I Quit My Job & Traveled to Thailand (Story) + 2 Practical Tips

When I made my first short trip to Thailand, I still had this shitty 9-5 job in IT support. I hated every minute of it – just like any other job I’ve ever had.

I made around $15/hour.

That was the hourly rate (at least on paper) – factoring in commuting, I was probably making significantly less than that.

Days consisted of doing the bare minimum for roughly an hour and reading Thailand and travel blogs for the rest of the workday (while pretending to be busy). Continue reading “I Quit My Job & Traveled to Thailand (Story) + 2 Practical Tips”


This costs of living report is based on staying in Bangkok for 3 months straight, thus a lot of the expenses are cheaper than if I were to stay a month only. Expenses such as rent (3 month contract IS cheaper than renting for 4 weeks only).

In my previous costs of living report from July 2016, I had spent 38,200 Thai Baht (THB).

How about this month?

As I am sitting here, I haven’t done the math yet, but I’m guessing that spending increased slightly. Let’s find out! Continue reading “MY THAILAND COSTS OF LIVING (JANUARY 2017)”

What Asian Girls Does King Epic Like?

In a previous video, I was asked which girls I like and whether I could give some examples. So, that’s what I’ll do today.

First, I’ll tell you what I find attractive in girls & then I’ll show you different examples of girls from various of my videos – and point out girls I like, why & whether I’d be willing to spend time or money on them. I will also talk about what I dislike in women & what are some complete turn-offs for me.

I like masculine features. A good example of this would be a small waist/hip – although from an evolutionary standpoint, I should probably be into big butts & hourglass figures. I am just not. Not at all. I am all about a slim waist & a flat stomach with zero fat. Continue reading “What Asian Girls Does King Epic Like?”

3 Keys to Thailand Online Dating Success (Your Questions answered)

Over the last few weeks, questions regarding online dating (some specifically related to ThaiFriendly) have pilled up – I’ll address those today instead of answering to each person individually.

The #1 question I get asked when people hear/read about my ThaiFriendly streak is,

How do you get them to go to your place right away? It usually takes me x dates.

Continue reading “3 Keys to Thailand Online Dating Success (Your Questions answered)”