ThaiFriendly Sexting: Get Nude Pictures of Thai Girls

Fucking a Thai girl can’t be topped – we can all agree – but today I’m showing you the next best thing. Frankly, it is almost as thrilling & exciting as the real deal, a great way to get yourself off … and something I’ve secretly been doing whenever I wasn’t actually in Thailand (to meet up with girls).

What is Sexting?

Simply put, I’d be horny, go on ThaiFriendly, chat with a hot girl … eventually turn the conversation sexual – sometimes also exchanging private pics – and at the end we both climax. Sounds like actual sex? Well, it can certainly be very intense and exciting … and turning the girl on online is for sure as thrilling as in real life.

If you’ve been (or still are) in the same situation – your next Thailand trip far away – then here’s a fantastic way of making that time more enjoyable … and also build anticipation 🙂

Conversation gone sexual … within 2 minutes of talking.

It really is awesome because often times, I’d see a girl – perhaps in business wear or looking very serious – and I am wondering what she’ll be like?

Hint: often times, those are the ones that get really sexual.

Another hot girl that I was sexting with.
  • Will she start talking dirty once I get her “warmed up” & horny?
  • Will she send some nice pics or ask me something private?
  • Will I get nude pics? What does she look like naked?
  • How far will she go … how far can I take her?

My Achievements

  • Exchanging nude pics. Girl sending me naked pic showing her new fake tits. Showing her pussy. Girl sending pic with dildo put in.
  • Exchanging sexual voice message. Telling her exactly what to say & send it as voice message to you. (Advanced)
  • Exchanging video clips/doing web cam sex.
  • Voice call & simply hearing each other breathe while both of you jerk off.

Want My Naughty Messages? Easy. Just sign up for ThaiFriendly premium via this link & I’ll send you 5 of these sexting messages I’ve received from Thai girls using the exact method I share below.

The Art of Sexting

I won’t go into the basics of how to set up your ThaiFriendly profile or get girls to message you. All those strategies are already covered in my ThaiFriendly Guide.

Here, I’ll share advice geared towards turning the conversation sexual & going beyond the point of no return.

The first thing you need to understand is that restraint is absolute key. You need to gauge where she’s at (horniness level), otherwise it will end before it even got started …

In real life, you wouldn’t just wipe out your dick right after meeting the girl & expect her to instantly go from 0 to 100 in terms of arousal. In most cases, it doesn’t work that way with girls … and neither with Thai girls.

This is why for 99% of guys, this doesn’t work. They’re too fucking dumb. Tact of an ape. Those are the ones that send messages such as, “wanna fuck?” followed by dick pics and wonder why response rates are so low/they get reported.

The worst thing that has/will ever happen with my method is an innocent “are you joking? :D” from girls, but most respond to this very, very well.

Sexting Approved by ThaiFriendly

Is this allowed on ThaiFriendly? Yes, I’ve discussed all of this directly with ThaiFriendly and the method I am sharing here is officially approved. The key is to move the conversation on to a chatting app (Line, WhatsApp, etc.) and only THEN will you turn it sexual, send pics, etc. You do it outside of ThaiFriendly.

Prep for Sexting

You need a premium account where you can send multiple messages at once. Here’s why: Some girls take longer to respond, others might not respond at all. The free membership allows 1 message every 10 minutes.

Let’s say you wanna do sexting (most likely you’re horny already) – do you really want to wait with your dick in your hand for possibly an hour (if a few don’t reply) OR do you want start going within a minute?

If I’m horny and want to start sexting, I’ll send out 20 copy & paste messages … get the first reply within seconds … and am ready!

My Methods

I basically have 2 different methods – both work with most girls and their application mainly depends on how much time you have/are willing to spend. The first method only takes a few messages to get sexual, the other is more solid, slower but the girl will usually get way more into it.

Method #1 – Rapid Fire

The key to both methods is to turn it sexual without being to direct. What do I mean by that? Bragging is a turn-off for most girls (especially online), but you can secretly imply something without them being aware of what you’re actually doing (namely, going sexual).

I know, this might sound complicated, but here’s what I really mean:

  • Direct: I have a big penis.
  • Indirect: Can I ask you something private? (Girl consents) This is kinda private so you don’t have to answer. But when you meet a guy, is it a problem for you if in his pants is too big? sorry again.

See how that looks? You basically saying the same thing as you’d say directly but the frame is completely different.

And you can do this with literally anything … you height, any attractive feature you have, a sexual fetish you enjoy, etc.

Same structure …

  • … when you meet a guy, is it a problem for you if he really enjoys only “from behind”
  • … when you meet a guy, is it a problem for you if he really enjoys only to take care of you with tongue down there …

Really, the ways of turning it sexual are endless – only limited by your creativity.

That is in essence method #1 and you can easily get sexual right on the 2 or 3rd message. I sometimes ask on the 2nd message already “can I ask you something private” … if I am really horny or just can’t wait.

Method #2 – Slow Burner

Very similar to the previous method, the difference lies in timing. You simply “warm her up” longer & chit chat longer before you throw in sexual comments/ambiguous.

Actually, that’s a great way to get her going without really going too sexual at first: you throw in harmless complements … or statements that could be interpreted sexually.


  • Her: I’m bored.
  • You: I know what we could do if I were with you now 😉 hehe

How To Recover (Negative Reaction)

In most instances, you can easily turn things around. If she responds negatively to a sexual suggestion, you can simply state that you meant something different …

  • Her: I’m so bored 🙁
  • You: I know what we could do if I were with you now 😉 hehe
  • Her: You are crazy! Horny farang!
  • You: What? I meant going to this awesome park I know. What were you thinking!!!

When you make a sexual suggestion/hint, it is never clear what you mean anyway so it can be interpreted both ways (this is your advantage).

Sexting Expectations

You need to understand that sexting is sexting, meeting in real life is something different. Just because a girl exchanged naked pics with you 3 weeks ago doesn’t mean she’ll want to meet you in person today (or will even respond).

Sexing is kinda like a one night stand … it might be a one time thing with no strings attached and no expectations in regards to a follow up. If you keep this in mind, you’ll do just fine.

Another things is that human beings are complex – they aren’t robots and thus, I can really only provide my framework here … you need to perhaps tweak certain messages based on the specific situation.

Getting Thai Girls’ Nude Pics

In 9/10 cases, you’ll have to send something first. Just accept it and I guess it’s fair since you’ll be the one asking for it (in most cases) … and by sending a pic first you can then say you’d also like to see something and that it’d only be fair.

That’s it, pretty much. There will be some girls that simply won’t send nude pics. You can do dirty talking, voice message exchange with them.

Starting Dirty Talk (Voice Message)

Super fun as well! You’re both horny already from just the chatting and now you take it to the next level, by telling her what to say. It really can be anything.

Just think about, what would be something sexual/explicit you’d like that Thai girl to say to you right now? 😀

I’m sure a few things come to mind …

Using Line/WhatsApp, you she can easily send those as voice memos.