Thailand Holiday Girlfriend [GONE WRONG] – Thai Girls Wants Money, No Happy Ending

Setting up a Thailand Holiday Girlfriend experience is easy.

You follow my strategies, add to that your common sense and there you have it – the recipe for an awesome time in Thailand including a hot Thai girl on your side.

What happens if you disregard these strategies (particularly those regarding Risk Management), is what this Thailand visitor encountered.

Most if not all of the issues with his girl could’ve been prevented by reading my Thailand Holiday Girlfriend guide.

Hindsight is 20/20, so you can learn from his mistakes.

Thai Girl Facebook

Thailand Facebook Girl

I have added my thoughts/commentary below each paragraph. – Thanks for the Thailand trip report!

1. Don’t Pick ‘Regular’ Thai Women

Most Thai women (you may meet on dating sites) are very wary of being used as ‘holiday gf’ – e.g. a guy using them for sex mostly/not truly serious about knowing them and will refuse to join you.

That’s my experience on Thailand online dating sites. Foreign guys are well-known sex tourists.

Thailand Freelancer Bangkok

Once they hear you’re going to be there short time, they will refuse to join you.

Especially the nice girls (and these are the ones you want –  such as the Thai nurses and teachers). They most definitely won’t go to Pattaya with you.


That’s precisely the reason you should either go directly with working girls (can use my contacts) or be up-front with a regular girl. Anything else (such as hiding your intentions) will be a waste of your time.

My personal experience: Many regular girls are willing to go on short trips with you, particularly if they can stay in your hotel room for free or if the hotel is very nice. Depends on the girl, but I wouldn’t write it off as an option.

However, the easiest, most straight-forward option (which I recommend) is to go with a hot working girl and tell her exactly what you want and then negotiate a price.

2. Expect To Pay Her

The girls who WILL agree to go are likely expecting to be paid but may don’t say this before you meet them (as they know you will probably dump them as soon as they ask).

Once you meet her, there are a ton of opportunities in Thailand for her to shop and basically she will expect you to buy her all those things she can’t afford on her own.

Thai Girl Bangkok Thailand

She will act very cute and child-like as she asks, so beware.

You have 2 options now: give her what she wants and she will be happy and maybe you get some affection/sex out of it.

There is no guarantee of this however.

Or you can refuse and now you have an unhappy Thai girl on your hands. But you flew her there and she’s staying in same hotel room (could steal your valuable stuff if you’re not super careful); she is not a happy camper now and may try to get $$$ out of you via another means.

You DO NOT want this worry during your vacation; i.e. constantly locking up and generally watching your $$$ and valuables.

Difficult to say ‘Leave!’ as she will likely cry or get angry at you (my experience) and possibly create a scene.

It will be painful for both of you. I wanted to get rid of my girl first day in Phuket when she disappeared for 4 hours. I did not as she got upset and cried. Said she wasn’t doing anything wrong (who knows?)

Some affection followed but she continued to want $$$ the entire time – to shop. Her behavior changed somewhat (less trips away from me) but not really that much.

Ordering expensive drinks and food at hotel and when we went out. She had little concern for my $$$ … not something a good girl will do … bottom line is I should have disbelieved her and sent home.


Be up-front and take a low-risk approach. First off all, try to avoid ending up in situation which is the terms are unclear. This would include taking home a girl but not discussing what’s included (in terms of sex) or how long she will stay.

She assumes one thing, you assume another … a bad experience is guaranteed, unless both of your assumptions happen to be the same (unlikely).

The exact same was the case here. He assumed one thing (going to be awesome, we’re going to have sex, do XYZ), she had a different plan.

With a working girl (freelancer) you can discuss ALL of these things up-front. In my opinion, the entire relationship is more honest.

I know, relationship in this context sounds weird but that’s what it is. A customer-service provider relationship. You know EXACTLY what you’re getting …

  • Do you do A-Level?
  • Do you do …

Before you meet the girl, you know what she’s willing to do already. There is no guesswork.

Trust me, once she’s in bed with you, you’ll quickly forget that she isn’t a regular girl …


You always, always book short time with a girl you’ve never met before. That’s how you keep risk (money, time) low. Trust has to be earned!

The better you know a girl, the more trust she has earned. That’s when you can say, okay we’re gonna go on a 1 week trip together … but that’s not something you do with a random girl you’ve never met in person.

3. Online Dating Precautions

If you meet a Thai girl online, you will exchange pics – she may be beautiful girl and she may say you’re handsome (who knows if she’s sincere?)

Better to meet in person on vacation and let physical attraction arise organically/naturally. That physical attraction will likely be more sincere/honest and will result in more sex/love.

Tinder Thailand Phuket

Just like in real life.

You never know what someone will be like in person if you meet on a dating site or if you will both be physically attracted when you meet. It’s a big risk and not worth it.

