Thailand Guide Effectiveness Assessment! (10 Day Trip Report)

This trip report is from a Thailand Guide member who has also contributed to the following article: Thailand Holiday Girlfriend.

Below each of his points, I have added my own thoughts/commentary.

Thailand Holiday Review


Mr. Epic,

I thought I should give you some feedback on your guidance and the effectiveness of your advice in the areas that I thought it made the most difference.

10 day trip to Thailand. 3 days in BKK, 3 days planned at an elephant sanctuary, and 3 days in Pattay.

One more night in BKK for early morning flight home (Canada).

Areas it made a difference.

1. Locations

Thankfully, I didn’t waste my mongering hours in sub-par venues. I heartily agree that Crazy House is the best place to go.

Bangkok Guide Interactive
During his trip, he has used the Interactive Bangkok map on his phone.

Complete nudity means you see exactly what you get.

However, Angelwitch Go Go Bar in Nana Plaza is a close second.

They’re wearing a few scraps of clothing there, but the management seems to be more choosy about their girls.

Angelwitch Gogo Bar Nana Plaza Bangkok

I’d say that if I have time to browse their offerings, I’d go to CH. Less time to find a hot one, then I’d say Angelwitch has on average, hotter girls.

COMMENT: He had used the Interactive Map the way it was intended to be used.

For anyone going to Bangkok, to quickly find what he needs – in the case of gogo bars that means not having to sample 10+ different bars only to realize that none of them have the type of girl you want.

Being able to find the right bar for you in just one click.

There are 2 criteria in regards to finding YOUR perfect girl: Looks & Personality. Some guys care more about looks (myself included), while others prioritize personality.

Gogo bars such as Crazy House in Bangkok make it super easy to find a girl that meets your criteria looks-wise.

No surprises. What you see is what you get.

This means you only need to chat with the girl for a few minutes to see if you have chemistry and you’re ready to go …

2. Ability To Negotiate

This can’t be stressed enough.

Coming from a Western country, I’m used to paying the asking price. – HAGGLE!

I found a hottie and paid her for a week. Instead of the 5k LT, she dropped it to 3.5k/day for a week.

Had you not repeatedly hammered home the fact that they’re independent businesses and if lowering their prices isn’t in their interest, they WOULD NOT DO IT.

We’re far too conditioned in the West to paying the asking price. DON’T!!!

COMMENT: This is super important. Your ability to negotiate with girls (and being able to read cues) will determine the quality of your pay for play experiences and Thailand trip overall.

For example, if you don’t know that an inflated price means the girl isn’t eager to go with you, you might pay and end up disappointed.

I don’t want to repeat myself here because I have already written an extensive guide that covers interactions with Thai working girls.

3. ST (Short Time)

Always, always, always ST before agreeing to LT.

Her having legs that go on for miles and an ass you can crack walnuts on is NOT any indication of her in-bed skills.

Or else, don’t complain when you end up with a girl for an evening and morning who’s idea of sex is to lay there like a corpse.

Thai Girl Bedroom

COMMENT: Common sense but most guys get this wrong or aren’t aware that they should ‘test’ before they ‘buy’.

You book the girl for an hour or two before you decide to have her stay overnight (or longer). Here’s how to find a Thailand Holiday Girlfriend.

4. Bartender/Mamasan Know Girls

If you’re into a kink, don’t waste your time asking the girls one at a time. Just tip the bartender and ask him. Save yourself the time.

Your vacation time is precious. And in my very limited Thai mongering experience, the girls are not averse to converting from ST to LT for the price difference.

You lose nothing and save yourself a lot of aggravation.

COMMENT: That’s a good approach. Just make sure you also talk to the girl before you commit to anything.

Nothing worse than the mamasan pitching ‘her’ best girl only for you to realize that you don’t have chemistry with that girl.

5. Patpong

Sucks. And not in the good way. Complete waste of time. Nuff said.

Ya, you warned me.

COMMENT: It’s not that Patpong is particularly bad. It’s just that there’s no reason to head to this area when there are better options at Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

6. Pattaya

I have to say that if ALL you want is mongering, Pattaya is probably a better place in terms of quality poontang per square mile than BKK.

But there isn’t much else. BKK at least has more variety and, if you’re lucky, you might meet a normal girl. Pattaya, not so much.

Hope it helps.

PS: Publish it if you like. I can rewrite a bit if that helps.

COMMENT: Can’t disagree with you here. Precisely what I’ve been saying from the very beginning. Pattaya has a bit of a sleazy feel to it (which is perfect if all you want to do is party and pay for play.)

However, if you want to feel as if you’re actually living in Thailand (as opposed to being a tourist), then Bangkok is the better option.

Pattaya has more working girls = more options = more hotties.

Here are a few pics to highlight how crazy Pattaya really is. For more info, read the Pattaya Nightlife Guide.

Pattaya Nightlife Walking Street

How about 2 Thai freelancers at the same time?

Walking Street Pattaya Freelancer

Perhaps the most attractive African girl I’ve seen at Walking Street in Pattaya …

African Girls Pattaya

There are plenty of Russian girls in Pattaya (particularly on Walking Street). Video from the image below is included in here.

Russian Girls Pattaya Walking Street