12 Best Bangkok Hacks

Massage Cluster

For the biggest selection of massage places, you don’t go to Nana or Soi Cowboy, but Phrom Phong BTS station. From there, you’re only minutes away from streets filled with cute girls. This is where I had my first Nuru massage. Check out Soi 33, 24.

Cover Fee Hack

Never take the taxi directly to Insanity nightclub. Instead get off closeby & walk in via the restaurant to bypass the cover fee. A taxi would usually drive you to the main entrance via this street & you pay 300 Baht cover.

Daygame @ Asok

Weekdays between 5-9pm; this exit at the BTS station you’ll find the largest amount of foot traffic.

Just stand there & wait for a girl you like – there’s so many people getting in and out of the station that it won’t take long. Forget about walking around … the only other alternative would be Siam BTS.

Protein on the Go

If you’re a heavyweight bodybuilder like myself, or simply want to maintain your gains … and don’t feel like eating solid food, this 69 Baht drink provides almost 30g of protein.

This one (and other flavor variations), you can find at 7-Eleven for 49 Baht. Not the best protein source in the world, but it does the trick for me … and doesn’t taste bad either.

Shortcut #1

From the Asok Skywalk, enter this building & you can get right to the back entrance of Soi Cowboy. That is, if you turn left here. If you turn right, you’ll reach a public toilet & Subway restaurant. Particularly useful if it’s raining or you need to cool down.

Quality Food

The one I regularly go to: Tops Market. It’s next to Asok BTS, open 24 hours & offers a great selection of freshly prepared meals. The alternative – although a bit more expensive – is Villa Market at Phrom Phong or Soi 11. Also open 24/7.

The Dark Side

Walking from Soi Cowboy to Nana can either be enjoyable or a traumatic experience. If you walk on this side, expect tons of ladyboys/massage/ and working girls. Choose the other side for a hassle free walk.

Old School Gym

Check out Tony’s Fitness at Soi 19. Open 24 hours, monthly membership is around ~20 bucks and you got all the equipment you’d need. Plus, it’s never crowded. Just be aware, it’s really old school, so no fancy air con or the-like.

Taxi Spots

Maybe it’s common sense, maybe not. In any case, when you’re grabbing a taxi make sure it’s after the intersection, not right before it otherwise you’ll likely be stuck in traffic & are paying for the additional waiting time.

Go Underground

Instead of crossing the street here – you can walk underneath it by entering MRT Sukhumvit. Particularly useful if it’s raining (sometimes) or is too hot (always).

Avoid Peak Hours

Avoid 5-9pm – and try to do whatever you want to do outside of those hours. Maybe late morning, early afternoon. I’d argue other than going out, or doing daygame, all other things – such as massages can be done anytime anyway so why expose yourself to traffic jams?

Become A Legend

Independent studies have shown that people that use my Bangkok Guide have 31% more fun, while stress was reduced by a whopping 56%. They are time-efficient in navigating Bangkok’s nightlife & don’t waste money on shitty bars. So don’t be a cheap charlie.

See you next time. Take care!