Thailand Tinder & Bumble Experiment – The 2022 Results

I don’t wanna waste your time, so I’ll share the results first:

I’ve set up a completely new account for both Tinder & Bumble and wanted to see what results look like during Covid-19.

Would most girls be offline anyway and not want to meet? Would they just use the apps for boredom, talk a lot but not actually meet?

First off, I didn’t use any “special strategies”. Just my normal OK pictures and a genuine fresh account. By that, I mean a new phone with a new phone number.

When it comes to online dating, and messaging girls, I am usually quite lazy.

I do the minimum amount of effort and then I am done. I know almost anyone can improve his results by applying certain strategies, but like I said, I’m just too lazy to continue after some point.

  • “Oh here’s a funny picture”
  • “Look, here’s me doing this fun acitivity”

All this stuff to get girls to meet up, or to continue a dead conversation DOES work. My online or dating philosophy is a bit weird – my main interest isn’t to actually meet A LOT of girls, it more so to gauge my value in the dating market.

I wanna know how many options I actually have, how many and which girls are actively trying to meet up with me, those are the things I’m interested in.

The other reason is that whenever I put a bit more effort into a girl, the end result doesn’t feel enjoyable. If I text a girl, and then do this and that and XYZ and I eventually meet her, it doesn’t feel good. So, that level of effort, or that effort threshold for me is quite low.

It’s kinda like doing something you don’t enjoy to get the end result. Then you question yourself what the hell are you doing. You didn’t enjoy the process so what’s the point getting that end result.

That being said, if given the option of getting in perfect shape and spend 6 months on that, or send every girl I talk to an additional 10 messages to compensate for physical fitness, I would chose getting in shape.

I want it easy. Very easy, and for me improving would probably always be the best course of action.

I think over the last few years my interest in girls has also shifted. If I can meet with a hot boring girl and an average interesting girl, I’d probably meet the average interesting one.

The idea that I am meeting a girl, we go back to my place and that’s it, doesn’t sound as appealing anymore as it did years ago. I know many guys like the idea of spending a lot of time with a girl, or having her stay over, but for me that’s just too much.

I like to be alone most of the time. A few hours with a girl is fine, but any more than that and I regret the whole thing.

I’ve had an incident where a girl came over, I definitely thought she wouldn’t stay over and I would of course order her a Grab. She did stay over – I hated it so much that I didn’t invite another girl over in the coming months.

In fact, to this day, I don’t invite girls over. If a girl invites me to her place, I will go, but otherwise we do something outside.

The entire automation princicple form online dating is compareable to my YouTube videos. What I talk about in each video is new, but the footage is a mix between new recordings and old stuff.

I don’t want to be the guy that has to go outside and run around, spending hours recording footage for every single video that I want to make. That’s not fun for me, and not sustainable.


With that introduction out of the way, let’s look at the Tinder & Bumble results.

I’ve set up both apps during a weekday, no upgrade to a paid option, no swiping. These are the results after the first 18 hours or so.

Bumble = actually 18 or so messages. It simply shows the 9 unread ones.

Keep in mind, these numbers are somewhat meaningless – especially the 98 Tinder likes. Lots of girls I’m not interested in, ladyboys, etc.

Here’s a later update. Tinder only shows a maximum of 99 likes (unless you upgrade to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum).

I would usually run a Tinder boost, but only after I am able to verify my profile (which takes a day or so until that option becomes available). After that, we will see the real results in terms of likes and matches.

Also, for this experiment, I have set up a separate LINE account. You can do that via the Dual messenger function (Samsung only), or by installing Parallel Space app.


Tinder verification still pending, no boost used yet, no swiping done yet. However, I have already upgraded to Tinder Gold to see the actual number of likes; will do boost once verification is approved.

Bumble at ~25 messages so far. Screenshot only shows unread messages.

Tinder verify your account, or not?

In general, I think, yes. Espcially Thai girls are scared of scammers, or of being catfished. You can see lots of profile saying something about that.

If this is your first time using Tinder, definitely verify your profile.

If you reset your Tinder … there’s some debate as to whether, or not Tinder can detect that you’ve just done a reset based on your verification pictures. I am not sure if this is actually the case.

However, what I’ve noticed was that sometimes when I freshly installed Tinder, and did the verification, it would be approved instantly. Other times, it would take some time. What does this indicated? I have no idea … everything you read online about this matter is pure speculation anyway.


Slight change of plan. I wanted to verify first, then do the Tinder boost. However, verification is still pending and this experiment is supposed to be 24 hours. Thus, I have upgraded to boost and done the boost.

These are the likes after the boost – 24hours after I’ve set up the Tinder account.



How I automate, exact strategy + copy & paste messages I use. That’s for a separate video that I’m working on and will put both in the Thailand Guide & Premium videos.