Bus From Manila To Angeles City [UPDATED VERSION]

There comes a time in every single man’s life when he has seen the entire Manila Red Light District and decides to take it up a notch by heading to Angeles City.

If it’s your first time in Manila, you might be wondering …

How to get from Manila to Angeles City?
How much does it cost? Where’s the bus terminal?

Glad you’ve asked. Here’s my experience, including video footage from the trip.

Bus From Manila To Angeles City

It’s actually much less complicated than you might think.

You simply go to the Victory Liner bus terminal, tell them your final destination and you get a ticket with your bus number.

That’s it, pretty much.

You enter the bus, look for your seat number and exit at the final destination. In the case of Angeles City, the final destination is Dau Bus Terminal.

Don’t get confused, Dau Bus Terminal is Angeles City. You might go up to the ticket counter only for the lady to tell you, “We don’t go to Angeles City. We only go to Dau.”

For our purposes Dau Bus Terminal = Angeles City.

The bus trip from Manila to Angeles City takes around 2.5 hours – most of that time is spent in Manila (and Quezon City) traffic jam.

The bus ticket costs 169 Philippine Pesos ($3.23 USD).

Here’s what the entire route looks like.

During the first 20 minutes of the trip, you can buy snacks (peanuts, oranges, eggs) from any of the vendors that hop onto the bus.

If you have Internet on your phone, you can use that during the entirety of the trip.

That’s probably your best option as most of the trip takes you through remote land with nothing interesting to see and the movie inside the bus isn’t particularly stimulating either.

Arrival at Dau Bus Terminal

The bus terminal in Angeles City isn’t exactly near any of the hotels or Walking Street. I don’t recommend you walk – instead either order a GrabTaxi or hop onto a tricycle.

80 Philippine Pesos is a decent price from the bus terminal to any of the hotels. Initially, you will almost certainly be quoted 150 PHP.

That’s the minimum, Sir!

You can either go with that price, or negotiate hard only to save $1 USD.

… and that’s all there is in regards to taking the bus from Manila to Angeles City!

You can also take a private taxi from Manila to Angeles, but that’s much more expensive and I’d only recommend it if you can share the taxi with 2-3 other people.

How to get from Angeles City back to Manila?

Going back to Manila works exactly the same way (only vice versa). You go to Dau Bus Terminal, get your ticket and hop onto the bus. You will be dropped of at Pasay bus terminal in Manila.

From that terminal, you can also take the bus to Manila airport.