Pattaya & Bangkok Girls/Massages Will Make You Successful

Okay, let me ask you something.

Think about a guy you know – any guy – that you would consider successful.

Not only in one area of life but perhaps money-wise, awesome lifestyle & killer body.

Does He Date A Lot of Girls?

It’s almost as if “traditional dating” and success are two opposing goals. The closer you get to one, the further away you move from the other. Continue reading “Pattaya & Bangkok Girls/Massages Will Make You Successful”

Go To Thailand, Exit The Matrix.

The more time I spend in Asia (specifically Thailand), the more I change – but it’s not until I meet with old friends that I actually notice how crazy those changes have been.

The pay for play, partying, sheer abundance of cute girls, endless nightlife options – you become like the fish in the water that doesn’t know what water is because he has never been outside. Continue reading “Go To Thailand, Exit The Matrix.”

Jakarta, Indonesia

I will talk about my first impressions of Jakarta in terms of girls, dating, being a foreigner – and because everything in life is relative, I will compare those aspects to Bangkok, Thailand.

First off, most of you – including myself – will be able to get the visa on arrival. Continue reading “Jakarta, Indonesia”

Jakarta Nightlife, Tinder Dating & Pay For Play Scene

What’s up guys, King Epic here!

Today, I will talk about my experience of visiting Jakarta for 2 weeks. This visit was solely for the purpose of doing a visa-run; to leave Thailand and apply for a new 3 month tourist visa.

I could’ve chosen any neighboring country. Vietnam I had been to already, the Philippines didn’t excited me. For China, I would’ve needed a proper visa. Cambodia – not as developed for my taste. Continue reading “Jakarta Nightlife, Tinder Dating & Pay For Play Scene”