Thailand Mass Blast – 10 Years of Dating & Fantasies Compressed Into 2 Weeks

You get in, you get the job done, and you get out.

That’s how I think of a perfect Thailand trip. Or really, a perfect single guy’s trip to anywhere.

You are blasting your brain with a ton of new and great experiences in a super short time frame, then you go back to your normal life and focus on what really matters.

This really is the advantage of certain locations such as Thailand that what you get there in terms of dating, girls and nightlife is so time-efficient one could say NOT GOING is going to cost you more time and money.

In my opinion, the quality of such a trip is determined by how you feel about it afterwards. If you arrive home and feel like going back right away, then you haven’t done enough.

Ideally, you should do so much of the stuff that excites
you that for the weeks, possible months after,
the topic of women doesn’t cross your mind.

You have had enough.

You are working your job, building your business, or are simply making money with laser-like focus. Women simply aren’t a distraction anymore.

The longer that time lasts,
the more effective your trip has been.

You may have noticed that almost all of my videos cover topics related to such a Mass Blast. I rarely talk about long-term stays, and that’s for a reason:

1. Short & Intense is more efficient both in regards to time and money. You arrive, you get the job done, and go back home.

2. The law of diminishing returns. Intensity & duration are the polar opposites. The longer you stay, the less intense each experience will be. The first girl, or the first girls you meet will provide the most impact, anything after the first week or so will probably feel less powerful.

3. Simplicity is another key aspect. The longer you stay (especially beyond 2 months), the  more complicated. Now you need to get a visa, deal with paperwork, etc.

Let’s talk about how to actually do it. How do you make your Thailand trip as efficient as possible?

Essentially, there are 3 main areas of focus. In order of importance:

Location, Location, Location
Health & Energy
Quality Leads

Let’s look at each one in detail:

1. Location, Location, Location

The importance of location can’t be overstated. On a macro level think about staying at home VS. going to Thailand and what a massive difference location makes in terms of meeting girls and dating.

But the same is also true in regards to WHERE you stay while in Thailand. Take Bangkok as an example. Meeting up with a girl, going out, nightlife options – location is always a main factor.

The closer you stay to Asok BTS, the better.

First of all, you can simply go outside and there’s something going on. Whether that’s girls on the streets, nightlife at Soi Cowboy, Soi 11 or the Nana area. Then you also have malls such as Terminal21 that ANY girl will know and easily meet up at.

In terms of quality accomondation at any location, I ALWAYS select the following on Agoda (this has never failed me).

Compare this with staying further away. Now simply going outside is more complicated … What time is it? Is it past midnight? Is the BTS still running? How much does the taxi cost?

Paying a premium for a very good location is definitely worth it. In my opinion, anywhere of up to 4 BTS stops from Asok is fine. The closer you stay to Terminal 21/Asok, the better.

2. Health & Energy

The best location is no good if you are feeling tired, or simply not in the mood. What it takes for you to feel at your best and excited to meet girls depends from person to person, but if you need some enhancement, then by all means look into that.

If you need a few drinks, then why not. You should maximize the limited time you have to get the most out of it – whatever that means for you.

Health & energy is something you should optimize BEFORE, not DURING your trip. Perhaps get a hormone panel and other relevant health checks done in preparation of your trip. It also makes sense to try any “enhancement pills” first at home to see how you react and know what to expect when taking them in Thailand.

Be careful in regards to food hygiene. Food poisoning can knock you out and ruin your entire trip.

3. Quality Leads

This point isn’t a must but it helps if you have contacts of girls available prior to your trip. Then you will never be alone and always have a backup option.

You can do this by simply bookmarking all relevant sites for booking girls, signing up for online dating 1-2 weeks before arrival and start talking to girls.

It also helps if you simply make a list of things you want to do, i.e. specific experiences, types of massages to try …

Essentially, you never want to be alone and have multiple options (in terms of activities & girls) at any time.

Here are a few resources:

That sums up the main points of the Thailand Mass Blast!