Just get in shape before you go, dress neatly there and wander around. I found a super sexy/beautiful face girl getting massage at 2.30 am.

We had sex for reasonable price (she definitely loved it) and she wanted to give me her personal contact info before I left massage place.

I will keep in contact. Sex and attraction is much stronger with her than girl I brought and she would have joined me for rest of vacation if the other girl would not have been in the hotel room (sleeping).

This is just one small example of meeting someone at your destination but clear to see it was more natural than meeting someone online.


I politely disagree with the arguments made here.

First off, to mitigate the risk in terms of ‘looks’, I like to do a quick video call. That video call will get rid of any uncertainty if the girl looks hot/pictures are real/recent.

Let’s discuss this argument here …

You never know what someone will be like in person if you meet on a dating site or if you will both be physically attracted when you meet. It’s a big risk and not worth it.

Yes, it’s only once you see a girl in person that you know 100% whether or not you’re into her. The rest is a matter of personal preference.

Online, you can have multiple interactions, thereby quickly find a girl that you (seem) to click with. Same applies to using my contacts.

If you do that in ‘the real world’ you’d have to spend days to talk to 10-20 girls and get to know them.

I recommend to use both options because they all come with pros and cons.

4. DO NOT Commit!

The Thai girl you bring to vacation … there is no guarantee you will have plentiful sex or that she will try to do things Western men take for granted.

Kissing, getting your dick sucked, eating or playing with her pussy, giving me massage, etc. – my holiday GF wanted no part of any of those things and I asked repeatedly and in a nice way.

Pattaya Girl Hotel Room

ALL my previous western GFs did these things (or wanted me to do on her). It may simply be the mentality of Thai women or I just had bad luck with pretty girl I bought.

Had I known before I invited her? I NEVER would have.

Again, better to meet in person. Romantic attraction is probably more genuine and you can always easily dump her if she’s not trying to make you happy in bed.

Someone who really is turned on by you will be open and somewhat flexible. Better to meet in person.

In person, you may meet dancing, on beach, playing pool, working out in gym, etc. At least you have THAT in common! Someone you meet online, you really have no idea of commonalities.

Example: My Thai girlfriend didn’t like beach … walking on or laying down … exercising … didn’t like going out at night or dancing. I was shocked!

What’s the point of going out on your own and doing these things when I’ll likely meet someone?

I couldn’t even take another girl back to my room as the other girl is there and I can’t disappear for for 8 hrs (realistically) while I take new girl to other room.


Just repeating what I’ve said prior. Too much ambiguity.

In person, you may meet dancing, on beach, playing pool, working out in gym, etc. At least you have THAT in common! Someone you meet online, you really have no idea of commonalities.

Nothing wrong with that, but not suited for the average Thailand tourist. There’s not enough time and it’s unlikely you’ll meet 10 different girls while working out at the gym.

Meeting girls in person takes time, you might meet a few only to find out that the both of you like working out, but she doesn’t like going out, or doesn’t want to have sex …

In that sense, it’s no different than online dating. Online, you can quickly talk to multiple girls, find out about their interests etc.

To sum up, for sex and the-like, the most efficient option will always be working girls. Different story if you stay in Thailand long-term and have more time to play it slow.

5. Thai Girls Like Older Men?

In my experience, Thai girls there can like older guys a lot if relatively fit. The common stuff about older guys being popular with Thai girls is generally incorrect.

If not fit or somewhat sexy (naked) expect to get used for lady drinks (Suzy Wong). Many young guys who go to Phuket are very fit and look like soccer players so that’s your competition.

Thailand Walking ATM

Girls in Phuket have THEIR CHOICE in who they want to have sex with … so expect competition. Being fit, dressing well and acting mature and like a gentleman is the solution.

As soon as you stop buying the girls drinks, they vanish … a well-practiced game they play … doesn’t matter how many drinks you have bought previously.

You can always bar fine a girl but that can get pricey. Especially as a daily practice. Not worth it in my opinion. You can also get a pretty girl from a Phuket Happy Ending Massage place to go to your hotel room if you act nice and are good looking naked.

A relationship or vacation-girlfriend could result. This is best option over girls from bars. Doing massage is hard work … girl might prefer to hang with you (and get paid).

As far as the girl I bought to Phuket?

She was on the phone constantly … taking selfies and chatting … not good … hard to control.

Anyway, I bought her plane ticket back home to Ubon Ratchtani with a 2 week stopover in Bangkok to visit ‘a friend’ (likely a guy as she wouldn’t tell me why she needed 2 weeks to visit and was very defensive when asked).

I got my revenge by only giving her 3000 Thai Baht at the airport. Taxis to/from airport will eat 1000 of that easily. She wanted much more but in my mind I said ‘fuck this Thai bitch’.

Anyway, no more online dating for me. Get in great shape and have fun attitude and good things will happen.