is she a girl?
Lovely, but is she a girl?
What's the case here? Black dress, green top.
What’s the case here? Black dress, green top.

Well, that was easy, wasn’t it? The answer is the 2nd and last picture show ladyboys!

Great job, you’re now ready for Thailand. Spotting a ladyboy isn’t that difficult after all.

Except, well … I don’t wanna make you any more confused than you were before you started reading this article. The truth is, all pictures contain ladyboys.

How’s that for additional confusion 😀

So, if you can’t even tell by looking at still images while being sober, how are you supposed to survive Bangkok’s nightlife while being completely wasted?

Just look for the tiniest, most petite female you can find – and you’ve just lowered you chances of picking up a ladyboy by quite a bit.

… oh, and another revolutionary technique that works quite well: Just Ask.

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  • Ah, another classic of mine. Found this great place. Safe, spacious room, cheap. Only one issue: The street that goes to the main road is full of Soi Dogs (stray dogs) which in the evening gets pretty scary when they’re aggressive and barking. Getting bitten is one things, but catching rabies is deadly.
  • Finally, found a good place in a good location. Construction site outside and I could barely sleep. Horrible!

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